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  1. Drop Dead, Mate!


    I'll be there on one of my female alt characters then but every race has its own position when it dies how is an asura gonna come close to a dead female human? I think its impossible
  2. Claiming the Guild Hall


    Yaaay finally
  3. Twitch Channels

    we can have a few angles until we get enough viewers? cause my channel has 4 follows only?
  4. Twitch Channels

    I'll be streaming our Guild Missions each week spread the word Click to see my channel
  5. Stupid things you have done in Guild Wars 2

    actually did the same thing once :/ no stories from me other than vasting a buttload of gold on skins
  6. Help with Dragon's Stand

    ye end zone for hots
  7. Help with Dragon's Stand

    Any of you willing to help me out with map completion with this one?
  8. Character Show-off

    Show off your main characters Here's my Soulbeast :3
  9. Good to be here guys :D

    1. Gelmir


      Good to have you mate!

  10. [Week 48] Weekly Guild Newsletter

    I am in discord
  11. [Week 48] Weekly Guild Newsletter

    I can be your GW2 recruitment officer if it's OK with you

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