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DLC Pledge Dungeon - Fang Lair


ESO - Midgame
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We will be practicing today's DLC pledge dungeon - Fang Lair. Guide here.

We will be doing these events to learn how to play together, with attention and vigil, fine-tuning our specs at the end.


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Guest Fedaykin

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Fang lair has some serious fangs, as our group found out today. 

Our group of 4 undead animal hunters dived into depths of dungeon to catch some rare undead animals and put them into the zoo. Only animals were dangerous - other enemies were barely noticeable and died on first attempt. 
First stop was at undead bear - we spent some time there till we learned how to lead wolves in circle properly and then we have caged all animals.

Second stop was in the end at dragon. We spend some time till we learned mechanics, then it was not very hard and finally - dragon was caged too.

3 animal hunters were here for the first time, so they got promoted to conquerors.

2 hours long fight, but mission completed, thanks goes to:  @Feleran @vsar @MadAxemen

And hard mode is on the TODO list :)

See you soon, regards @Fedaykin



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· Edited by Feleran

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Today we ventured where few dare. Veteran Fang Lair. 2nd boss... probably took us the most tries. Staying together helps there but overall it was still somewhat chaotic. Also a fight that's definitely easier for the tank (that's me :) ).
For me, @vsar and @Fedaykin it was the 1st time to get past there. @MadAxemen already had some idea what lies ahead.
Next bosses went without any wipes and were really pleasant sailing after the irritating skeleton zoo mess.
Last boss took some time to get used to but every next try went better than last one and after we had learned all the mechanics and about when they will happen (old good trial and error!) we slayed the dragon and gave it the much deserved eternal rest.
Until next time. Then we will go for HM :DFL.png.2c64070b0a7d639a5e5b5fb46f1ef105.png

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