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Lodge is looking for skilled players to fill following projects slots in our guild:

PvE Raid Core - we successfully filled existing gaps within our Core and are recruiting to complement it with additional "reserves". We looking forward to 2x DDs, 1x Healer, 1x Tank. Read more here for requirements and follow the instructions to join!

PvP Core - Please welcome @HawksHeart as our new PvP General. From this point on, we are looking forward to 1 more PvP General and skilled players to fill our PvP Core.

Roleplaying - Although we managed to recruit half a dozen RP enthusiasts to our RP Initiative, we still have RP Officer position open. If you are an avid RP player with extensive experience in RPing, please join us now! Additional slots for RP players are also available!

Social Players - currently recruiting towards our Social recruitment slots - invitation only by interview. Please contact me in-game (@Glevissig) for it.


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  1. RIFT 4.3: Hotfix #6 11/22/2017 ART * Fixed some personal dimension candles whose flames failed to render. View the full article
  2. Black Fredas has returned to Tamriel with sales on ESO and ESO: Morrowind, an all-new Black Fredas Special Bundle in the Crown Store, and a free Nix-Ox mount for new and current Morrowind owners! View the full article
  3. Want to earn up to three brand-new Flame Atronach Crown Crates for free? Discover how and learn more about the scorching new items found in the upcoming crown crate season right here. View the full article
  4. Few understand the mind of the necromancer known as Mannimarco, but costume designer and ESO-fan Mary has truly become the King of Worms with this incredible cosplay. Check out our latest ESO Community Spotlight where we ask Mary about her experience crafting this dark ensemble. View the full article
  5. RIFT 4.3: Hotfix #5 11/15/2017 RIFT STORE & SERVICES * An all new Harvest Levitation Supply Crate is now available on the Store! SOULS CLERIC CABALIST * Restructured Condensed Obliteration slightly to prevent the ability from working while dead in PvP. RUNESHAPER * Seal of Enhancement no longer places the Cleric in combat. SHAMAN * Fixed a tooltip error in Crushing Blow. MAGE MYSTIC ARCHER * Elemental Gifts is now affected by the Preferred Ally Planar Attunement Nodes. WARLOCK * Dark Touch when applied by Legendary Void Barrage will now correctly trigger the Healing Expertise Mastery. ROGUE TACTICIAN * The Mad Genius preset is now correctly listed as a support. WARRIOR * Fixed a bug where Ready Posture and Protector’s Fury could stack with the Legendary version of the respective buff. DUNGEONS & RAIDS BASTION OF STEEL * Added two additional failsafes for the following phase transitions in the Commander Isiel encounter: Vindicator MK1 going into its Auto-Repair state, and Commander Isiel re-activating the Vindicator MK1. DIMENSIONS * The buttons to look up Dimension Items in the Store have been turned back on. These are + buttons that appear on your dimension item list when you are in a dimension. It will find the item in the Store if it is there. View the full article
  6. Since we began our #10MillionStories celebration, we've been overwhelmed by the stories sent to us from the ESO community. Today, we'd like to share a few of our favorites with you. Keep an eye on our website for more stories in the future, and don't forget to enter the #10MillionStories Sweepstakes for a chance at some great prizes! View the full article
  7. This November marks the Orsinium DLC game pack's two-year anniversary, and to celebrate, we're making the DLC available at a big discount in the Crown Store and doubling the rewards you can earn in Wrothgar. Read on to learn more! View the full article
  8. RIFT 4.3: Hotfix #4 11/9/2017 GENERAL * Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck in combat. View the full article
  9. RIFT 4.3: Hotfix #3 11/8/2017 GENERAL * Fixed an issue with contribution caused by mobs dying instantly. SOULS MAGE MYSTIC ARCHER * Fixed an issue with Legendary Arcane Shot not proccing Primal Energy. ROGUE NIGHTBLADE * Fixed an issue that allowed Hellfire Blades and the legendary version of it to stack. WARRIOR WARCHANTER * Fixed an issue that allowed Battlesong and the legendary version of it to stack. DUNGEONS & RAIDS BASTION OF STEEL * Fixed leaderboard scoring, and Azranel should do less boasting when she kills someone. * Titan X: Implemented a potential fix to address an issue where Safety Dance would not be cast. * Commander Isiel: Added another redundancy safeguard to make sure that the boss' phase 2 mechanics trigger properly. ART * Several environmental dust effect will no longer appear on low spell detail. * A number of spell AoE visual effects are now invisible to the party of the original caster. They will still be visible to the original caster. They are as follows: - Pyromancer's Fire Storm Pyromancer's Legendary Fire Storm - Farseer's Spiritual Guidance - Farseer's Soul Shroud * Slightly reduced the size of the static blast when fighting Titan X in Bastion of Steel. View the full article
  10. Want to see how great ESO looks on the Xbox One X and possibly win your own console? Tune into ESO Live this Friday! View the full article
  11. Enter the mechanical world of the Clockwork City and explore Sotha Sil's greatest creation. Check out our launch article for information on both the new DLC game pack and Update 16 and learn how you can grab a free Brassilisk pet! View the full article
  12. With Update 16, The Elder Scrolls Online will be optimized to utilize the advanced graphical horsepower of the upcoming Xbox One X, allowing Xbox ESO players to enjoy a multitude of visual improvements. This functionality will be included in Update 16 as a free upgrade for all Xbox One X players. Here's what you can expect when Update 16 is released for the Xbox One X this coming November 7! View the full article
  13. Dive into all the new offers in our latest Crown Store Showcase, including some unique mounts and pet, striking new costumes, and more. Keep your eyes open for future previews; we are offering new Crown Store items every month! View the full article
  14. RIFT 4.3: Hotfix #2 11/1/2017 AUTUMN HARVEST * Artifact nodes in the Realm of the Autumn Harvest have been updated to include a wider bounty of returns. GENERAL * Fixed sky boxes in personal dimensions so that projectors don’t result in a big hole in the sky * Fixed a geometry rendering issue inside the Simulacrum Factory RIFT STORE & SERVICES * Log in between November 1st and November 8th to receive a Calendar Make-up Chest, claimable from the front page of the RIFT Store! Claimable once per account. DUNGEONS & RAIDS BASTION OF STEEL * Azranel: - A voice box was finally installed, so now you can hear her awesome voice. - Attempted a fix for Missile Storm. There were reports that it was targeting the player tanking Azranel, and dealing damage to spawned Plasma Towers. Neither of these should occur now. - Received a report that the Tractor Beam ability used by the Plasma Towers would target the player tanking Azranel. That should no longer occur. - Received a report that Polarization Field would sometimes not spawn. This will hopefully no longer be the case * Commander Isiel: Fixed an issue with an edge-case where Artillery Drones would not trigger correctly. * Added missing leaderboard entries for bosses. * Removed the lockout for killing trash. * Certain knockbacks can no longer incorrectly affect entities in the Bastion of Steel. CEREMONY OF ATTUNEMENT * Like a nest of goblins, that statue in the middle of the Ceremony of Attunement will not go away. We’ve thrown werewolves at it, it worked for Darkening Deeps, it should work here right? ZONES & EVENTS STONEFIELD * Quest: Mind the Trolls: Fixed an issue where the Mountain Troll polymorph would immediately expire after using the quest item. VOSTIGAR PEAKS * Quest: Hinder Ahnket: Tenon Fortress: Corrected a spelling issue. View the full article
  15. For the past month, ESO players have been sharing amazing stories of their adventures in the world of The Elder Scrolls Online via the #10MillionStories hashtag on social channels. We're thrilled to announce that starting right now, we'll be continuing to celebrate ESO's 10 million player milestone with a massive sweepstakes promotion. View the full article

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