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Lodge is looking for few additional flexible and skilled DDs to join our PvE Raid Core! Please register here on forums to join us!


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  1. Guild Heraldry

    I don't know about that. I simply post the picture to show that some members are indeed wearing the guild tabard. Also noted that the picture was taken by Mystic.
  2. Guild Heraldry

  3. Maw of Lorkhaj (Normal)


    No worry, I got you.
  4. DLC dungeons(4 man) novice runs

    In another word. Git Gud !
  5. Cortair - Our new Raid Co-Leader!

    Fuck misstype, I meant Corsair, The airline company.
  6. Cortair - Our new Raid Co-Leader!

    Is he affiliate with Corair?
  7. Sorceress PVE DPS guide

    High crit build with poor magicka sustain ?
  8. Happy Birthday @neaNicu!

    1. neaNicu
    2. Gelmir


      Happy Birthday Nic! :birthday:

      And I got Internet today. See you in the evening :)

    3. neaNicu
  9. Since I am still away ...

    So far, I haven't purchase the expansion. I'm still enjoying the One Tamriel...... I'm currently doing cadwell's silver, I have just started the area of Greenshade. I'm enjoying the story even through the Banana's Queen (Aldmeri Dominion) is quite of the high maintenance. I'm still trying to get a complete gear set....I'm still running with random gear with no set bonus . Well the good point is in random dungeon as a DD or a healer I tend to do more Dps than the average DD Templar . I also start doing Cyrodil. Man, I enjoyed the group PVP. I loved Killing Bananas . The red one (Ebonheart Pact).... well they are quite special since the only group of them I ever saw or encountered was the Army of Zerg. No point in fighting them, we simply have to run away . Guild is dead, chat-wise only Nic and Smep only use the chat..... the other I have never saw using the chat ever . I'm guessing most are soloing the new content. So Glemm, we are still waiting for the dinner invitation in your new apartment .
  10. Sorceress PVE DPS guide

    I have been using the Maelstrom Arena build and soloing World Boss was doable. It was quite slow through because my gear is still incomplete and my skill and champion point is not well yet finalize. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Sorceress PVE DPS guide

    Vet Crypt of Heart 1 is by far the easiest vet. For healing Chokethorn Set is the best I found (Drop in Eden Hollow 1). I'm ok with Skill rotation but I suck at animation cancelling.
  12. Sorceress PVE DPS guide

    Thx.... Btw for build I was think, 5 pieces of Necropotence and 5 Pieces of Juliano, Treasure Hunter, Spinner's Garment or Mother's Sorrow As I can't the set from trail yet. Any suggestion? P.S: Solo build for World Boss and exploration.
  13. Sorceress PVE DPS guide

    Is this build feasible for World Boss solo?
  14. Hey There!

    Yup, I have them. lol, It nice to see someone to heard about Mauritius, they are extremely rare in the mmo communities where I have been.
  15. Hey There!

    Hi everyone, I just recently joined the Guild, so i though of adding my intro post. I am 22 years old and from Mauritius which I am pretty sure most of you have never heard of it before. I have been playing MMO for more than 10 years now. I have been playing ESO for 2-3 months and I am still learning. I am currently using a Sorcerer as my main. I have been enjoying doing random dungeon in the game but my favorite thing to do is exploration and map completion. So far, I have complete Alik'r Desert, Betnikh, Glenumbra, Riverspine, Stormhaven and Stros M'kai and my next one is Coldharbour. See you guys in-game!

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