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Guide collection

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This topic will serve as a guide collection.

Since we have quite a few new players and also returning players in guild, I thought it would be a good idea to make some guides, so people can make their lives easier for themselves and acquire resources in more efficient way.

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Iron gathering

All rich nodes of any kind can be only gathered once per day per character!



Winterberry farm in Bitterfrost Frontier

Winterberries are the best source of acquiring ascended trinkets. With berries + unbound magic, you can buy ascended rings, ascended accessory and ascended backpiece. Be advised that you cannot equip two ascended pieces with the same name! However, it is possible to attune or infuse a ring (LINK) in order to change its name, and therefore be able to equip it. So, if you buy two of the same rings (in this case LINK), you can attune or infused one ring and then you end up with "Black Ice band" and "Attuned Black Ice band", which allows you to equip them both. This does not work with accessories, since they cannot be infused or attuned!

Unbound magic is obtainable by exploring LivingWorld3 maps, opening chests in them, gathering resources (like winterberries) and consimg said resources.

All ascended trinkets that you buy with berries have selectable stats (all stats in game)!

You can gather winterberries only once per day per character!



Orrian oysters farm

Orrian oysters are very easy to farm and are excellent way for obtaining ascended amulet! You will need 125 oysters + 3000 unbound magic for one amulet. On average you'll get about 16-18 oysters per run. So, if you have multiple characters you can have your ascended amulet in two or three days! Ascended amulet has selectable stats!



Flax seed farm

Flax seeds are quite valuable resources, since they are used in many upgrades in guild hall. They are easy and quick to gather. They can be gathered only once per day per character!

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