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Representing rule (Why?)

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Thanks @Blackheart for the explanation you provided here!

To be honest, as the leader of this guild, I still can't understand why any serious member who joined our guild wouldn't like to represent us. Guild tag is there for a reason: to rep our community to outside world in activities we do, in personality we demonstrate. Guilds are things made possible by communities that create them - one man, a guild leader doesn't make a guild. And since day 1, we've been trying to create a gaming community of moderate sizes which would have fun together for long time to come. This guild originally was established in Rift, then in GW2 and ESO. Of course in most of these games the roster happened to be brand new and fresh... Well, mostly. But the idea, the legacy of it remains. We have officers here who spend countless hours and other resources (including real money) to make this guild happen. They are those who find the nice people like yourselves we need to join us, they are the ones keeping things running smoothly. They don't do this just because they are officers and they have to. No, they have zero obligation towards me or any member in this guild to do what they are doing. And since this is a guild, a joint venture of some sorts where many people come together to create something, then we all have to contribute. All-time representation is just the smallest way of contributing. Tomorrow we will have a PvE Raid Core ongoing in GW2, and people committing themselves to it will be contributing in many other ways. The day after it will be PvP day, the day after that will be RP one - all those people joining these projects will be joining us to "contribute", to commit themselves to these activities. And as a rule, when everything is settled in our guilds in all these games, we generally don't tend to recruit Social members just like that. Being Social in Lodge involves some kind of commitment as well, even if that is as easy as all-time representation. 

So my dear friends! Please know two things for sure:

  1. We are not planning for over-growing, over-populated guild - that doesn't create a family sense in a community, but only a herd of names who barely know each other; which we don't want to have here,
  2. Social members of Lodge are expected to be "social" as this adjective really entails. We don't need people just coming in and filling ranks and increasing numbers - numbers have never been our focus ever. We need people to have fun with, to have a history with, and if one day we part ways, to feel sad for such departure (like friends would feel, or even family).

So if you feel like we do, please join us! Otherwise, trust me: Lodge isn't a place for you! We don't want to be just another guild you join!

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