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★ URGENT! Vacant Officer Positions (updated Feb 15th) ★

This announcement is no longer active

Glevissig (Gelmir)

Lodge is looking for dedicated and friendly Officers to fill the following positions:

  • Tier-2, -3 Raid Leader for newly forming Raid Core. Responsibilities would be:
    • Leading a new formed, fresh Core, starting with Tier-2, Tier-3 Endgame content.
    • Naturally, being part of the Core, raiding 3-days-a-week (Mon/Wed/Fri).
    • Being deeply knowledgeable about the content and enabling their Core to progress and master the content.
    • Having good sense of organization, being people person with sense of discipline and commitment.
    • Closely communicating with Guidance officers in regard to raiders' performance and training.
    • As a rule of thumb, initially we do Open Raid test runs, brief the candidate raid leader about the standards of raid leading (short-, mid- and long-term goals); once successful after certain trial period, we kickstart a new Core and move forward with our plans regarding that new Core.
  • Recruitment Assistant Officer - Responsibilities are quite simple:
    • Advertising guild (by spamming our ads in zones you visit every 10 minutes or so).
    • Knowing everything about guild's policies (recruitment, Content Clearance (Tiers), the way Cores operate etc) - you will be briefed about those.
    • Knowing everything about guild's mid- to long-term plans and goals (you will be briefed about these as well).
    • Generally, a potential Recruitment Officer won't get any whispers - if any, at all - from players in the game. Your job will be redirecting them to our forums, to read the LFM announcement we see everywhere. Simple.
  • Midgame Content Organizer (aka "Dungeon Master", all Tiers) - Before we start, "Midgame" is defined as DLC VDungeons & VArenas.
    Responsibilities of Dungeon Master would be:
    • Organizing CP-160 to CP-500 content, primarily for our low-tiered members, to have them occupied and to help them farm CP faster.
      • Organizing evening time Midgame groups every day, including LFM'ing for those groups during the day and rallying members to Midgame participation.
      • Organizing Craglorn Trials (normal and non-HM veteran mode) regularly for our low-tiered members.
  • DPS Trainer Officer to join our Rector team. Responsibilities and expectations would be:
    • Having deep knowledge about Magicka or Stamina builds (or both at the same time, and may not be all classes).
    • Organizing training sessions as our Guidance team does in a regular basis, every week.
    • Tracking the progress of people trained, guiding them through guild progression (content clearance wise) and preparing them for eventual Endgame.
    • Closely communicating with other Guidance officers and Raid Leaders in regard to trainees' performance.

All Officer positions will start with trial period of 2 weeks. Future raid leaders will be organizing open Tier-1, -2 raids; Guidance trainers will be doing DPS Trainings with members. Once potential officer likes the experience and everyone is pleased of overall outcome, they will be officially onboarded as Officers.

If interested, please drop me a line on Discord. We will talk. ;) Thanks for your consideration!

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