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changes in pvp

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This will happen quite soon.

I'm not sure if on Monday (9th June) together with patch 1.1.4  but soon.

Patch notes 1.1.4 are still not published but Zeni admins posted on official forum several changes, which include repairs to questing missing

achievements ("Tamriel hero" title) and also pvp.

Source here: http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/107716/upcoming-campaign-changes




ZOS_BrianWheeler mod

All current campaigns will be shut down, and players will be rewarded appropriately according to the campaign score, leaderboard status and reward tier at the time of shut down.

Veteran rank modifiers on NPCs will be looked into to see what we can do for the non veteran rank players but if we can't adjust the NPC levels, we will more than likely crank up the bolstered stats higher.
and also
Hi, everyone! Like Matt mentioned in his Road Ahead post, we’re looking closely at PvP in Cyrodiil right now. We’re actively working on reducing performance issues by optimizing Cyrodiil, and we’re also undergoing efforts to improve the feel of combat, but that’s not all we’re thinking about. As the Campaigns progress, we’ve been gathering lots of data and reading your comments here, on social media, and on other sites. We have some ideas for changes we’d like to make, but we want to get your direct feedback. Here’s a look at what we’re thinking about.

First and foremost, we want to assure you that any Campaigns we close before their natural shutdown time will properly reward players based on their tier reward, alliance placement, and leaderboard status.

We want to make significant changes to the types and durations of Campaigns. To do this, we’d shut down the currently-existing Campaigns and introduce five new ones per megaserver. Here are the Campaign types and durations we’re thinking about adding:

• Bow of Shadows: Veteran Rank only Campaign (five-day campaign)
• Blackwater Blade: Non-Veteran only Campaign (five-day campaign)
• Haderus: seven-day standard Campaign that anyone can join.
• Chillrend: seven-day standard Campaign that anyone can join.
• Thornblade: 30-day standard Campaign that anyone can join.

To go along with these new Campaigns, we’d like to adjust guest passes to have a 72-hour lockout, and to make changing your home Campaign cost 100,000 AP (also with a 72-hour lockout).

Let us know what you think of these changes!
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Thanks for sharing Serana! :)

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this evening is the first time since i dont know when Dawnbreaker and Auriel are CLOSED / LOCKED to enter for EP, in other words full.

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Zenimax clarifies rumors above:


"Will the PvP we saw at E3 be added to the game?

We set this up specific for shows, such as E3, so we can get small groups working together for a quick PvP-style match.

While it’s a small taste of what our massive PvP is like in the live game, we thought it would be a fun way for folks to fight with / against each other with the limited amount of time they have at shows like this.

This mode isn't in the live game, as it’s something we specifically setup for small, quick matches. However, ESO is a living, ever-evolving game, and if we see lots of requests for smaller style PvP combat, it could be something we add in a later update."

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Hey gang!

These changes are slated for the third major update to the game (not standard maintenance windows) which isn't for a while yet.

As for population being condensed and the worry of over-crowding, all the population data we've gathered so far shows that should be at least 1 campaign in both the EU and US that players can join without a queue.

Duration of Campaigns we're still discussing but rewards will be adjusted to be in relation to the duration of the campaign. We are aware of Celarus and what's going on in that Campaign.

Also note we are aware of the Forward Camp issues and Postern Doors and actively working on fixing those as well!

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