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    Hi o/ everyone. My name is @futerko or you can call me Pro, shortcut Profilaktyka main character ;D I saw the topic on eso forum, couple days ago and i decided try to join, so... I have several character, +cap cp 690: templar healer with all support set dd/mana/dk melle stam/nb melle (this 3 character is rdy for all content in game) stam/sorc but only for pvp. stam/dk tank but this character is rdy only for pve small content, like dungeon etc I have experience in trial vaa, vhrc, vso, vmol got achiv/skin except vas and vhof, the bad news is... im also returning player (5 month break :o) I almost forgot I have read your recruitment post on website and accepts rules. Regards, Profi

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