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Lodge is looking for skilled players to fill following projects slots in our guild:

PvE Raid Core - we successfully filled existing gaps within our Core and are recruiting to complement it with additional "reserves". We looking forward to 2x DDs, 1x Healer, 1x Tank. Read more here for requirements and follow the instructions to join!

PvP Core - Please welcome @HawksHeart as our new PvP General. From this point on, we are looking forward to 1 more PvP General and skilled players to fill our PvP Core.

Roleplaying - Although we managed to recruit half a dozen RP enthusiasts to our RP Initiative, we still have RP Officer position open. If you are an avid RP player with extensive experience in RPing, please join us now! Additional slots for RP players are also available!

Social Players - currently recruiting towards our Social recruitment slots - invitation only by interview. Please contact me in-game (@Glevissig) for it.

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[Patch Notes] RIFT 4.3: Hotfix #1 10/26/2017

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RIFT 4.3: Hotfix #1 10/26/2017

* The necklaces for Autumn Harvest have had their Hit increased to +300, have received greatly increased stats, and their event currency cost has been reduced.

* The Mystic Archer Soul Pack is now available in the RIFT Store for 900 credits.
* The locked icon in the Store now appropriately shows for DLC items that you already own.
* Fixed an issue that would cause the combat pet skin unlock for Spooky to show up in the companion tab.



* The Scattered Flurry talent is now properly considered a Procced effect, and will no longer incorrectly trigger weapon enhancements like Hellfire Blades.

*At this time, we have disabled the new buy more button on the dimension item list as it was causing problems for people with a lot of items in their dimensions. It may return in a future hotfix.

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