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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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DLC Pledge Dungeon - Imperial City Prison


ESO - General
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Event details

We will be practicing today's DLC pledge dungeon - Imperial City Prison. Guide here.

We will be doing these events to learn how to play together, with attention and vigil, fine-tuning our specs at the end.


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"Oh no.. Not those guys again..." sighed the guards in front of the first gate and tiredly pulled out their weapons. The only thing they saw before death was a lizard charging at them in front of a staff waving team that quickly conjured up a mayhem of lightning and fire, which mercifully swallowed them quickly. Sacrificing some consistency for speed, the four stormed through the entire prison, leaving no wall untouched by burn- and corrosion marks of various kinds. The denizens tried to follow the memo of a villain they read about, from another universe, that had some success of "going for the robed guys with glowy hands first", but got pulled back in by chains launched at their ass, or burned into piles of ashes by the ones with glowy hands... They read the Lord Warden's scroll while he was taking an Illidanian pose with a skull in his hand, and after some team members reminded themselves about the annoying portals, he was pulled down and his skull carved into a drinking cup.

Thanks for one of the, if not the fastest run here yet, @Niraito, @TheConcept and @Znowman :sorcerer:



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