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  1. [ESO] Recruiting for PvE Raid Core

    Hi there! Tried making my own topic but it just doesn't allow me too :/ A DK Tank geared for all normal Trials, and some veteran runs ( cannot tank veteran MoL ). I need to finish my Alkosh pieces in order to attend all vTrials. I have my own skill/set build that is based on Woeler's builds of course. Even though I am primarily a DK, I also have started a Warden to gear him up as a Tank as well. But that's just an alt. As I've already told Gelmir, I'm a former founder and raid leader for the Daggerfall Sentinels. I've organized and ran the raids for AA, HRC, MoL and SO. Downed all four on normal difficulty and was 3/4 on veteran difficulty as well. Sadly I stopped playing the game due to work commitments so I have not played through The Halls of Fabrication and Asylum Sanctorum. If you need me I'm here

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