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Lodge is looking for skilled players to fill following projects slots in our guild:

PvE Raid Core - we successfully filled existing gaps within our Core and are recruiting to complement it with additional "reserves". We looking forward to 2x DDs, 1x Healer, 1x Tank. Read more here for requirements and follow the instructions to join!

PvP Core - Please welcome @HawksHeart as our new PvP General. From this point on, we are looking forward to 1 more PvP General and skilled players to fill our PvP Core.

Roleplaying - Although we managed to recruit half a dozen RP enthusiasts to our RP Initiative, we still have RP Officer position open. If you are an avid RP player with extensive experience in RPing, please join us now! Additional slots for RP players are also available!

Social Players - currently recruiting towards our Social recruitment slots - invitation only by interview. Please contact me in-game (@Glevissig) for it.

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Guest Kneighbors

Looking to join.

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Guest Kneighbors

Hi, I'm looking for regular PvE vet trials runs, experienced in all vet trials in various roles.

I have 4 builds (660cp):

DK Tank (Plague+Ebon, Alkosh, PA). I like tanking the most and I always adjust my tank for specific trial\dungeon. I throw chains like wild cowboy and keep all the adds always close to me. 

Templar Heal (SPC+Worm/Mending/IA+Master inf resto+Charged vMA Lightning) - Heal was my primary character so I'm really good at it.

MagDK (BSW+IA+Skoria/Grotdar) - 30k+ dps, damn I love fire.

MagSorc (Necro+IA+Ilambris) - 30k+ dps, boring meta build. Its very effective, easy to play in any trial and has a crazy self sustain. 

I'll be happy to join on any role but mostly looking for tanking/off tanking.

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Guest Kneighbors

Guys i'll need a couple of days to sell stuff in trading guild to free the slot for joining ingame guild hall. Hope they will increase 5 guilds cap, makes a struggle. Sorry again.

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