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Visit Craglorn!

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I understand that some people are bored with questing and would like some variation, some more ways to get level besides questing.

I understand that other people want to run alts and doing same mandatory veteran content both with main and alt would be boring.

I understand that for some people veteran zones are lore-breaking (you are supposed to fight against your own faction).

I understand that some people find veteran zones too difficult, especially since they are now quite empty so grouping is not easy.

Some of our colleagues already left game for above reasons (and probably other reasons as well).


For all of them -> try Craglorn. Really. I am not saying "give up veteran zones and level exclusively in Craglorn". You'll miss then a lot of achievements, skyshards, skill points and so on but sometimes a variation of activities is good to break daily rutine.


What you can find in Craglorn?


1) farming the Anomalies. Anomalies are like World Bosses in the other zones. Respawning every 2 or 3 minutes. Only top 12 damage-dealer (or healers) receive XP but loot is for everyone who touched the boss even for 1 HP. If there are too many people doing a particular Anomaly, chances are you'll receive no XP. Usually people group as 12 because the whole party receives same XP, depending on level.

For example, at VR11 I received 75K XP each 2-3 minutes. Sometimes 0 if there are too many people. But I did half of level VR11 + whole level VR12 in just...10 hours. Very efficient. And loot is...hundreds (not exagerating) purple items.

People of all levels do them, even a lot of VR1 or VR3.


2) Group dungeons for parties of 4. Similar to veteran dungeons but easier, let's say average difficulty. We did 1 of them yesterday in party with Vulturul and numaru7, who are level VR5 or 6 with no issues at all. Same loot as Anomalies. And the huge XP is guaranteed because...it's instanced for group of 4. Before numaru7 showed up, we did such dungeon even without tank. 3 DPS + 1 Healer. No problems.

There are 14 or 15 such group dungeons in Craglorn. Not only that XP and loot are huge but also you can play together with friends, which is difficult in questing, especially if friends have different levels or are in different phases of same quest.


3) quests. I didn't try them myself but I heard some of them are very interesting.


4) Trials - for parties of 12 people, didn't try myself but they are for VR12 only anyway so end-game not levelling. As far as I saw on chat, there are players who do not attempt to finish trial but only farm first 2 bosses for items or XP. I think Trials are only place where you receive VR12 loot, even sets like Warlock. Any other place -> maximum loot is VR11.


I know farming, like any other rutine activity, becomes boring after some time. But in variation with group dungeons and quests is a lot of fun and more important, you can play with friends of different levels, together.

OMG, I read again and it sounds like a tourism commercial "Visit Craglorn" :)


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I can't even start launcher. It's all messed up :(

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I don't know - can't feel anything after this point :)


Launcher doesn't even start - can't download manifest file. "elderscrollsonline.com" doesn't open. 3 different DNS servers resolve that domain to 3 different IP addresses. It's total mess.

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