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  1. Craglorn Trials (Normal)


    Due to busy work, my schedule changed from Tuesday On, Wednesday Off to vica versa, apologies. Thu might be an issue due to me not owning Morrowind
  2. As a 5 year student of physics, I can easily say quantum physics is real or such a useful tool in terms of prediction that it is up there with theory of evolution or modern electrodynamics. A group at my university (TU Delft) is currently at the frontier of quantum computing which is an incredibly competitive area at this moment due to its potential. Quantum computing is the 'road to quantum computers' in layman's terms. Quantum physics is a 'hip' but huge branch of physics
  3. Worries about the future of TESO

    To be honest, unless they vastly invest in PvE endgame right now, I think they will be left with a lot of casual players and PvPers. PvP is simply quite amazing, needs proper balancing, but amazing potential. However if the only thing they will throw at us are 4-player dungeons and 12-man Trials, the 'hardcore' PvE end will depart for other games, which is fine. If they make this too easy, us kind of player 'semi-hardcore' will depart as well due to lack of longevity. So the only solution they have is to make Trials near impossible (very hard to do with only 4 bosses, but thrash might actually play a role this time) On that end, I am verry happy I don't have the time I used to as a kid in WoW, otherwise I'd be burnt out easily. Love the single-player experience though, best in a MMO to date! I will not speak too soon though, very curious to see what ZOS will throw at us Cheers, Perry
  4. PvP Event Cyrodiil

    Event edited for timezone clarification, 19:00 in UK (summertime)
  5. Guild League of Legends

    Euw for me
  6. So, I happen to play quite a bit of League of Legends now and then. I was wondering how many people actually play (good or bad), perhaps we could set up a team sometime! Give me a reply with a Summoner's Name if you play!
  7. Well met

    Welcome friend! What do you study? Cheers, Perry
  8. PvP Event Cyrodiil

    Another PvP event, this time in the evening to see who shows. Only 2 hours this time. The given time is at GMT+2 (West and most of Central Europe + summertime) That would be 19:00 in the UK or 21:00 in most of Eastern Europe RSVP! Cheers, Perry
  9. Is there a Scrolling Combat Text-kind of addon, if so what is it called? (I couldn't find it )
  10. PvP Event Cyrodiil


    The time above is Copenhagen time
  11. Hello?

    Is it me you're looking for?
  12. Advantages of PvP; a few words

    Guys, remember to sign up for the PvP event on Sunday, we should make much more than 3!
  13. PvP Event Cyrodiil


    Paris is definately GMT+2 right now since it is one time zone ahead of Greenwich and it is summertime. Which means Central Europe (NL, France, Spain) is GMT+2 or UTC+1. I know it is very confusing but since there is no 'server time', I don't think there are many robust alternatives
  14. PvP Event Cyrodiil


  15. PvP Event Cyrodiil

    Hey Guildies, Another PvP event, hoping for a lot of people this week, make sure to sign up! Not sure why PvP is for you? I've heard PvP is the ultimate Veteran content, so for you hardcore levellers out there, be sure to join! Starts at 15:00 PM GMT+2 (the current time in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris), takes about 3 hours give or take, please try to be on time Cheers, Perry

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