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    07 Jan 2019

    This event repeats every day until 02/07/19

    Important Notes to Consider:
    For the inexperienced, it is the daily veteran DLC pledge; for the experienced, it can be any veteran DLC dungeon done for HM progression and achievement runs. For the inexperienced, the idea is to clear the dungeon; for the experienced, the idea should be to progress in HM/achievement runs. Event doesn't have specific time: guild members can group up and go in any time during the day. For the event to count towards your weekly 3 attendances, please post a screenshot of group at the end of the event (with visible names) in the Gallery, mentioning attendees' names in description as well.

    Event details

    ESO - Tier-1 Clearance 0 Comments · 0 Reviews
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    07 Jan 2019 06:30 PM

    This event repeats every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 03/29/19

    MainCore Progression in Veteran Trials. This can also be farming run for instances we have declared as farming.
    Make sure you are out of groups and ready 15 mins prior to the event.

    Event details

    ESO - Core 0 Comments · 0 Reviews
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