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  1. DLC dungeons(4 man) novice runs

    Do we have a sign up board for occasional four-person crew dungeon raids? I'm new to that scene but would like to join a regular crew of LoS guild mates. Just want something reasonably casual - nothing like the Raid Core! I'm running both a Sorceress Healer / DD (CP 220+) and a Dragonknight DD (CP 220+).
  2. Ahoy! I'm interested in joining raids, and I'm definitely keen to see the guild get a trader (which will boost membership). However, I find it hard to commit in advance to being available on certain days or at certain times. If raids are being organised and I'm online at the time and I'm not busy with other things I'll try to join in ... but I might not - this is meant to be fun, right? Having to be "on standby" for guild activities can make it seem too much like a job! :-)
  3. Greeting, well met, hail!

    Greetings, Lodge members. I'm new recruit Widds - a bloke from Lancashire, England - early 50s - currently mainly playing a level 41 female high elf sorceress (called Eclipssa). Looking for guild mates to take on group dungeons, bosses and other heavy stuff, and to have group fun. Looking forward to meeting other Sorceresses! :-)

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