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  1. Path of Fire Story

    PATH OF FIRE STORY In preparation for acquiring a griffon (mount), I am inviting everyone to join me on completing Path of fire story, which is required in order to get a griffon. Furthermore, you need to complete the story with the character, with which you wish to complete the collection for griffon. We will "rush" the story in order to finish it quickly, since it takes quite some time and I believe most people already finished it at least once. Those that haven't finished it yet, should probably do so alone, for their first time. We will also try to grab achievements along the way, but we won't stop or restart, if we fail to get any of them. For those we can organize separate event. goal of this event is to finish PoF story from start to finish and prepare your character for acquiring a griffon. Even, if you already have story finished on character you want, you can join and complete it on your alt if you wish. If we don't finish the story on Sunday this week, we will continue next Sunday.
  2. Fractal Achievements

    FRACTAL ACHIEVEMENTS Let's get those achievements! We will do low tier fractals, with no agony resist requirement, so everyone can join and try to hunt for as many achievements as possible. As you know, I'm not experienced in fractals, so If anyone with more experience knows how to do this more efficiently, you are free to lead this event. I want all on discord, even if you just listen! This event might take a while, so let's try to make it smooth and fun.
  3. City of Hope Achievements

    CITY OF HOPE ACHIEVEMENTS City of hope is a story instance in Heart of Thorns, which includes few trials you have to pass. The last part in particular is a funny one and there are two achievements that are a bit harder to get, so we can try it together and have some fun and laughs. Achievements are "Leave it to me" and "Predatory Prey". We will transform into little bunnies and we will have to kill all Mordrem wolves in the room without the help from NPCs.
  4. Guild Missions

    GUILD MISSIONS This week guild missions, we have... wait for it... Easy bounty and two times Trek. K, bye.
  5. Guild hall upgrading

    Update 1: We have workshop now, which includes scribing station. Through scribing station you can access your guild bank and storage, which is the only way to do so in guild hall. Now that workshop is built, we will focus on getting all the nodes upgrades for daily gathering and enchantments (boosts). There are many materials needed, so i'm not going to list them here. You can see them easily by visiting NPC by the workshop and ask him what can be upgraded and the list will pop up. Everything that is not highlighted is not yet upgraded. By clicking on any of the upgrades, list of materials needed will show up. We also got general merchant now. It's a good way to avoid paying for waypoints. If you are out exploring and you need to empty bags or buy gathering tools or salvage kits, press "G" to open guild panel, click on "Guild hall" button, which is free of charge teleport to GH, buy or sell at merchant, click "Guild hall" button again and it will port you back to where you left of. So, basically, you have access to merchant for free.
  6. Blitz Event: Hide and Seek


    Can't make it because I'm stuck at work till 10pm . Have fun folks!
  7. Guild Missions


    No, each guild mission has three possible difficulties - easy, medium or hard. Difficulty just means different time limit for completion and number of runs needed to succeed (for example race, where you need to finish X amount of times in order for guild to receive reward). So in this case, it will just mean we get less time to complete this puzzle than we had last week.
  8. Story Dungeons (part 2)

    Story dungeons (part2) This week we proceed with Sorrow's Embrace story and onward. Have character ready and geared. You can bring low level ones if you want XP. We meet on discord!
  9. Guild Missions

    GUILD MISSIONS This week we have: Easy race in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. We haven't done this one yet. Medium Trek Hard Puzzle and guess which one? CURTAINS! Yep, we are gonna master this one it seems. We meet on discord!
  10. Fashion WAR


  11. Guild hall upgrading

    This topic will keep track of our guild hall, upgrades that are being worked on and materials needed for doing so. First, I would like to focus on building and upgrading a Workshop, which will give us two nice boosts that last for 24 hours. Once we unlock them, they will be free and applicable anytime. These boosts are: Critical crafting - means higher chance of receiving critical success when crafting, which means you save on materials and therefore you save on gold. Critical harvesting - higher chance of critical success when you harvest from a node, which means extra materials. Map bonus - means more loot. By upgrading a workshop, we will also unlock various nodes for daily gathering in our guild hall (ore, plants, leather). Again, more loot = more money. Materials needed currently: Vials of Linseed oil or flax seeds and Elonian leather squares. If you wish to donate, you can speak to NPC (guild treasurer) right next to a central waypoint and donate directly to treasure. Treasure will only accept materials in certain forms. For example: Elonian leather square is a component made by bunch of different leather types. However, in order to build a workshop, we need Elonian leather squares among other thigns, so treasure only accepts that at the moment and won't accept the materials that Elonian leather square is made of. Same with Vials of Linseed oil, which are made from flax seeds. Treasure wants final product, which are Vials and won't accept just flax seeds. Therefore, if you wish to donate just materials, instead of whole thing, which can be pricey, you can do so by putting materials into guild bank and not guild treasure. So, in short - if you have Vials of linseed oil, put them in treasure, if you have just flax seeds, put them in guild bank. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Elonian_Leather_Square https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Vial_of_Linseed_Oil
  12. Representing rule (Why?)

    Representing Representing is a thing I get often questions about and also a thing I have to deal with constantly. I decided to explain it here in more detail in hope that people will read it and understand that the rule is not there because I enjoy being cranky officer and annoy people, but because there is a good reason for it. So, why 100% represent rule? Well, excuse me for long wall of text with this one, but here we go. I had to refuse few potential recruits because they were not willing to represent and we had few people leave the guild because of it. It's a shame people are not honest with themselves and with others and decide to just say "yes, no problem" to anything before they join the guild, but after, they are not following that. Just because this is a game, doesn't mean we don't have to be responsible and show no respect to each other. You are not playing alone. You are part of community. Therefore people depend on you. If you don't care to be on time for event, you make others wait for you. You would probably not enjoy that if you were in their place. Everyone has stuff to do either in game or real life, so we have to respect each others time. Same goes with representing. If someone is not representing, that is not fair to others, who do represent. Rule is rule. Follow it or don't join and say "Yeah, it's not problem ", but then decide to not follow it. I'm recruiting people and telling them we have 100% rep rule and then they join and see someone not representing. How do you think they feel? How would you feel in that scenario? You would probably think Black is a bit crazy, right? He's bugging me here, but look at that other guy, not representing... The questions now is, why is this such an issue? In all other online multiplayer games I have played, you picked a clan/guild and you were happy with it. Well, if you weren't, you found another one, but you always stuck with one. It's like in sports, if you want to play football with a team, you pick a club to join and that's your team. You don't join five clubs and play for all of them. But GW2 is special case. Since GW2 allows us to have up to five guilds at the same time, a lot of people join multiple guilds. Now, I don't have an issue with that at all and I don't care in how many guilds you are. If you think you need more guilds, go for it, but rule is still to represent our guild 100% of the time (with few exceptions like personal guild bank and personal guild halls). The rule is there, because we honestly believe every serious guild should have this one and because we believe it's better for a guild that wants to be active and make a nice and familiar place for all members. I've been in many guilds myself and every time I saw people not representing it just felt so wrong and discouraging. Like they don't care. And in most cases they really didn't. Those people never talked, never helped, never joined for activities. They only joined things when they needed something. Like guild missions, so they got guild commendations (currency). Now, to answer some of the reasons I've heard so far for not representing: "I'm doing meta event in Dragon Stand". I don't see how that prevents you to represent the guild. No event in the game will require you to drop off your guild tag in order to complete it. This was a reply from someone who previously represented on same character, but I guess decided to stop representing for meta event, which makes zero sense. "I don't want to be restricted like that..." You are not restricted in any way. You are free to do play whenever you like, however you like, any event you like, you can solo or play with guild, you can take time for yourself and do your story, achievements, farming and all the rest. I don't expect everyone to join every single guild event or be present in guild chat 100% of the time. You can do your own thing. I just expect you to keep attention to our forum and discord for upcoming events and decide which ones you can and wish to attend. Because not attending any event for weeks makes me scratch my head and wonder why join the guild in the first place? "I want to do WvW". You can do WvW, nothing is stopping you. I did WvW myself with our tag just fine. It works. You can join a zerg or play with friends. The only issue would be if you are a serious and dedicated WvWer and want to do WvW raids with a guild. That I completely understand. But in that case, you don't join PvE guild, you join WvW focused guild or PvX guild with a focus on WvW. Same applies for PvP. I completely understand it's not ideal solution, but we have to draw a line somewhere, because we can't bend represent rules just for those few people who want to do WvW sometimes. So, it's up to you to make a decision how important WvW is for you. And note that we are aiming to expand our roster to inlcude WvW players as well if there will be enough interest. Same for PvP. But at this moment, we have people mostly for PvE. "I'm in another guild with my real life friends." That's totally fine, but why would you need to represent that guild? They don't get anything from it. I know it's cool to run around with your friends and have same tag on, but that's pretty much all there is to it. You don't get anything for that. In the past you got influence for doing content together with your guild members. This isn't the case anymore. So, representing is not needed for any good reason that is beneficial to guild. It's needed for guilds like ours, that are aiming to create an active community and trying to give people more reasons to play the game and hold their interest. Small guilds with real life friends is just for fun and to keep contact. They probably won't stop playing with you and stop being your friends if you don't represent for them. And you can play with them any time and as much as you want. Carrying that tag doesn't make a difference in my honest opinion. Because I doubt many people pay attention to your guild tag. I know I don't. When I do open world or dungeons or anything else, I don't look at tags. Even if I did, they would mean nothing to me, since I have no idea what that guild is and why should they be important to me. This is not PvP where you might recognize some hardcore ass kicking guild and think "woah, look this guy is probably important since he's part of this ass kicking guild". If you care for that stuff, that is. So, tags don't mean a thing. Not even our tag. I don't ask you to represent, so people can see our beautiful [LoS], but because it shows you care for guild and want to be part of it and make it a great place for all guildies. This is a job of entire guild, everyone has to contribute. So, in the end, I firmly stand by 100% rule, because I've seen guilds with one and guild without one. There is no something in between, like 80%. Bunch of guilds have that, but that's nonsense and it doesn't work at all. As soon as you let people know it's not 100%, many will not represent even half the time. Most of them represent when they join for guild event, which is pretty rare thing in general for most guilds. Thank you for reading. I hope I didn't scare anyone. I appreciate all members and I would hate to lose anyone. I think we are doing great and have nice community so far. We all have to be honest, fair and willing to contribute in whatever way we can to make guild great. You can't expect officer or leader to do all the work. It doesn't work that way. So, hopefully I answered some questions here and people can be more understanding if this rule. If you have any questions, you know where to find me.
  13. Well, they are not Charr horns so...
  14. You can hide headpiece.
  15. Guild Missions

    GUILD MISSIONS This week we have: Easy Bounty (find the target and chop off his head, easy.) Medium Challenge (the same one we did few weeks back with emotes! Remember?) So, easy! HARD Bounty For challenge, make sure you have Plains of Ashford map open. Bounties are random and can be all around Tyria. I expect everyone on discord when event starts.

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