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    Well, it's hard for me to give an opinion when i don't know how the game works. This is the main thing i hate about the game - i like my stats Path of Exile or Diablo style. 1) i need more stats, can anyone suggest a good mod for this? (i only have foundry tactical combat for now) some random questions (- if already answered somewhere, please post the link so that i can read up on these things) - how much do crit hits do? 1.5x? 2.0x? - what is the base fire/ice/disease resistance i have, and how does that reduce an elemental hit - how much does the armor reduce, what is the reduction mechanism for it - after the cap for armor, it's dimishing returns i presume - how much? - what's the max cap for all of the stats i have (including those that are "hidden", and for which i would need that aforementioned mod) 2) what does tanking mean, and how does it work. in the last thing from the dev's (Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 14): "There are two taunt abilities in the game, Inner Fire and Puncture. Puncture, which morphs into Ransack, will definitely taunt a boss or any creature off of a teammate. Repeated uses of the ability, however, don’t taunt the boss any more effectively. Use it once and give the enemy time to re-acquire a target: you. If the enemy was in the middle of an attack, it won’t pull off of your teammate immediately. Also, remember that other actions (such as damage and healing) may cause the enemy to re-acquire those targets even if it is focusing on you already. Using your taunt at those times is important. Remember that you don’t want all of the enemies on you. Your other teammates will likely have enemies engaging them as well. In a boss situation, if used sparingly and in a timely manner, Ransack will allow you to hold and effectively tank the boss. You can also hold the boss by being the sole damage dealer on it and dealing a lot of damage, but the boss is more likely to re-acquire if you don’t use some kind of taunt." Is this some kind of BS? Do all MMO's work like this? If so, dungeons are prob not for me. I expect a skill that says taunt for 15 seconds to actually taunt me 15 seconds unless somebody else taunts. But now i read the boss can reaquire even if you heal or do too much damage, irrelevant of the taunt. The only thing i understood while playing is that tanking here does not work like tanking in other games, where you have all the mobs on you and you will survive. Take 5-6 on you and you are dead, instantly. 3) Tried a vet dungeon at VR2 (i'm now 3) - Banished Cells - couldn't pass the boss that spewed flames all over the place. True, i was the only tank there, but i couldn't survive for long after my ressources where out, i had to let others take the hits, and it wasn't pretty. Not to mention there is also lag - so it happens often that i see the boss raise the claw to attack, i block, shield also goes visually up, but the hit is still not blocked when the hit lands. I'm currently with earthen heart/1h+shield/heavy armor/fighters guild +24 health points and 25 stamina points - around 2300HP - true, just random gear, no specific sets yet. (allthough i have akaviri dragonguard and 5/7 gear items have impenetrable on them)

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