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  1. Happy 25th birthday, Nef! :D May you prosper and live long with your beloved ones!

  2. Veteran Sanctum Ophidia


    Its my birthday , so we are going to eat outside
  3. Hard Content Grouping


    Saturday : no , Sunday: Yes
  4. Veteran Hel Ra Citadel


    It is possible that i cant come today. Im busy with a project for my work, but i try my best to be here =)
  5. New Application

    Welcome mate !
  6. Maw of Lorkhaj (Normal)


    My .....stupid working shedule starts. So i cant gurantee that i will be there 100%
  7. Greetings!

    Welcome mate ! Nice to have you with us!
  8. Nefaras - Lodge's new Raid Leader!

    Thanks @Gelmir for the mentioning here. Just some words who i am and what you can expect from me as your Raid Group Leader. "Nefaras" is a Nickname i use in every mmorpg i play, so it is not impossible that you know me already. I`m the Admin of a role Play Community and have done the Raid Leadership multiple times in few games. The biggest accomplishment was under the Name "Eternal" in the MMORPG Star Wars the old Republic. We have for a few months beaten the 2 long time Top raiding guilds and sit on the throne of the best server guild for 2 months or so. In this game i have accomplished World Ranking Top 10 at my class and personal im that kind of guy who likes to theory craft and hit that training dummy so long until every cell in my body is one with the rotation *insert some holy sound here*. In my opinion a good raid leader should have a positive attidute. They need to be good communicators and confident about their role. I get ......emmm it sounds weird ..."stronger" the more i knew my team. When i know the strength and weaknesses of the Group i can adapt to that. In Star Wars we had some people with really really bad movement, the hell sometime i feel our tank hit his keyboard with his head.... but we could adapt to that and played arround it until we was the best! It would be really nice if you could send me a personal messeage, if you are interested in raiding. Make sure that you send me the needed informations. With your favorite role, which setup you will run and if you need gear advice or help for gear grind just let me know. So we can make some farming shedules the next weeks to come and start doing something great together! ~Its to late for me... im a weak father after his sons birthday ...so sorry for maybe some writing mistakes!
  9. Okay nice do that pls. I`m on holiday from 2.9 - 7.9 just that you guys know =)
  10. Hundings Rage is crafted and i have done it for me in epic , i can craft it for all other Stam setpus we have in the group. Sunderflame - City of Ash Monset Set i think i go for Velidreth because its easier to farm. And Velidreth - Cradle of Shadows If we could make a list from people who want to raid and with which class i can take it from here and make a starting setup (starting gear list). Maybe someone who has done the raids in eso could take the coLead spot for more insight into the raids themself.
  11. As i said in discord i could do one group as a raid lead. I would like to run Sunderflame ,Hundings Rage, Monster Set (Sunderflame/Monster Set i need help for farming =) , DD que ...ya know ).
  12. I had a busy shedule the last weeks, tomorrow is my sons birthday. But after that im rdy until my holiday break. Have we a group atm who want to raid together? So we can make a list which items we need and can make a shedule when we do farm runs. Best regards from Germany =)
  13. Alcasts Group runs 3 Stam DKs (Night Mothers, Morag Tong , Sundeflame) + sometimes 1 Stam Templar (Stamplar with the new Set War Machine). That is the best synergie they can get for this Stam heavy setup. Stam DKs because of the high ST damage they can put out . In there comp it is a lot higher than their magika dps guys. The Sets needed depends really on how much stamina guys you have. Morag Tong is only usefull when you have poison dmg (DKs got that) . If the raid group have lets say 2 Stam DDs (Night Mothers and Sunderflame) would be good for them or Sunderflame/Nightmothers and the other (When he is templar or sorc) run war machine. So it is really is with stam like nea said about the tanks, different setup = different sets that are good, so a lot of options. Never done raids in eso really but im a highly skilled theory crafter natural (in other mmos) and i talk a lot with high performing players about that topic (its fun for me xD)
  14. Stam DK here (would like to play him as DD) . If we have more Stam Characters in the raid , we should aim that someone runs with night mothers and some other with sunderflame (city o ash farming) for max penetration possible. Still need my Velidreth/Mephala/Selene for my Stam DK. Best regards!
  15. New member =)

    Hey guys, just joined the guild forum and will accept the guild invite later today =). Would like to use my free time in the morning to introduce myself a little. Normaly i play mmorpgs semi-hardcore with the attitude to clear content as fast as possible and progress my own player skill always. I study the meta and spended a lot of time parsing/dps testing and so on. But the same way every great warrior sometimes is wounded my real life hits me like a truck . I`m a father now and this task is very time consuming some of you will know it for sure. So i searched for a guild who is family friendly and have not accomplished a raid group. In Eso i have not done much except leveling some toons (builds) i enjoy so i`m rather new/fresh to the raid content or the new small scale pvp in morrowind. But i have a lot of mmo experience (swtor was one of the best players at my class, raided hardcore wow/ff14) and i would like to build something great with you guys. Offside the mmo fun i enjoy the moba heroes of the storm a lot , can hold my own in master league and its a not so time consuming for in between . What else hmmm? I`m 24 and from germany and main admin of a big roleplay community so the little roleplay origin from the guild is a fat + for me personal =) My online shedule is most of the time when my boy sleeps , a dad has no weekend Best regards!

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