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New Members' Readme First

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Hello Initiate,

Here I will list first things you need to do, once you have been granted guild forums access, got your rank and become full Lodge member. Something like a checklist of things to do. :) Here we go:

  • If you have more than one character in guild, please login to your alts and type following command in chat log:
    /gsetnotes <MAIN_CHARACTERS_NAME>'s Alt.
    for example:
    /gsetnotes Gelmir's Alt.
    This will make it easier for our members to distinguish who is who in guild. If they are not a member of our guild, please get them inside as soon as possible.
  • In the game, press G and read WALL section of Guild panel. Preferably bottom to top, in chronological order. Guild Wall contains important information for members to know.
  • If you plan to raid with us in future, please make sure you have checked Raid Core topic and join Raid Core following the procedure listed in there. Ask here, or in-game for assistance.
  • If you have introductory level 60 gear, and need Epic crafting (mostly for raiding purposes), please contact Prue or me ingame for crafting options. Currently, medium level augmented (empyrean augments) gear is quite easy to craft, at affordable costs.
  • And last, but not least, read Guild Bank Rules topic. This one is very important! Read them carefully and memorize :P

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