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Lodge is looking for few additional flexible and skilled DDs to join our PvE Raid Core! Please register here on forums to join us!

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Shoe    1

Hello everyone,

My name is Shoe. I'm 26 year old American expat living in Dubai.

Starting playing ESO again since the beta and 1 month after launch. Was waiting for the game to mature a bit before I started playing for real. My main is only a level 6 as I decided to have a fresh start.

Was looking at the ESO forums trying to find a home and well here I am, plus LOVE the guild name. 

Looking forward to meeting all of you, having fun, and having some epic adventures.

See you all in game

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Gelmir    83

Hi there Shoe,

It's nice having you with us! Sorry for late response, as I am actually away from the game. Been busy moving to Germany and all that...

Have you been invited to the guild yet? If not, please update your forum profile by providing your in-game ID, and one of our officers will get in touch. You can also contact one of them in-game, @neaNicu or @smepic should be around.

Again welcome and thanks for joining!

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