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  1. Schabernak's Introduction.

    Welcome to the guild!
  2. Character Show-off

    Nice characters, I'd love to make Síle in GW2, but one MMO is enough for me...
  3. [Official Site] Dragon Bones and Update 17 Preview

    I'm pretty excited about the Outfit System, it's similar to a post I wrote in November 2016.

    Only 35 tracks though
  5. Member Album, volume 1 - History of Lodge

    The Massacre at Rorikstead. Frenzy is a highly useful spell for starting fights. Reanimated and disintegrated, we wouldn't want corpses lying around. Paralyzed while being attacked by a frenzied goat and a wild sabre cat.
  6. Just Joined


    I like to recreate The Witcher characters in ESO, and I want to display them. Unfortunately, eyebrows can't be coloured separately, so characters with light hair are forced to have light eyebrows. I will update the thread as I do more. Firstly, the characters I own the names of: Síle de Tansarville. Radovid V. Aryan La Valette. (Not a real card) Ge'els. Adda the White. Now on to characters whose names I don't own: Margarita Laux-Antille. Keira Metz. Saskia. Philippa Eilhart. Assire var Anahid. Fringilla Vigo. Ciri. The cards are from GWENT.

    Did you resolve it?
  9. Hall of Fabricants raid first clear

    As expected, since they practised a lot during the beta. It's silly that people are getting upset though
  10. Forum Emoticons modernized

    Wow, thumbs downing my posts? Seems I'll have to do the same to you
  11. Forum Emoticons modernized

    Then we shall see. I don't use emotes that often, so it's not a big deal if they disappear.
  12. Forum Emoticons modernized

    How so? By manually edit, I mean ctrl plus right clicking the emote.
  13. Forum Emoticons modernized

    I guess I can manually edit the size
  14. Forum Emoticons modernized

    They are quite big though
  15. Dreams and ideas about Ashes of Creation?

    We need to recruit new members, especially considering how AoC isn't coming before December 2018. We can think about alliances once we start to develop.

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