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  1. Old (very) Looking for Home in ESO

    Welcome and let's do some dungeons
  2. New Application

    Welcome, we'll send you an invite in-game this evening:)
  3. Tick-Tock

    First guild to do Halls of Fabrication trial veteran HM, speed, no death in same run: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/371771/worlds-first-vhof-no-death-hm-speedrun-tick-tock-by-hodor Videos of the run inside link, as posted by Alcast and another 2 or 3 of his colleagues. (I only cleared normal version 2 or 3 times and found it hard so what can I say about above lol...)
  4. Maw of Lorkhaj (Normal)


    don't ask me to run, never did, never will
  5. Fastest levelling :)

    https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/365804/fastest-leveling-25-50-in-a-little-over-2-hours Sounds more intelligent than begging in Craglorn zone chat for someone to carry for a Skyreach run
  6. Clockwork city DLC details

    info based on ESO live few days ago and summarized here by a player: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/369899/clockwork-city-dlc-details 1. Coming Q4 2. The story: CWC has been discovered and something is up with Sotha Sil and you need to find out what ( NON SPOILER ) 3. New Trial/Mini Trial - The order you kill the bosses is the difficulty, ( i.e dont kill any and let them all spawn in for the super Hard mode ) 4. NEW TRIAL WEAPONS, ( Insylum Weapons ) Similar to Master/vMA weapons 5. EXCLUSIVE POLYMORPH for the HARDEST of Hard Mode ( doesn't drop all the time ) 6. CWC is a NEW ZONE, same size in scale as DB/TG 7. It will be part of ESO+ also can be bought for Crowns ( Price not stated ) 8. CWC will be around 10-15 hours, if new items/sets etc 9. New BG mode - Crazy King, similar to Dom but they flags MOVE 10. ITEM RETRAITS - ITS HAPPENING - Let you change traits as long as you have them researched, Weapons and Armour ( Extra component for this to be done, NO INFO YET ) 11. On PTS, THIS Month
  7. Happy birthday Gelmir!

    1. AlphaDitto


      Happy Birthday Glemm ! :) 

  8. DLC dungeons(4 man) novice runs

    I will be most grateful to anyone who can teach me to get achievements in Mazzatun & Craddle of Shadows (not completion, the other more harder ones) or Falkreath / Bloodroot (anything).
  9. Clockwork city DLC details

    Vvardenfell was datamined 1 year before being officially released but I didn't see any datamining on Clockwork. Besides story, I'm mostly interested in the new insylum weapons (but I bet they will drop in the superhard version of the trial meh) and the re-traits maybe.
  10. Clockwork city DLC details

    yes, for you it's recent but we are literally waiting for that plot to start since November 2015, when Orsinium was released...
  11. Breaks announced

    1 week starting tomorrow, yearly holiday, will read forum probably but won't play.
  12. The annual #QuakeCon Sale is here! Save on Crown Packs and #ESO for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac, now through August 28.

  13. no idea about Stamina DD, never played one. I could ask if needed, one of my best friends in-game plays Stamplar but I'm sure we can also find on tamrielfoundry easily. For tanks there is no standard, is the less restrictive role regarding gear. Lots of options which work.Also, most top tanks play different gear in different raids, depending on boss mechanics. Hardest to farm is gear for healer by far - if you don't have Spell Power Cure and (usually) Worm you have no business in a vet trial.
  14. hey!

    Welcome One of us will send you an invite in-game but most probably later in the evening cause...job
  15. Idea to Discuss: Trading in Lodge

    I agree about the limit of about 100. In my experience, above this number I start to lose track of who is who and I stop being attached to the guild or to involve. Or worse, I play with same people from times guild was 50 members even if now it's 200 (cliques/factions). But we are far from that stage now, I can barely see 4-5 ppl online in prime time. About the trading, I doubt it would work. You need a good location trader on a consistent basis to convince members to use internal store vs a trading guild, which is insanely expensive. Plus that it's hard to separate members. If you have 500, it's 500, you cannot say those 100 are social/pve, we talk with them but we ignore the others 400 because they are not social but for trading. You'll end up as a LFG/trading guild where noone knows anyone but just use chat for LFG and store to trade.
  16. Sorceress PVE DPS guide

    Updated for Homestead patch. Written by Yolo from Hodor, top raider and one of the best Sorc players in ESO. Part of suggested gear is out of reach for most players but there are replacements available quite close in results to his guide. http://tamrielfoundry.com/topic/2-3-the-yolo-wizard-v2-non-overload-pve-dps-build-vet-mol-approved/
  17. Sorceress PVE DPS guide

    https://alcasthq.com/eso-magicka-sorcerer-build-pve/ Magicka Sorceress PVE guide/build by Alcast, updated for next DLC coming next week. Seems Julianos is BIS for any PVE content, including vet trials BTW Gelmir, is there any other MMO out there where bis gear is craftable, not dropable in raid progression?
  18. BREAKING NEWS: #HornsOfTheReach comes to #ESO for PC/Mac on 14/8 and PS4/Xbox One on 29/8 for 1500 crowns!

    1. Gelmir


      What is that?

    2. neaNicu


      next DLC - 2 group dungeons!

  19. pvp event started today!

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    2. neaNicu


      joined one of the new campaigns to avoid 600+ queues on Vivec :) And found a pug of about 20 ppl, took few castles, already did 12 kills out of 50 needed for festval achievement and about 100K AP in 1.5-2 hours and lots of fun. I'll go again tomorrow, I'm home alone this week-end :P


    3. AlphaDitto


      Which new campaign are you playing on? Yesterday, all the 30 days had a queues ;(
      Well since, we are not in the same fraction, I will have to destroy you when i see you on the battlefield :) . 


    4. neaNicu


      something starting with K, I don't even remember. Today I played battlegrounds whole day :) I llike that when you do an activity for the first time, it rains with achievements!

  20. Update 15 (2 new group dungeons) on PTS next week

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    2. neaNicu


      We already know it's DLC. If any consolation it will be cheap and payable with crowns or ESO+. Previous similar DLC (Shadow of the Hist - 2 dungeons - Mazzatun and Craddle of Shadows) was 1.500 crowns.

    3. Gelmir


      Moneygrabbbbb :)

    4. neaNicu


      IMO even Morrowind is a cash grab, should have been a DLC. Orsinium was bigger and more interesting.

  21. New Member

    I invited 3 ppl yesterday, including Hashie.
  22. Morrowind discounted (eso store + steam) already lol :apple-muscle:

    1. Gelmir
    2. AlphaDitto


      it's cheaper on kinguin than on steam or eso store. :P  I will complete one tamriel exploration first before purchasing it. I took 1-2 weeks break from the game, coming back tomorrow or later tonight. 


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