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  1. Hello all

    I saw your recruitment thread on the AoC webiste. I was looking for a casual guild. Not looking for anything hardcore but I like some progression. I have not been playing anything lately. Got the new expansion for ESO but have not played much. Played for months in alpha and beta and for a bit after. I have come back once and while. Never could find a good group to play with. Last one the guild leader got a job with military and had to leave. Played ESO with them quite a bit. Willing to play some more but mostly wanting to play AoC. I am in the U.S. I work nights so I pretty much play with EU clans/guilds and servers. I have been playing survival games but they are always in alpha and riddled with hackers. I gave up a few months back. Ready to get back to MMO's. Look Forward to meeting you all! Richter

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