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Lodge is looking for few additional flexible and skilled DDs to join our PvE Raid Core! Please register here on forums to join us!


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  1. Hey guys!

    Hey Lodgers (can I call you that?) I'm Vilachi, been playing ESO on and off since 2015, I've been back playing daily for a couple of months and decided to poke my nose in here to introduce my self. Eh, well, I'm not sure how these things work so I guess I'll start with where I'm from... the UK! (south to be exact) I've mostly been a dps main in regards to PVE (dungeons, trials etc) but have recently switched to a tank main and I love it! (warden tank, cp 520) I've been looking for a guild to join up with for "Semi-hardcore PVE" and I think you guys are the perfect match! Anyhow... I look forward to being part of this community. Take care

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