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Provisioning: Preparing for Raids

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Checked my Provisioning recipes today, making list of what mats are important for which recipes. Following is the drafted list:




Glace Viande + Mudcrab Meat [Magicka, 50]
Honey Comb + Imperial Stock [Magicka, r-5]
Beef + Jus + Onion [stamina + Magicka, 40]
Baker Flour + Mudcrab Meat [HP, 50]
Honeycomb + Imperial Flour [HP, r-5]
Baker's Flour + Mudcrab Meat + Red Wheat [HP + Magicka, 50]
Beef + Cake Flour + Barley + Red Wheat + Oats [HP + Magicka + Stamina, r-5]
Fatback + Mudcrab Meat [stamina, 47]
Honeycomb + Pinguis [stamina, r-5]
Honeycomb + Pinguis + Salt [HP + Stamina, r-5]
Mountain Berries + White Malt [HP-12, 50]
Bervez Fruit + Imperial Mash [HP-13, r-5]
Jazbay Grapes/Bervez Fruit + Golden Malt [stamina-13, r-5]
"50" in square parentheses means level-50 consumable, "r-5" means rank-5. Italics means possibly raid-important.
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