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  1. Helpfull things you may not know about

    Since you can wear a minimum of two sets 3/3 (no matter what your weapon is), I thought you can wear the same set twice, but I've understood now that you can't. Ty.
  2. Helpfull things you may not know about

    I have a question regarding sets. What if you'll wear the same set twice? Will their bonuses stack or not?
  3. Mage healer?

    As a templar healer, I think I know how things work with it. I agree with Sal. You can heal well as a sorcerer, but if you want to play the role at its maximum potential, you have to be a templar. I am not going to explain here why, you have to check by yourself its class called in English "Restoring Light" (if the actives don't convince you, you can check its passives). If we're talking about a DPS or tank, I don't know that well, but I think it can't be a ranged DPS, because I am using its ranged offensive abilities to make some damage and I have to say that they're not that great. Perhaps it can be played as a tank or as a melee DPS.
  4. tank build?

    Well, I think I should thank Serana for all these compliments, but firstly, I have to say... "experienced" is very relative. From what I've seen so far, TESO is different in comparison with the ordinary MMOs, such as WOW and its "relatives". I've recommended you to play with 2 handed weapons not ONLY because I thought it is more tanky than with one sword and shield (according to Skyrim), but because I was sure you would not use the shield.
  5. Mage question

    Hello everyone, I want to ask you something about a sorcerer. I propose the following situation: Let's say that we have a character (mage) that is level 15, so he can have two weapons and he can swap them as he wants (you know what I mean). Let's say he has one skill point in the conjurer class and he can conjure a monkey. He has the conjuration skill on the second weapon's skill bar. In a fight, he swaps the first weapon with the second one, he uses the conjuration skill and he swaps again, this time the second weapon with the first one (the first weapon doesn't have the conjuration skill on its skill bar). The question is: Will the monkey remain on the battlefield or will it disappear?
  6. geography test

    Yes, I think they're from ESO.
  7. Ranking System

    I think it is great, I have nothing to add. Anyway, I have a question. Is it possible to add more than four ranks?
  8. Mage vs Healer

    Excusez-moi, off-topic to off-topic is not allowed. Why don't you tell me if a healer is more useful than a mage in the party I've said above, instead?
  9. Mage vs Healer

    I have to say that I want to choose between a full healer and a full destruction mage. I'll add that I don't like being a healer in this game and I prefer being a destruction mage, but if the healer is very useful, I will choose being a healer. As a full healer, I suppose you almost can't do any damage (at least at the beginning) and you are forced to play with a group. Personally, I will play with a small group and my question is: "Is a healer more useful than a mage for small groups?" (if you'll ask, the group consists a tank, a semi-tank <<sword and shield>>, a mage and myself). Secondly, I'll ask you about conjuration. As I saw by myself, it is almost absolutely useless. I don't think a monkey can make the difference in a fight instead of a destruction skill.
  10. Vulturul greets you

    "Please be advised that Lodge of Sorceresses is open to all classes, races and genders and isn't restricted in any fashion, especially in respect to players' genders. The name of our guild is strictly RP originated and only! It doesn't and shouldn't imply anything else! We are just another PvE/PvP (and moderately RP) oriented guild in that retrospect." My apologies ^^
  11. Vulturul greets you

    HELLO FOLKS, It seems it is my turn to introduce myself. First of all, I am Valentin, I live in Romania, Bucharest, and I am 15 years old (and 4 months for who's asking). Secondly, I work as... well, I don't work. As my gaming experience, I have played almost any genre. If we're talking about MMOs, I have tried Mu Online, Metin 2, 4Story, Cabal, 9Dragons, Path of Exile, Marvel Heroes so far and I have invested many hours in some of them. Nevertheless, I still find the crafting system hard in every of these games. So, if you can give me some advice about it in ESO, I will be grateful. My first character (and I hope not the last ) will be a "full" destruction mage (altmer). To be honest, I prefer joining the faction with the fewest players (and that is The Daggerfall Covenant, I think), but I will agree to be in the other ones if the guild is not there. Will this guild have only mages? As in the other MMOs, it will be hard to finish a dungeon without any other classes. I suppose that's it. Good luck and see you in game!

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