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Guild hall upgrading

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Update 1: We have workshop now, which includes scribing station. Through scribing station you can access your guild bank and storage, which is the only way to do so in guild hall.

Now that workshop is built, we will focus on getting all the nodes upgrades for daily gathering and enchantments (boosts). There are many materials needed, so i'm not going to list them here. You can see them easily by visiting NPC by the workshop and ask him what can be upgraded and the list will pop up. Everything that is not highlighted is not yet upgraded. By clicking on any of the upgrades, list of materials needed will show up.

We also got general merchant now. It's a good way to avoid paying for waypoints. If you are out exploring and you need to empty bags or buy gathering tools or salvage kits, press "G" to open guild panel, click on "Guild hall" button, which is free of charge teleport to GH, buy or sell at merchant, click "Guild hall" button again and it will port you back to where you left of. So, basically, you have access to merchant for free. 

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