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Pulsar vs Elemental Ring

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OK, as I said before, since 2H swords/battleaxes are only effective 1 vs 1 combat (boss mainly) and completely useless against multiple targets, I have decided to switch from heavy/medium armor to light armor and also level up a second build, which mainly includes AOE skills from destruction staff.

So basically I will end up soon with 2 inter-changeable builds, one is single-target and uses mostly stamina (2 handed skills) and the other is AOE and uses magicka (destro staff + some DK skills like dark tallons and others).


After playing for a weekend, I levelled up destro staff  from 9 to 34 and already seen the benefits of AOE and also of ranged (as opposed to melee) play (we did with ease Coldharbour level 48 dungeon in 3 people-team, which we previously repeatatly failed).


Since I am fastly approaching 38-level skill "Impulse", I read on web and also thought to ask some advice.

I am not opening here a debate "if pulsar (morph of Impulse) should be or not nerfed" but just want to understand its mechanics and choose between the 2 morphes:

- Elemental Ring: http://esohead.com/skills/39143-elemental-ring (AOE damage + damage over time + 40% chance for burning effect)

- Pulsar: http://esohead.com/skills/39161-pulsar (AOE damage + reduces ememies maximum health for 30 seconds + 40% chance for burning effect)


As far as I read on web, Pulsar is very effective if used as first hit because it removes 10-14% of all area enemies' HP (which is huge indeed). If used on already damaged enemies, is not so effective because the enemies are already far below from their maximum HP.

Is it correct? How does this calculation work?


And second question: which is better between Elemental Ring and Pulsar, let's say in end-game context (pvp + veteran dungeons)?

Let's assume I play in a 4-man team with friends so they will allow me first hit if this is a condition for "Pulsar" to be effective.

Thanks for your time.



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I prefer Elemental Ring over Pulsar, as generally for all situations, DOTs (damage over time) are more beneficial than HP-debuffs. Having something gradually existing, is always better than something which comes in power and dissipates fast. At the end of the day, MMO player's #1 task is SURVIVAL. As long as you can survive certain amount of time,  DOTs are dangerously effective.

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