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DLC Pledge Dungeon - Scalecaller Peak


ESO - Midgame
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Event details

We will be practicing today's DLC pledge dungeon - Scalecaller Peak. Guide here.

We will be doing these events to learn how to play together, with attention and vigil, fine-tuning our specs at the end.


Safe - No Death Tactics Guide (thanks @mooslacker for sharing this one)



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Guest Jpages

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This was a tricky dungeon (considering it was my first ever DLC dungeon! :D)

Between the four of us, we had very good communication. Before each boss, @Feleran explained the boss mechanics.

1st Boss: We died 2 or 3 times trying to figure out when the melee boss targeted one of us. Once we got the hang of it, they did not stand a chance!

2nd Boss: This boss' mechanics (especially the orbs!) were very chaotic! We died a million times and rose from the dead (I basically felt like a zombie :P). We decided and tried different tactics until we found the perfect one that worked for us as a team! (Note to self: Don't get stoned by orbs haha)

3rd Boss: Was pretty easy! We killed him on 1st try! Feleran had a special ice block he stood on ;P (If you know what I mean)

4th boss: We had very good communication when the adds spawned and killed them quite quickly. Boss has ALOT of health so it was a looong fight, but we prevailed on the 1st try! :D He didn't stand a chance! This team is too OP muhahaha

Final Boss: Before we started, we planned, when and where to stand for each phase, and also what to do. The two mobs that spawn died quite quickly when we focused on killing them. The beam of fire was intense (Luckily I could 'survive' with my bubble of protection). We took turns to take damage on the beam (it went really well!). Boss was killed on 1st try!

This run took a few hours, but was well worth it! (I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight! xD)

Special thanks to @Feleran @Niraito @vsar for my 1st DLC run ever! I will do all these runs with you! Really great team mates!


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Guest nmshadey

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This was one of the hardest dungeon runs I have ever done. Mostly, because I was a little unprepared. The run went smooth enough, the first and second bosses were not too much trouble. We had a few wipes on the second boss but quickly learned the mechanics and moved on. It was the final boss that really kicked us in the butt. It was actually pretty straight forward but I failed to understand the poison mechanic, a moment that cost us dozens of wipes. Knowing the correct place to stand and keeping a constant eye on the statues were really key here and everything else fell into place (aside from some forgetfulness of other mechanics). Thanks to the guys and their patience on this run @Huleeya @Riis and especially @nemixia for explaining the mechanics and keeping calm!


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