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PvE Raid Core: Requirements to Join

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Dear potential Raid Core Recruit!

Please be advised that, although Lodge is a casual guild in general sense, when it comes to endgame content, we are rather semi-hardcore. With that in mind, the following are criteria for you to join to our Raid Core teams...


Level Required

To join our Raid Core, at the very least you have to be Champion Rank 160 or above, to attend Normal mode trials. To attend Veteran mode trials, minimum CP 300 is required.


Roles Needed

As we start with Normal mode trials, we will need a single role from you. But in a long run, you'll need to have 2 (two) characters ready, preferably in different roles or range, spec'ed and mastered for raids. Having 2 (two) roles on 2 bars (same character) severely limits your potential as DD and Tank (only exceptions are Healers with Lightning Staff on back-bar for debuffs).


Gear In General

You will need to have recommended sets for your role farmed from dungeons, the rest - crafted. For trials, all gear needs to be in epic quality. If you don't have sets farmed, please join related farming events in our Calendar. We will try to organize farming sessions and get you geared as soon as possible. Additionally, although not mandatory at initial stages, for Veteran mode trials having legendary quality gear would increase your performance a lot, thus strongly recommended.

All armor pieces should have Divines trait for damage dealers and healers, Sturdy trait for tanks. Jewellery should have Robust (for Stamina) or Arcane (for Magicka), with Damage enchants.


Regarding Vampires

Vampires are only allowed in trials where there is no Fire Damage. If there is a chance of Fire Damage, you need to be at Vampiric stage 1 (satiated, with no Fire vulnerability).


Alchemy: Medicinal Use

We strongly recommend all our Raiders to have mastered Medicinal Use passive in Alchemy skill line.


Role-specific Stat Requirements

  • Healers: You need to have both Healing and Supporting capabilities and good reaction time to heal/damage spikes.
  • Damage Dealers: Minimum 30k+ non-stop ST DPS on a robust training skeleton with buffs.

    As for the AOE spec: if you follow a build from one of the guides on the net, you should have adequate AOE capability. Most bosses are ST DPS; adds can be dealt with either ST DPS or AOE used for ST DPS. Minimum 17k HP, buffed, is required.
  • Tanks - Minimum 40k+ HP, buffed for Main Tanks. Slightly lower (35k+ HP) for Off-Tanks. Your main role is to endure damage and secondary as Support via passives and Aggressive Horn ultimate. We recommend spending points slightly more on Stamina, rather than Health, as it is easy to enchant armor with HP glyphs, but Stamina regeneration can't be achieved that way.


Role-specific Gear Requirements/Recommendations

  • Tanks - For jewellery, we recommend Healthy trait (if the build allows) on them, with Shield Play enchant to reduce block cost. Gear is situational: you have a setup for general tanking, but you will need to switch gear as the boss demands.
  • Healers - Gear is situational. A must for all Healers is Spell Power Cure set. Make sure you get a Maelstrom Restoration Staff!
  • Damage Dealers
    Stamina DDs (Both sets below will be needed for Penetration optimization, make sure you get them):
    • Sunderflame set - when you deal damage with a fully charged heavy attack, you also deal Fire Damage and reduce the Physical Resistance of the enemy.
    • Nightmother's Gaze set - when you deal Critical Damage, you reduce the Physical Resistance of the enemy.


Once you have above pre-requisites met, please do the following to join the Raid Core:

  • Read Raid Core Guidelines first, before continuing with next steps. If you don't like rules set there, you shouldn't join our Raid Core.
  • In The FIELD HQ forum, please create a topic, stating your intention to join our PvE Raid Core. Please state all your currently available roles/classes which are eligible to join our Core. And also state your experience with vTrials in ESO. We need this information to have an idea about your capabilities in general.
  • Once you are done with the poll, please go to The PvE Raid Core Club on forums and apply to join. You will be scheduled for inspection by our Raid Leaders in-game and invited to trial runs with us. If you get accepted to our Raid Core, your club application will be accepted. After being accepted to the Core and the club, check this dedicated topic there and follow the instructions!

If you don't meet requirements above, don't fret! Talk to our Raid Leaders (@Cortair, @Nefaras, @Rak'ashi) and get some tips from them regarding your class and role. Train regularly, get there, and come back here!

Good luck, Initiate!

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