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[ESO] Recruiting for PvE Raid Core

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Hey folks,

So as some of you already know, either by being in our guild long enough, or just by reading our concerns on official forums, our efforts to establish working, non-hardcore but semi-hardcore Raid Core (with 3-day-a-week, 2-3 hrs-a-day raiding in mind, as we all have very limited time to play) failed after 5-6 months of continuous recruitment, inspection, training and farming. PvE raiding has always been the cornerstone of our guilds in past, and for that reason, unless that activity gets sorted out, I won't be spending any resources, time or otherwise, on any other aspect of the game. If we can't raid because community isn't suitable for that, that also means the guild won't reach it's desired potential in such a game - because I always strive towards quality game-play with fun and committed people, rather than logging in everyday, alone, doing dailies, grinding motifs and leaving. Instead of that, playing 2 hours of Divinity-2 would be more fun for any RPG lover, in my honest opinion.

Anyway, I digress.

So, right now, we are still looking for players with positive attitude, who can commit themselves to a group play, who are willing to sharpen their skills and do whatever is necessary to achieve some cool results, even though their overall play-time might be limited. People who can be disciplined, who understand why we are doing all this for the sake of PvE raiding. If you are such person, and meet our minimum requirements, please register here, on our forums and drop us a line on this topic stating your interest. 

Right now we are looking for:

  • Tanks: couple of them
  • Healers: at least couple of them
  • The rest, DDs. Preferably ranged ones, but we will accept melee as well. If you are a melee role, make sure your DPS is slightly higher than what is required, to compensate the DPS loss experienced during mechanics related movement in raids.
  • An additional Raid Leader/PvE Officer (we have 2 currently, still need 1 more) to help to put all these together and do the orchestration :)

Our plan regarding raiding is: initially clearing all Craglorn vTrial content and then moving to the rest of the vTrials. Clearing everything, putting them onto farming and moving to Hard Modes, and eventually towards the Leaderboard.


Thanks and hopefully see you in our Core soon!

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Hi there!

Tried making my own topic but it just doesn't allow me too :/

A DK Tank geared for all normal Trials, and some veteran runs ( cannot tank veteran MoL ). I need to finish my Alkosh pieces in order to attend all vTrials. I have my own skill/set build that is based on Woeler's builds of course.

Even though I am primarily a DK, I also have started a Warden to gear him up as a Tank as well. But that's just an alt.

As I've already told Gelmir, I'm a former founder and raid leader for the Daggerfall Sentinels.

I've organized and ran the raids for AA, HRC, MoL and SO.

Downed all four on normal difficulty and was 3/4 on veteran difficulty as well.

Sadly I stopped playing the game due to work commitments so I have not played through The Halls of Fabrication and Asylum Sanctorum.

If you need me I'm here :)

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Welcome @Don Tywin! It's nice having you with us. We will talk about raiding on ESO soon.

Yea, I had to set your user permissions to first rank, now you can create topics on forum. And welcome to GW2 guild as well!

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