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Lodge is looking for skilled players to fill following projects slots in our guild:

PvE Raid Core - we successfully filled existing gaps within our Core and are recruiting to complement it with additional "reserves". We looking forward to 2x DDs, 1x Healer, 1x Tank. Read more here for requirements and follow the instructions to join!

PvP Core - Please welcome @HawksHeart as our new PvP General. From this point on, we are looking forward to 1 more PvP General and skilled players to fill our PvP Core.

Roleplaying - Although we managed to recruit half a dozen RP enthusiasts to our RP Initiative, we still have RP Officer position open. If you are an avid RP player with extensive experience in RPing, please join us now! Additional slots for RP players are also available!

Social Players - currently recruiting towards our Social recruitment slots - invitation only by interview. Please contact me in-game (@Glevissig) for it.

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  1. This is issue #46 of our weekly newsletter. Recruitment This Week This week, @JoshMercer, @Caphalor, @Ardhenn, @Thylacinus, @coolgeo, @Cracklead, @Bionicjew, @Lag, @MadeliriumDementia and @noctaris have joined our ranks. Recruitment primarily was towards our PvE Initiative. Welcome guys, to the Lodge! Additionally, let's welcome @Knight30 as a new addition to our PvE Officer group, for the role of Trainer Raid Officer. Thanks mate for considering to help us! PvE Raid Core - Plans for the Upcoming Week This week's problems were a bit unique: we had extensive recruitment towards our Core, but due to the lack of a training officer, we couldn't clear these new additions for our actual Core. As a result, we had to have somewhat hectic raiding week, with relatively unproven group. We cleared vHRC the first day with few problems. But the next day didn't work out so well (only could come as close as 20% HP on The Mage), so instead of continuing like that, I decided not to waste our raiders' time. Raids for Thursday were cancelled. Thankfully, we are back on the track with Core inspection: @Knight30 joined our team to help with these inspections. He and @Nefaras will be inspecting 7-8 raiders we have in our backlog, one by one and make sure they have what it takes to get into our Raid Core. Hopefully by Tuesday, we will have all of them inspected properly for DPS, gear and classes/roles. So if you are one of those new, pending approval raiders, make sure you get cleared by our officers til Tuesday please! vTrials will be scheduled as usual for the coming week: we will start with vAA which we couldn't clear this week, possibly coupled with vHRC farming/half-progression. The rest of the week will be vSO progression. By the end of this month, we should be doing vMOL already. During these vTrials we will be ironing out our Core, to make sure we have performing, skilled raiders in it. So please be more serious and attentive during the raids. Being cleared for the Core doesn't guarantee long-term membership there: we need serious raiders who will commit themselves for long-term, non slacking raiding. So no running around like headless chicken please, no ignoring Raid Leader's directives, no ninja pulling during raids etc etc. Please sign up properly, be there in time, out of groups, out of PvP. We have 20+ (together with current candidates) members in our Core, and our goal is to have 16 reliable raiders with us, by mid December. So it's time to get a bit serious guys! Guild Housing I already mentioned my plans about Guild Housing, in my last newsletter. I am still serious about it and provided our Core starts functioning properly, I will get it when we finish Craglorn vTrials (vMOL included). It's Earthtear Cavern housing: large, spacious location with no doors, no tunnels, with good ambient sound and lighting. One of the most expensive Houses in the game. Additionally, towards our Guild Housing project, I am announcing a donation program, one of not in-game gold, but actual resources. We will need following valuable stuff for it: Master Crafting Writs - you can donate them to Guild Bank. We will do them and with the currency, get premium Housing items (such as Centurion training dummies, Transmute Station, Attunable Crafting stations etc etc). Premium Housing Items (from Master Writ vendor). So, instead of donating Master Writs, you can do them yourself and donate these items acquired from the Vendor. Premium Housing Item Recipes or Items created with such recipes etc To this end, I am also updating Guild Bank Rules, prohibiting the withdrawal of these items from there. That's it for now. If you have any suggestions, ideas regarding the Housing project, feel free to share them down below. Until then, stay safe, and have fun! Gelmir over and out!
  2. This is issue #45 of our weekly newsletter. Let's start... Recruitment This Week This past week, we focused on recruitment towards our PvE Raid Core, as our efforts to launch successful trial runs weren't that successful, mostly due to many of our Raiders not signing up at all ("Thank you guys!"). So we recruited about 7 new potential raiders to our Core, who hopefully will be more active and cooperative. @dragoriffique, @gollum, @MrKary, @ah_zimo, @Allie, @Petrosky, @Rihud, @Lyros and @FR_Knave have joined our ranks. Welcome guys! May your swords never rust, staves never rot! Additionally we have a new PvE Officer - @Varleni - joining our officer team. She will be helping us with Raid Core inspection/training and what not. Thanks for agreeing to help us with this very important task. PvE Raid Core - Plans for the Upcoming Week So, as I already mentioned above, last week, although we had 15 raiders in Core, it didn't really work out. Mostly because people didn't show up. So I decided to push further and recruit more, in order to get this Core sorted out. After all, we need reliable people who will be there when we need them. So this week, we will be scheduling vTrials on our usual days (Tue, Wed, Thu) and slowly get to our goal of having 15-16-person stable Raid Core. It is paramount for our raiders to show up in time (15 minutes before raid time - tough I don't know why I feel the need of reminding you guys of our Guidelines) and signup to all events. Signups will have higher preference for raids, and eventually I will tend to stick with those guys who regularly come to raids. Also please remember this important note: raids will be added to Calendar two days before the raid time. So don't expect all of them to pop up in Calendar for whole week at once. Check Calendar regularly for new event schedules. PvP, RP & Other Projects I didn't recruit to that end this week. I see no point in working on other projects when I haven't finished one of them, or am close to finishing it. Once this PvE Core topic is settled (hopefully this week), I will resume my recruitment efforts on other projects as well. Sorry guys, but one can't focus on multiple tasks and be successful. Gotta prioritize and do things one step at a time. Guild Housing So I bet you've been wondering what these images are. These are from Earthtear Cavern housing and I plan to get it for our guild. It's gorgeous locale. I spent good few hours last night checking out every single house we have in-game to select our guild house. Many factors played role in my decision-making, but primarily I focused on these: Ease of Access - House shouldn't have many doors and passways to get from one place to another. Noone does like that really. You need to be able to reach crafting stations, training dummies very quickly. Lore Perspective - our guild originates from Witcher game series, and in Witcher, Lodge of Sorceresses is a secret organization. What can be the place of operations for such an organize than a hidden cave? Design & Layout - We need large space for things to happen. Large and open space with stunning design. My other choice for a dimension was Observatory Priory, which comes with Clockwork City DLC, but I had to let go of it, because of the continuous loud ambient sound that exists there. You can't stay in such environment for long. Actually in Rift, we already made this mistake of getting a guild housing with gorgeous design where gigantic things are in motion, all the triumph etc etc, with an ambient noise never going away. Yes, I am talking about Tuldio Sun Orb. Got that noise I hated!!! So no, that ain't happening again! So question arises: When are we getting this House? And how? This house costs 16500 crowns (around 100 EUR value) and comes Furnished. And I am going to get it Furnished. I will get it when our PvE Raid Core is stable and have cleared all Craglorn vTrials and moved to tier-2 vTrials. So folks, stop messing around and get to work! Nuff said!!! Gelmir over and out!
  3. Hey folks, Following is the Issue #44 of our weekly newsletter. New Recruits This Week @Totò, @Hikattaaka, @Alecsunder, @Inauvi, @Syndra Serpentes, @Snapzz, @carry me, @Kosomari, @juzzz, @MIRLO_V, @irrbloss and @Heimdall have joined our guild this week. Let's welcome them! PvE Raid Core - Finally Assembled Finally our long wait is over: we managed to recruit for our Raid Core and starting next week, we will be scheduling vTrials on our Calendar once again. Approved Core members, please re-acquaint yourselves with our Raid Core Guidelines one more time, and make sure you sign-up for all raid events scheduled next week. Please be advised that signups won't be enabled until 2 days to the event time, to avoid last minute dropouts. So check our forum Calendar regularly, in order not to miss them. As a reminder to all new members who joined us for PvE endgame purposes and haven't yet been inspected by our Raid Leaders: please get inspected by @Rak'ashi (tanks), @Cortair and @Nefaras (all classes) as soon as possible. They will clear your for the Core. Once cleared, make sure you check our Raid Core Requirements topic and follow the instructions at the end of that topic. Once in Core, please signup for all raid events on the Calendar in a timely manner. Also don't forget to join our Discord server as well. There is no raiding without it PvE Raid Core - Long-term Goals Our aim is to finish all vTrials ESO presents, in all difficulties, all the way to the Leaderboards. To that end, we aim to create stable Raid Core consisting of around 16 raiders. This way we want to make sure no raids will be cancelled due to the lack of raiders and constantly progress with the same set of tightly knit group of people. We managed to recruit veteran raiders mostly and we have 3+ expert raiders leading this project. For that reason, I will have to ask from all our Core members to make sure they don't have any plans to leave us and/or stop playing the game in near future, as it is essential for us to create stable, long-lasting Core. If any of you plan to leave us soon (like in a month or two), please let us know, so that we could get steady replacement for you. As I always mentioned in our guild recruitment ad, we need committed members for long-term projects. PvP Core - Current Situation Project is slowly getting on track, as we invited our fellow member @HawksHeart to join our Officer team as a PvP Project Leader. Unfortunately, it didn't work out with previously invited officer - Dill. He left the guild shortly after joining us. Anyway: in coming weeks, if not months, we will be laying ground work for this project and inviting skilled PvPers to the guild. @HawksHeart will be helping us to train interested members for PvP Core. If you are interested in being part of our PvP Core, please apply to the PvP Club on forums. Applications won't be accepted right away, but we will have some idea how many of you guys are interested in this project. More info will follow soon. RP - Current Situation Although we have half a dozen RPers in the guild, we still need a dedicated RP Officer to lead this project. Due to PvE Core, I had to pause recruiting for RP, but I will be resuming that in coming week. Meanwhile, I'd like to invite our RP enthusiasts to join our RP Club on the forums - that way you guys will be able to find each other and possibly have fun together, until we get this project rolling. Miscellaneous Events During weekends I will try organize groups for Skyreach, Dragonstar Arena and similar relatively high difficulty content. Generally for the purpose of farming some set pieces, and getting some achievements as well. If interested, please try to be online during weekends. No specific time for these organizations - they will happen on-fly, per demand and they can happen anytime depending on availability. That's it for this week! Thanks for your time and see you in-game! -- Gelmir
  4. Hi everyone, Following is the Issue #43 of our weekly newsletter. Sorry for the delay, as I usually send these newsletters every weekend. Fresh Meat In past two weeks (I didn't mention newcomers in last week's newsletter) we had the pleasure to welcome @r0binhood, @Kabala-User, @serpentaa, @KSmeat, @Alberaht, @Ikkito, @Doohrwind, @Totò and @HawksHeart to our guild. Welcome guys! PvE Raid Core Core is forming slowly and we need two, maybe three good DDs to fill it. Due to a couple of raiders leaving us in past 2 weeks, we had to fill the gap they created. I thank every single of our current raiders for sticking with us these days, when it's very hard to find reliable people. I will be online on Tuesday and Wednesday, so will be recruiting heavily to fill the remaining holes in our Core. As usual, if you know someone who is a good DD, please send them our way. Very skilled healers and tanks won't be turned down as well. Additionally, we want all raiders to apply to The PvE Raid Core club on the forums. That way everyone will be able to see how many of us are there. Last I checked, @Arcii and @Obczajacz still need to join there (they are cleared for Core). And everyone else who wants to join the Core should also apply there. Last but not least, all Core applicants should get inspected by @Rak'ashi (Tanks), @Cortair and @Nefaras (all classes). Please don't delay on this and listen to these guys for what they have to say - they are experienced raiders. They will guide you regarding the gear, the specs and roles, and the training. Please do not rush and farm for gear sets you possibly won't need; first consult with these PvE officers we have. If you can't catch them in-game, try doing so on Discord; whatever you do, please get reviewed by them. P.S.: If any of our Core members are good at Youtube/Twitch gameplay streaming, please let me know. RP Project + Social Slots So, as you all know we started recruiting towards RP as well and we've had some progress there: we have around 5 RPers in the guild now. Three of them: @Saerwen, @Alberaht, @HawksHeart have already joined our RP Initiative Club and we ask the remaining RP enthusiasts to do the same, so that it was easy for you guys to find each other. Our Social recruitment slots are also ongoing - I opened 10 slots last week and have recruited handful of people into them. If you know a good addition who would love to join us as Socials, please redirect them to me in-game for interviewing. PvP Project This project, the youngest of all, is still looking forward to two PvP veterans (AD) to join us as officers. Meanwhile, we've recruited few PvPers as well. It will take some time for this project to bear fruits. For initial stages, I plan to create a single squad (12 people) with Officer leading them to join Cyrodiil campaigns in a regular basis. That's it for now folks! Thanks for your time, and most of all, thanks for being with us! -- Gelmir
  5. Hello Lodge! This is weekly guild newsletter issue #42. Real-life Problems Unfortunately due to some real-life issues I've had these past 2 weeks - a family member's health issues -, I couldn't be online as much as I wanted. As a result I couldn't recruit as many as I would've otherwise. Real-life issues are still ongoing, but I believe I will be able to be online everyday regardless. So if you don't see me online some days, that'd be most definitely related to this. I apologize in advance, if this newsletter sounds a little bit "dry" I am a bit tired today! PvE Raid Core Yes, we still need 2-3 good DDs to join us, so that we could start our regular vTrials. It's very hard to find reliable people, but please rest assured: we are using all available channels to recruit. If you encounter good PvE DD's during your gaming, please don't hesitate to invite them to join our Raid Core. @Cortair will get them checked and sorted out for our Core in no time. As a reminder: we raid 3 days a week (Tue, Wed and Thu) at 20:30 CET/CEST. Let's keep an eye out for skilled DDs out there guys! The RP Initiative & Monthly Social-Roster Slots I also started to recruit towards our RP initiative as well. Initially I was thinking about recruiting RPers after we are done with PvE Core. But then, seeing how slow PvE recruitment is going, I decided to start recruiting towards RP and "quality Social-slots". And actually it seems to work: we are getting good PvE candidates alongside with some nice RP fans out there. If any of you guys would like to join our RP team, please feel free to join The RP Initiative Club on the forums. That way we will know how is up for some role-playing. Hopefully, soon enough we will have steady RPing group within our guild. As you already know, we revamped our ranking system couple of weeks back and changed our recruitment policy regarding Social players. So, every month, I will be opening about 10-slots in our Roster towards this goal. Each Social candidate will be hand picked after I interview them, making sure people who join us actually want to be an active social part of our community. Players who like doing guild activities, dungeons, pledges, questing etc with our guildies will be invited to those slots. People who like populating our Discord server, helping their guildies, continuously maintaining fun gaming environment within chat systems will be preferred. So if you know such players in-game who would like to join us, please feel free to redirect them to me for recruitment. The PvP Initiative Still looking for 1 or 2 good PvPers to join our community as PvP generals (raid leaders). We are recruiting from AD front. Once we get our generals, we will start actively recruiting our PvPers as well. The PvP project is lowest priority for us right now. Feel free to spread the word around - the sooner we get our PvP generals, the sooner our Cyrodiil raiding Core will be established. That's all guys! As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for being with us! - Gelmir
  6. This is the Issue #41 of our Weekly Guild Newsletter. New Recruits This Week Due to my real-life family issues, this week we had relatively less number of recruits: @Jakantha (for our future Ashes of Creation guild), @Saerwen, @Reid1029 joined our ranks. Welcome guys! Additionally, I revamped our guild recruitment policy last weekend, in our Guild Introduction message: this week on, we are recruiting new members by carefully selecting them - this policy also goes for our Social member slots. Since we are aiming for medium-size guild (around 100 members including our raiders and PvPers), I aim to increase the quality of our Roster. No more random recruitment any more! As you know, our Ranking system was also overhauled in past week to support this goal. Projects in General As PvE goes, we are still short of few good DDs in order to start our vTrials. So we are ceaselessly trying to recruit people to that end. @Cortair also will be posting our raiders in-game regularly to keep you guys updated. As to PvP and RP projects, I started to recruit new members for them as well. Our official forums ad topic already has this mentioned in there. For PvP, we will be fighting from AD front. Please feel free to spread a word around regarding our recruitment efforts. Currently it's very hard to recruit quality players to the guild, but this is nothing new to our guild: we will be working hard to get projects rolling at full speed. That's it for now! Stay safe, and thanks for being with us on this bumpy journey!
  7. New Additions to Our Ranks This week we had several new people joining our guild: @MichellexBlue, @Furitah, @Piccia, @Ishkira, @Obczajacz, @Perking, @Arcii, @Dextail and @MithrandirHD are those names. Welcome to the Lodge, folks! Status on PvE Raid Core We have been hard at work to recruit necessary DDs for our regular vTrials. 1 or 2 more DDs and we will be there. This weekend we will have few DPS parses with our existing, not yet confirmed DDs. At this rate, I believe we will resume our vTrials the coming week. @Cortair will update you guys in this regard. Please keep an eye on our forum Calendar for vTrial events - don't forget to signup when they appear. We will also announce things via #announcements on Discord. Guild Ranking System Overhaul We also revamped our ranking system, creating separate ranks for our Social members, ranking from Initiate to Intermediate; Adeptus class of ranks are dedicated to our PvE project now, Centurion to PvP one and Rector to RP. Our officers will use Magister Templi from now on. Additionally, Intermediate rank will be granted to our 6-months-old members, instead of 3-months, as it was previously. PvP & RP Projects I started my search for an experienced PvP player to lead our PvP initiative. We will be fighting from AD side in campaigns. I had a thinking to go easy and pick Lions (EP side) instead of "bananas" - but hey, everyone can do the easy part, right? Rather, we created a PvP team and turn tables in AD front, thus creating a legacy to our names. So I decided to stick to AD and recruit for that front. As to RP: I am still planning on how to approach this project. Probably, I will be contacting some RP guilds out there, to see how RP is in ESO. If there are RP enthusiasts amongst yourselves who would like to help me with our RP initiative, please let me know. That's it. Enjoy! -- Gelmir
  8. Following is the State of the Guild for Week #39. @Nuin and @Chsei: there is message in here, addressed to you!!! New Lodge Members This week @ISummon, @Reomer, @Knight30, @Airaud, @Freyja, @iamcemal, @Loupo and @Fangedpenny have joined our Community! Welcome guys! Special Message from @neaNicu !!! @Chsei and @Nuin! I hope you are reading these lines! Nic (and of course me as well) are missing you guys! Also, Nic wants you to come back, to organize your old RP'ing sessions, once again. We hope you guys come back soon! We have an active guild now. I promised I'll include this message in this week's newsletter, so here we go... PvE Raid Core & Trials Like every week, we tried Veteran mode Aetherian Archive trial to test our Raid Core's capabilities to do veteran mode. Unfortunately, from Damage Dealer standpoint we proved to be insufficient. So we cancelled all vTrial plans for the current week and started recruiting heavily again. We tested our current player-base as well and as of now, we only need 3 DDs with minimum 30k sustained ST DPS, self-buffed, for short-term. Additional 2-3 DDs also will be recruited to have enough backup spots for our actual Raid Core. As we are recruiting towards vTrials, we decided to fill our raiding days with Normal mode trials. Next week we will setup a vTrial, to test our forming Core once again. If successful, we will continue scheduling them. As vTrials become a regular thing to fill our raiding days, we plan to organize nTrials (normal-modes) on remaining days of the week, depending on demand. Important thing is: we won't be scheduling nTrials on Calendar ever, but instead announce in-game, on-fly, form a group and do them - the same way you'd do your daily pledges. The purpose in nTrials, besides being fun, is to train our potential raiders, to give them a taste of action and to test their performance there, in order to draft those who are interested, to our actual Core. Thus, to attend nTrials these few weeks, please make sure you are online, 15 mins prior the raid time (20:15 CET, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). That will be the only window when we will announce for nTrials. One small note as well: In past (since our times in Rift) we had this situation, when people signed up for events several days before-hand and when we got nearer to the event in question, they started to drop one by one, totally messing up our plans. To that end, from this week on, we will either be scheduling trials on Calendar, starting 2-days before the event, or if scheduled earlier, do so with RSVP (signups) disabled - we will enable signups only we are 2-days away from the event. So there won't be any signups for trials from several days back. Future Projects: PvP & RP Initiatives I slowly started recruiting for our PvP Initiative as well. For starters, we need very experienced PvP Leader, who would act as an Overseer (project leader) for our PvP initiative. To that end, please spread the word. If you know someone who is very skilled in PvP, we'd like to meet them. Once PvE Raid Core is ready, I will start planning our RP initiative as well. That's all. Thanks for reading! See you folks in-game!
  9. New Members Lodge can be considered small-to-medium-sized guild now. This week we had @Esutick, @Steeno, @Kepler, @Dexter411, @Leilane, @Lil Cassiopeia, @deanquay, @elarionneithan, @EzioBF and @Archadian44 joining our ranks. Welcome guys! Raid Core And Raid Core is ready to be tested as well. Starting this week on, we've scheduled Normal mode trials on our guild Calendar. Raiding days have also been established: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday will be our raiding days. Raids start at 20:30 CET (19:30 GMT, 21:30 EET) and will last for 2 hours. If needed, they can be extended for another 30 minutes. Raid Core guidelines/rules texts will be updated with this information accordingly. Those of you who haven't yet enrolled in to our Raid Core, please do so by following necessary steps (for details, please talk to @Cortair). Current members, please signup for all events on the Calendar. Please also make sure you make it to raids in time. Being late without notification would reflect quite badly at this early stage of guild raiding, so please be considerate in this regard! For any possible real-life issues, please use appropriate calendar event and comment there, reporting your being late or absence! Dungeon set-piece farming events have been discontinued from Calendar: please ask in-game if you need certain pieces. Many of our guys will be happy to lend a hand! What's Next for the Guild? PvP, RP Initiatives & WTB Twitch Broadcaster Once we start moving towards Veteran mode trials, I will start our Cyrodiil PvP and RP initiatives going, by recruiting people towards these two projects. We will have Officers overseeing these projects. So stay tuned! Additionally, we are looking for a streamer/broadcaster. Originally, when we first launched the guild in ESO, @Thyworm was our broadcaster whose videos you can still watch in our Youtube channel. Since we will be starting our trial runs this week, I think it's good time to have a dedicated broadcaster for these events. If you are willing, please drop a line below. Meanwhile, I will be streaming our trial runs on Twitch, and export them to our Youtube channel myself. Ranks in Guild Forums Starting yesterday, we also have guild ranks on the forums, with rank badges and auto-promotion system implemented. Doing so, I also noticed several of our members being absent for quite some time now - guys, please be advised that after 30 days of absence, your guild rank will reset. After 60 days of absence without notice you may be removed from the guild. Please make sure you login to the game now and then. Logging in to forums also will prevent you from being kicked or losing a rank. I also updated our Ranks topic (I was quite surprised that it wasn't updated, having tons of outdated information there). I believe that's it. Thanks for being part of this journey folks! See you in-game!
  10. Fresh Blood This week, @vodina, @mosh, @Kapow, @eurobeat, @Gingerfrow, @Lucacioc, @The_Spawn, @Kneighbors and @oxox joined our ranks. Welcome guys! And we still need 3-5 good DDs to join us! Raid Core & Trials This week's vTrials were scrubbed again, lacking enough numbers. So we are scheduled for next week again. We will be doing this every week, until we have dedicated and self-sustaining Core. As far as we are concerned about the upcoming week's trials: all Raid Core members please sign-up in the Calendar, check the vid and guides listed there to learn a little bit about mechanics. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we will be able to commit resources to other projects. That's all for the current week. See you folks next week!
  11. Recruitment Efforts Literally handful of new people - @XeonChaos, @zeldrn, @Azaharys, @LordHydra and @covack - joined us this week. Welcome guys! Currently, as you already have seen from our General Forum announcement (red banner above), we are still looking for few skilled/flexible DDs to join our ranks. Very good Tanks and Healers won't be turned down either - but since we already have these roles filled in our Raid Core, newcomers should have great skills in their "art" And as usual, Socials are always welcome to join us! Raid Core - Where we stand? Answer to that question isn't really heart-warming. We had a good start and a terrible-at-best continuation to our Normal mode raids. Our goal was to go a little bit easy on people, not to enforce Raid Core rules on all as we do Normal modes. What we got was the following: some people not signing up for the events (whereas Raid Core dictates you have to attend 3 of them in a weekly basis and can only be absent in occasional cases where real-life happens, but this cannot become a regular thing); some even leaving the group and joining some other raid group God knows where (if it was up to me alone, I'd just kick such raiders from the Core - thankfully it isn't); some not joining our raids (at the same time being a Raid Core member) at all and raiding with others, and so on, so forth. I remember decreasing the number of weekly raiding days from 4 to 3 to make things easier for our guys. I remember decreasing the number of hours from mandatory 3 hours to 2, again to make raids to look more attractive. We even pulled raid times from 9pm CET to 8:30pm CET to make it smooth. But guys, I never told joining events as it pleases us or not giving rat's a**e about raid organization is the "discipline" we are looking forward to. Definitely not. So, that s**t ends this week: effective yesterday, we are enforcing Raid Core Guidelines fully and we will be recruiting serious raiders who actually will do what they sign up for. The RAID CORE club will be reset and only those who are committed will be accepted in. Anyone who can't commit himself/herself to a 3-day raiding idea can be a Reserve to the Core (I am sure some of you already stated their interests in that, due to real-life commitments etc), but they won't be actually invited to the aforementioned club (which technically means, once cleared by our Raid Leaders, anyone can join our raids as reserves whenever they can). We have about 7-8 people already committed to this project, so we will just remove those who aren't from the Core and move on. We have the hardest roles (Tanks and Healers) covered - with handful of new DDs this thing will get rolling in no time! To that end ... Rak'ashi Joins Officer Team ... to help with recruitment efforts. He comes from NA megaserver, with great amount of raiding and raid-leading experience under his belt. He will help me to recruit missing essentials to our Raid Core. Additionally, here and there, he might be assisting @Cortair in raid organization duties. Welcome mate! Still LF Broadcaster/Youtuber ... who would stream our events. We will start with PvE, and move forth to PvP Cyrodiil sieges being broadcast. Role also entitles access to our guild Youtube channel, where our Youtuber will be able to post video guides etc. Member Notes for Officer Eyes Only Last but not least, we will be using member notes for management purposes - mostly for our Raid Leaders to post notes regarding each member or such stuff. To that end, member ranks won't be able to read those notes anymore. That's it for now! I won't be adding any notes regarding other projects this time - PvE one right now isn't flourishing, so all our focus is on it right now. Thanks for reading! Thanks for being part of this! Really means a lot! See ya in-game!
  12. State of Recruitment We've come a long way since late May, when we barely could see 1 or 2 members online. Today we have 6-8 online in "deadest" of times (yea, I made the word up ) This week we've had several new members joining our ranks, ranging from totally-new-to-the-game people, to very experienced, seasoned raiders. @Majicauni, @Aggro-is-mine, @SPRT, @Gaehr, @Rak'ashi, @Svetozar, @Sebastian, @Kalterran, @Zyma, @antiKILLER and @todd2446 joined us as new members. Remember 10 days ago I also was re-inviting old Lodge members back to the game? Well, third person - @10darkknight10 - joined us once again. Welcome to all of you! Status on Raid Core Past week our Raid Leader @Cortair has been at work of inspecting our future potential raiders. And to our surprise, we've received quite a positive feedback from him about you guys. We like what we are seeing! He will be continuing to do that, so please be compliant with him when he asks you to come for spec and gear inspection. This is a must, and no raider will be accepted to the Core without such inspection. Our Officer team was also very occupied with other Raid Core related topics, to such levels that, personally myself couldn't game properly. To be specific, we managed to finalize our Raid Core Application Requirements and Attendance Guidelines, which are very important two pieces of reading. We gathered a lot of info through polls about your play times, specs etc to have a good idea about our future raiding parties. So, our plan to form the Core is as following: the coming week (week-37) we will start scheduling Normal mode trials on our Calendar. Those of you cleared for Raid Core by @Cortair will be joining those events. We will see how we perform as a team, our dynamics, structure etc. And in the weeks after that, we will be forming the Official Raid Core through official channels - and this team will start our Veteran mode runs. In a fun twist of fate, these initial, Normal mode trials will be a trial for all of us, as a team. So for now, please do *not* perform application to Raid Core (through Raid Core club) and wait for it until we are done with Normal mode trials. One last, but important note about these Normal mode trials: although we haven't formed our Raid Core officially, the Attendance Guidelines and everything else will be in effect. So please read them carefully and make sure you understand them. Ask me questions if there is something you don't understand. Dungeon Farming Runs We have significant number of members now. Which means we can do (and actually we do) Pledges together, farm dungeons for set pieces together. So please sign up for farming events on Calendar, join Discord, group up and farm those buggers. Guild Representation One other topic is the representation of the guild. By purchasing a Guild Tabard from our Guild Store and wearing it (don't worry, it won't spoil your costumes), your character nameplate will receive our guild name. Please do that. Let everyone see which collective you belong to, possibly also contributing to our recruitment efforts. Remember last week I mentioned a nice sync tool from Alcast's ESO-Database.com? Please try to install it. It works seamlessly in the background, syncs your character data and builds overall guild score for Lodge, placing us in Leaderboards. It's not mandatory to have that tool, but it's highly recommended. The members supporting us through these two methods will receive their ranks much sooner than normal. Yesss, I just said that! So that's it. If you are still here, it means you actually have read it all. THANK YOU! And see you in-game! Gelmir
  13. State of Recruitment Recruitment is ongoing. This week we had some fresh blood joining the club: @Holybladee, @SkyGubbins, @YourBeast and @Sifres are our new members. Welcome guys! Additionally, I re-invited all our original members back to the guild, although I knew almost all of them would have left the game long time ago. After inviting dozens back, two of them - @Gorgori and @Aeriea rejoined us. Greeting to them again! We also have two Raid Leaders now: @Nefaras and @Cortair. Both of them have been hard in work, creating guides for our players, making polls, helping people out, organizing stuff for future Raid Core etc. Thanks guys for all the hard work! Future of Raids/Raid Core Firstly, we created a poll, asking people their regular playing hours in order to determine the best raiding times. 11 of you guys have responded, which is quite a good number - I encourage those of you who haven't done so yet, to do that, if you are interested in raiding with us in the future. @Cortair will be creating few more polls this week, asking what roles/classes will you be bringing to our raids. We will announce the links to these polls, so please keep an eye out for them and participate. Secondly, as you already might have noticed, we created few dungeon-farming events on calendar, for those who need their set pieces from dungeons. If interested, please sign-up. We generally will do those during evenings. Last but not least, we still are recruiting for our Raid Core and are in the search for good and/or aspiring Warden/DK Tanks and Templar/Warden Healers. If you have such friends who would like to join us, please redirect them to us. Miscellaneous Recently I discovered one of Alcast's online tools: ESO-Database.com. It's something like Magelo.com, syncs your character and guild data, creates fancy banner signatures for you. That's all folks! Stay all and see you in-game!
  14. State of the Recruitment It's still ongoing. Nothing new - we had few new members ( @Amdis, @Vilachi, @Fu Ling U and @miotas - who hasn't still joined us in-game). Also apparently @PduJ is back to the game. Welcome guys! And @anakin90 left us! Farewell to him/her I guess! Farming Dungeons for Set Pieces Past weekend we started farming dungeons for set pieces in order to prepare ourselves for raids to come. And from this week on, I want to schedule regular such guild farming sessions. We started with Netched set pieces for Sorceresses. We also need to have sessions for Stamina DD's and Tanks. So I ask all our stamina-based DDs and Tanks to reply in this topic, helping me to determine which sets they require, so that we could schedule related sessions in our calendar and see how many are actually interested in doing them. If we get minimum 3-4 people for each farming session type, it will be a go for that group. So far, I have scheduled Sorceress farming sessions in our calendar - all magicka DDs who are interested in it, please signup - this will show us how many of you are interested in the event, so that we could schedule it effectively. We have many players who already raid in other guilds who don't need dungeon set pieces, so we need to prepare everyone else for raids to come. Discussions in Forums From time to time, we will have some ideas coming from people, which will need discussing. Last week, I proposed an idea regarding a possible Trading project in the guild, but only @neaNicu sent his feedback (thanks mate!). Guys, please try to participate in these discussions. I know some of you may not be interested in forums, but Lodge has always been forums-centric community where we discussed every topic. Thanks in advance! That's all. If you are still here, thanks for taking time reading this!
  15. Hello people, Traditionally, in past I posted weekly "State of the Guild" posts in forums, giving our guys some idea about where things are, what we are doing and what is the progress. I think it's time I resumed this again, since I am fully back to the game now. Recruitment Efforts They are going reasonably well, us focusing mostly on Official Forums as a source for new recruits. Unfortunately right now, most of our members who decided to stick around, are rather focused on individual activities, or doing stuff with their other guildmates from other guilds - which is understandable at this point. But once we fill our ranks in coming weeks, I hope this will change (after all, all of you joined Lodge for a reason to do things as a guild, right?). I also updated our guild ad topic in Official Forums where I stated that we also need to fill our Raid Leader positions (PvE and PvP separately). Please read the details there. Due to the game design issues of ESO, unfortunately recruitment of raiders and officers is going quite slowly (in other MMOs you can literally reach these goals within mere few weeks really). Despite that, we have quite many members who decided to stick with us: I personally thank you guys! This means a lot to me! Changes in Forums After upgrading our forum software to the latest version, we got a new feature called Clubs through which I plan to organize our Raid Cores. I already moved our old Rift and ESO Raid Core forums into the new The RAID CORE club, and I will be continuing discussions related to raiding inside that club. This organization of things isn't yet final, I am still brainstorming on it, so some changes may happen. Meanwhile, please do not join this Club as we haven't started forming our Raid Cores. I also added Daily Pledges event to the Calendar, please sign up and try to do them as a guild, mostly because we should play more with each other to know our guild mates and to create a guild atmosphere. Otherwise, I can't imagine how funny and family-like our raids will become, when we start doing them. That's all for now and thank you all for taking time and reading all this! Gelmir

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