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Lodge is looking for few additional flexible and skilled DDs to join our PvE Raid Core! Please register here on forums to join us!


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  1. New application

    Welcome! Our trials start at 8:30pm CET tho. Any chance you can attend?
  2. Guild Heraldry

    @Smepic, we will be getting new guild heraldry - please research which one from heraldry list would represent Witcher's Lodge of Sorceresses the most. We will be getting that one. Being our Witcher expert on-board, I think you are suitable for this task the most.
  3. Guild Heraldry

    @AlphaDitto, shouldn't this go to Member Albums topic?
  4. Guild Heraldry

    That's all fine mate. Generally tabards don't change costumes, but they may change the looks of actual gear. Do as much as you can, it's all right. Thanks!
  5. [Week 37] Weekly Recap

    Recruitment Efforts Literally handful of new people - @XeonChaos, @zeldrn, @Azaharys, @LordHydra and @covack - joined us this week. Welcome guys! Currently, as you already have seen from our General Forum announcement (red banner above), we are still looking for few skilled/flexible DDs to join our ranks. Very good Tanks and Healers won't be turned down either - but since we already have these roles filled in our Raid Core, newcomers should have great skills in their "art" And as usual, Socials are always welcome to join us! Raid Core - Where we stand? Answer to that question isn't really heart-warming. We had a good start and a terrible-at-best continuation to our Normal mode raids. Our goal was to go a little bit easy on people, not to enforce Raid Core rules on all as we do Normal modes. What we got was the following: some people not signing up for the events (whereas Raid Core dictates you have to attend 3 of them in a weekly basis and can only be absent in occasional cases where real-life happens, but this cannot become a regular thing); some even leaving the group and joining some other raid group God knows where (if it was up to me alone, I'd just kick such raiders from the Core - thankfully it isn't); some not joining our raids (at the same time being a Raid Core member) at all and raiding with others, and so on, so forth. I remember decreasing the number of weekly raiding days from 4 to 3 to make things easier for our guys. I remember decreasing the number of hours from mandatory 3 hours to 2, again to make raids to look more attractive. We even pulled raid times from 9pm CET to 8:30pm CET to make it smooth. But guys, I never told joining events as it pleases us or not giving rat's a**e about raid organization is the "discipline" we are looking forward to. Definitely not. So, that s**t ends this week: effective yesterday, we are enforcing Raid Core Guidelines fully and we will be recruiting serious raiders who actually will do what they sign up for. The RAID CORE club will be reset and only those who are committed will be accepted in. Anyone who can't commit himself/herself to a 3-day raiding idea can be a Reserve to the Core (I am sure some of you already stated their interests in that, due to real-life commitments etc), but they won't be actually invited to the aforementioned club (which technically means, once cleared by our Raid Leaders, anyone can join our raids as reserves whenever they can). We have about 7-8 people already committed to this project, so we will just remove those who aren't from the Core and move on. We have the hardest roles (Tanks and Healers) covered - with handful of new DDs this thing will get rolling in no time! To that end ... Rak'ashi Joins Officer Team ... to help with recruitment efforts. He comes from NA megaserver, with great amount of raiding and raid-leading experience under his belt. He will help me to recruit missing essentials to our Raid Core. Additionally, here and there, he might be assisting @Cortair in raid organization duties. Welcome mate! Still LF Broadcaster/Youtuber ... who would stream our events. We will start with PvE, and move forth to PvP Cyrodiil sieges being broadcast. Role also entitles access to our guild Youtube channel, where our Youtuber will be able to post video guides etc. Member Notes for Officer Eyes Only Last but not least, we will be using member notes for management purposes - mostly for our Raid Leaders to post notes regarding each member or such stuff. To that end, member ranks won't be able to read those notes anymore. That's it for now! I won't be adding any notes regarding other projects this time - PvE one right now isn't flourishing, so all our focus is on it right now. Thanks for reading! Thanks for being part of this! Really means a lot! See ya in-game!
  6. [Week 37] What's New? Weekly Report

    Starting this week, weekly newsletters will be dispatched during weekends. So instead of planning for future (release on Monday), they will be rather a wrap-up of the finishing week (release on Saturday). This way as a guild we will have a time to react effectively against the problems etc. So please expect Week-37 issue this weekend as well. Thanks!
  7. New Members Lodge can be considered small-to-medium-sized guild now. This week we had @Esutick, @Steeno, @Kepler, @Dexter411, @Leilane, @Lil Cassiopeia, @deanquay, @elarionneithan, @EzioBF and @Archadian44 joining our ranks. Welcome guys! Raid Core And Raid Core is ready to be tested as well. Starting this week on, we've scheduled Normal mode trials on our guild Calendar. Raiding days have also been established: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday will be our raiding days. Raids start at 20:30 CET (19:30 GMT, 21:30 EET) and will last for 2 hours. If needed, they can be extended for another 30 minutes. Raid Core guidelines/rules texts will be updated with this information accordingly. Those of you who haven't yet enrolled in to our Raid Core, please do so by following necessary steps (for details, please talk to @Cortair). Current members, please signup for all events on the Calendar. Please also make sure you make it to raids in time. Being late without notification would reflect quite badly at this early stage of guild raiding, so please be considerate in this regard! For any possible real-life issues, please use appropriate calendar event and comment there, reporting your being late or absence! Dungeon set-piece farming events have been discontinued from Calendar: please ask in-game if you need certain pieces. Many of our guys will be happy to lend a hand! What's Next for the Guild? PvP, RP Initiatives & WTB Twitch Broadcaster Once we start moving towards Veteran mode trials, I will start our Cyrodiil PvP and RP initiatives going, by recruiting people towards these two projects. We will have Officers overseeing these projects. So stay tuned! Additionally, we are looking for a streamer/broadcaster. Originally, when we first launched the guild in ESO, @Thyworm was our broadcaster whose videos you can still watch in our Youtube channel. Since we will be starting our trial runs this week, I think it's good time to have a dedicated broadcaster for these events. If you are willing, please drop a line below. Meanwhile, I will be streaming our trial runs on Twitch, and export them to our Youtube channel myself. Ranks in Guild Forums Starting yesterday, we also have guild ranks on the forums, with rank badges and auto-promotion system implemented. Doing so, I also noticed several of our members being absent for quite some time now - guys, please be advised that after 30 days of absence, your guild rank will reset. After 60 days of absence without notice you may be removed from the guild. Please make sure you login to the game now and then. Logging in to forums also will prevent you from being kicked or losing a rank. I also updated our Ranks topic (I was quite surprised that it wasn't updated, having tons of outdated information there). I believe that's it. Thanks for being part of this journey folks! See you in-game!
  8. Guild Heraldry

    Update: Costumes are not affected by Tabards. Please try to wear our guild tabards, thus having the guild name in your nameplates. Members representing us this way will have faster ranking in the guild, and my personal gratitude in assisting to spread our name in the game world. Almost noone else have their guild names in their namepates - doing the otherwise most definitely will stick out. Guild tabard can be bought from Guild Store, for 2000 golds. Thank you guys! Small note: Those of you who decided to wear the tabard, please post here.
  9. Hey there! New Recruit here Hopefully!

    That's indeed a good news. Glad you are back mate!
  10. Normal mode Trials scheduled. Raid Core members, please signup!

  11. We will be farming for Spell Power Cure set in White-Gold Tower (Normal and Veteran modes). This set are must-have weapon-slots for all Healers. Please sign-up if you are going to be a Healer. Minimum 3 people needed to realize these runs. I haven't set time for the event, will do so once we have a minimum viable team.
  12. New member elarionneithan

    Welcome Elarion! Please check this topic as well.
  13. Return to the heart of Tamriel with our Imperial City Anniversary Event! While the three Alliances continue to vie for control of Cyrodiil, the Imperial City itself remains firmly under Daedric occupation. Dive into the capital during the event and earn bonus rewards including double Tel Var Stones, double the chance to find unique drops, and more! View the full article
  14. New Member

    Welcome Steeno! Invitation coming your way soon!
  15. Ashes of Creation - PAX West FULL Panel
  16. PAX West - Ashes of Creation Day 3

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