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  1. Welcome to my presence :)

    Hey there Tomáš, glad to have you.
  2. Greetings, Lodge.

    Greetings, neighbour
  3. Salutations

    Hey, all. My rl name is Zdenko and I am 28 y/o. A teacher by profession, though I work in a different field now. I have been with the Lodge, with my toons Locusta/Lykathea, for a few years and until the very end. Once an avid raider, getting more laid-back later on. My mmorpg journey started with WoW, of course, and after several years of playing tried and played a couple of others, such as Lotro, EQ 2, TSW, GW 2 or Vindictus. All of these games are still perfectly playable nowadays. Other than that, I mostly play rpgs- Planescape: Torment, System Shock and The Elder Scrolls: Chapter II Daggerfall are my favourite ones. That being said, it is a real shame what has become of TES. Skyrim is, in my opinion, the weakest installment of the series and not very playable by my standards (not being a d here). Still, I have high hopes for TESO and I am quite eager to play it and strip it of its secrets! So see you all in game

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