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Found 1 result

  1. [Guide] Sorcerer

    First of all, can we have a section in the forum for these please. Here I will try to give you my 50 cents on the sorcerer class, the way I play it – as a traditional nuker, no funky plate wearing melee builds (although I will probably test such build in the future) My builds: Level 1-10: 1. Crystal Fragments – hands down the must have morph as it procs from ANY mana skill not just Crystal shards 2. Poison Arrow – normal mobs rarely leave long enough for the DoT to tick off but since it’s essentially 0 mana and is instant I used it nevertheless. 3. Endless fury – at some point the explosion does more than 20% of a normal mob HP so it’s essentially an Execute like skill. Also with a couple of items and skills for lowering the mana cost of skills it actually returns more mana than it costs. 4. At this level I never actively used this only sloting skills I wanted to level. 5. Unstable Clannfear – this pet tanks even “elites†and world bosses like a boss. Level 10-15: 1. Crystal Fragments – love the instant throw down with the proc combined with massive dmg will probably keep this forever. 2. Soultrap – more of a filler than anything else but it procs Crystal fragments and the dmg/mana ratio is decent. I needed some ranged dps skill to compensate for the restoration staff during that period 3. Endless fury – it became more and more potent allowing me to create chain reaction in group of mobs, where one of them falls below 20% HP exploding, bringing the next one below 20%, exploding and so on. 4. Regeneration (morphed to insta heal if target is below 20 or 30% can’t remember). This is one of the main sources of healing at this level when you are solo heals you and the pet. And did I forget to mention it procs Crystal Fragments – pow pow pow 5. Unstable Clannfear – not getting anywhere without this fella Level 15-Onwards, at this point you get the ability to wear 2 sets of weapons with skills so I went to the following: Destro staff: 1. Crystal Fragments – what can I say I’m loving it J 2. Force shock – not ideal but getting better with the levels and I can’t wait to morph it for interrupts 3. Endless fury – can’t live without it J 4. Destructive clench – throwback + stun, whaaaaat. The only downside is it costs lots of mana 5. Unstable Clannfear – I just can’t let it go J Resto staff is still work in progress as I haven’t healed since I did the 3 dungeons at level 12-14 and it’s mostly a mess with a couple of heals for emergency. With these builds and mostly green gear mixed with a couple of blues I’m able to solo half of the world bosses and all of the public dungeons. Groups of 2-3 trash mobs die in about 10sec before I can spend all my mana. If you have any suggestions and or questions please share them here.

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