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  1. Hero Points + Mastery run

    HERO POINTS + MASTERY POINTS We have quite a few new players, returning players or even veteran players who perhaps made a new character and now they need hero points to unlock their elite specializations. We will do hero points and masteries in Verdant Brink, Auric Basin and Tangled Depths. That is more than enough to fully unlock one elite spec! Get your character ready and unlock first waypoint in Verdant Brink. I expect everyone on Discord for the event to make things smooth and don't drag it for too long.
  2. New guy

    Welcome earworthm! Thank you for taking interest in guild. When you have a time, please join us on discord (link above) for a quick chat to make sure we are a good for you and wise versa.
  3. Drop Dead, Mate!

    This is an event few of my old friends here might remember It's a fun and chill event and I thought it's a good time to do something fun and unique as a guild. You will entertain me by jumping down from a high ledge and die in funny ways!... No, not fun? Fine. You will jump down and try to mimic the position of a dead body on the ground. The closer you are to match your corpse with the test corpse, the more points you get! You will make teams of two or three, depending on how many people participate and then we will go through five rounds! The team that collects the most points in the end wins and gets rewarded for job well done in dying! If anyone has two gw2 accounts and can run them at the same time, I'd appreciate the help with being a test corpse on one of the characters! Please contact me, if you're willing to do so. The event will take place in our guild hall, which we will acquire by then! Only human, sylvari and norn FEMALE characters may participate. This is to make judging as fair as possible and not a nightmare. Also female and male character have different positioning upon death. So therefore, we have to make this monogender and I believe everyone has female human, norn or sylvari character, so that's the safest option. Don't miss out! You can be one of these people below!
  4. Claiming the Guild Hall

    GILDED HOLLOW It is here! Highly anticipated guild hall claim event! We are going to Maguuma Jungle to claim Gilded Hollow! Bring your water canteens and anti-mosquito sprays. Also, in Maguuma jungle you don't eat mushrooms, mushrooms eat you! Enough jokes, this is serious business, that requires your attention. Hopefully many people will join for this possibly one time opportunity! I expect everyone on Discord when event starts, as this take some coordination. Especially with a lot of people, this event scales and becomes bigger challenge and more fun. Oh, have ranged weapon ready just in case. Last boss is quite an asshole! Estimated time of completion would be about 20-30 minutes, but of course things can get nasty.
  5. Guide collection

    Iron gathering All rich nodes of any kind can be only gathered once per day per character! Winterberry farm in Bitterfrost Frontier Winterberries are the best source of acquiring ascended trinkets. With berries + unbound magic, you can buy ascended rings, ascended accessory and ascended backpiece. Be advised that you cannot equip two ascended pieces with the same name! However, it is possible to attune or infuse a ring (LINK) in order to change its name, and therefore be able to equip it. So, if you buy two of the same rings (in this case LINK), you can attune or infused one ring and then you end up with "Black Ice band" and "Attuned Black Ice band", which allows you to equip them both. This does not work with accessories, since they cannot be infused or attuned! Unbound magic is obtainable by exploring LivingWorld3 maps, opening chests in them, gathering resources (like winterberries) and consimg said resources. All ascended trinkets that you buy with berries have selectable stats (all stats in game)! You can gather winterberries only once per day per character! Orrian oysters farm Orrian oysters are very easy to farm and are excellent way for obtaining ascended amulet! You will need 125 oysters + 3000 unbound magic for one amulet. On average you'll get about 16-18 oysters per run. So, if you have multiple characters you can have your ascended amulet in two or three days! Ascended amulet has selectable stats! Flax seed farm Flax seeds are quite valuable resources, since they are used in many upgrades in guild hall. They are easy and quick to gather. They can be gathered only once per day per character!
  6. Guide collection

    This topic will serve as a guide collection. Since we have quite a few new players and also returning players in guild, I thought it would be a good idea to make some guides, so people can make their lives easier for themselves and acquire resources in more efficient way.
  7. We have all done stupid and silly things. Today, I was roaming around Iron Marches to level my warrior and saw a golem with a green tag on it. I decided to escort it for XP, of course! I was so distracted by the music and chat that I haven't realized that the god damn golem was a bounty (guild mission target) and NOT an event! I have escorted him across half the map, before realizing that. And he moves VERY slowly. I was getting triggered why the heck the event is not yet over and when will the damn golem arrive at his destination! And then my brain finally decided to tell me the bad news. Share you stories! For laughs!
  8. Character Show-off

    Haters gonna hate But yeah, Charr look weird on all mounts unfortunately.
  9. Guild Missions

    GUILD MISSIONS Last week we were bear racing in Lornar's pass, but this week it gets even freakier and harder! We will race in Southsun Cove as little crabs! Race is full of traps and annoying mobs, mainly karka. Ewww. They look like facehuggers from Alien movies! Anyway! I imagine new players might not have this map yet "unlocked", since it's really not that popular and nothing actually leads you there. So, it might be a good idea to do that before missions starts. It's easy, go to the Lion's Arch where other gates that lead you to all major cities are located and find the one that says "Southsun cove". Easy, right? Well, once you get to Southsun, be careful! Mobs there are not so easy and they just happen to hate all these major races like Charr, Asura, Sylvari, Norn and.... and.... I think I forgot one. Eh doesn't matter. They like to eat them all equally. Anyway! You want to unlock the waypoint I marked on the screenshot below. That is the closest one to the race. And then prepare to cry! After guild race, we can try a hard puzzle, if we have enough people. Recommended is 15 people, so that might not be possible, but who knows! Hope to see you there!
  10. Character Show-off

    You make great potatoes, Tokki! However, this thread needs more CHARR and BUNNIES!
  11. December Challenges


    SPECIAL CHALLENGE: Deal at least 600.000 damage with a single attack! Post screenshot of a combat log as proof of completion. Reward: 15 gold
  12. December Challenges


    Next challenge: Glide for 2:30 minutes, before you land. No updrafts allowed! Provide video of successful completion.
  13. Guild Mission

    Everyone is welcome to join for Guild Race! At the moment, we only have one guild mission unlocked per week, since the guild is still new. As time passes and we claim our own guild hall, we will unlock more missions and higher difficulties (easy, medium, high). This week, we have race scheduled. It's quite an easy one, so I'm confident we can complete it without issues. We will also receive some favor, which is a resource we will need later, once we unlock guild hall. Everyone also gets their own reward for completing it, including guild commendations (currency), with which you can buy various goodies, so don't miss out! See you at starting point! P.S.: Event time is what is shown for you here, as your local time. Please RSVP if you plan on attending.
  14. Guns of Icarus Online - FREE for a limited time

    If anyone wants to play Guns of Icarus, I have three keys for it that I can give out.
  15. Character Show-off


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