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  1. New Recruit

    Welcome Silver! Thanks for joining! I personally haven't even listened to that particular piece, but definitely will do.
  2. [ESO] Recruiting for PvE Raid Core

    Welcome @Don Tywin! It's nice having you with us. We will talk about raiding on ESO soon. Yea, I had to set your user permissions to first rank, now you can create topics on forum. And welcome to GW2 guild as well!
  3. New guy

    @earworthm, are you still playing the game?
  4. [Week 4] Weekly Guild Newsletter

    Small Note: To retain our new GW2 recruits and not have them leaving the guild due to the small number of regulars, I decided to invite them in batches, instead of one by one. They know the situation and generally current new recruits are OK with this situation. People register on forums, join Discord and every weekend, I will be inviting batches of minimum 5 new recruits to the guild in-game. Thanks all!
  5. Hello Lodge! Following is the weekly report for Week #4 of this year. Here we go: ESO: Attempt to Revive PvE Raid Core As you already know, we are attempting to revive our PvE project and the related Raid Core along with it. A week or two ago, I created a topic calling raiding enthusiasts to join us in this attempt, as previously, our such attempts didn't yield any fruit. Since then, we've managed to gather around 9 raiders and we are still recruiting. Once we hit 15-person marker, we will start actively inviting people to the guild (although many already joined it) and start inspections, training and organization of the whole thing. Additionally, we need a PvE Officer (per se Raid Leader) as well. So if you know someone with time and experience, please send them our way. GW2: Plans for Future As you know, a week or so ago, we had this terrible drama incident which happened between 3 members of ours, one of which was an officer. It resulted in many people getting hurt, at the end of which some decided to leave the guild. For those who are new: we had two officers onboard at the time and they were the ones who mostly ran the guild. After the incident, I decided to intervene and take things under control. And to that effect, our Guild Wars 2 plans are still ongoing and we will be recruiting to grow. Current overall goal is to create a strong social community. Following are my plans regarding our GW2 guild: Guild will continue to grow, initially as a Social guild for at least 6 more months to come. No special projects (such as PvE raiding, RP etc) will be initiated, as I want an organic growth for this guild, instead of a rushed one, with projects hastily started without proper member-base. Being relatively recently revived, Lodge in GW2 is very suitable for, and welcoming towards returning and new players. So don't hesitate to join us, even if you are new to the game. Since we will be recruiting only for Social purposes, only the social members who choose to participate on active Discord chat will be recruited. Voice chat will have strong place here, not just the text one. All-time guild representation will remain in force. Since open-world adventuring, especially, but not limited to HoT zone questing is a very popular in the game, people who are interested in these aspects of the game are especially welcome to join us. Dedicated Social officers will be recruited to organize weekly guild events, in order to level up the guild, to help with recruitment and in general, to help me to maintain the guild. On July 1st, the state of the guild will be reviewed once again, to assess whether we are ready for serious projects in the guild or not (such as PvE raiding etc). That's all for now! Thanks for your time and See you folks in-game! -- Gelmir
  6. Introduction/Application

    It's nice having you with us @Nightingale707 We really will need relatively well-trained and experienced healer such as yourself. Right now, we are still looking for more people. Meanwhile, I'd suggest you fill any gaps you might have gear-wise (sets etc) and acquaint yourself with our Raid Core Guidelines (which is pinned in this FIELD HQ forum). Other than that: we will be in touch! No worries. Thanks again for being here Night!
  7. New Application

    @futerko, I will send invite to guild today. But be advised: we are still in process of recruitment.
  8. Hey folks, So as some of you already know, either by being in our guild long enough, or just by reading our concerns on official forums, our efforts to establish working, non-hardcore but semi-hardcore Raid Core (with 3-day-a-week, 2-3 hrs-a-day raiding in mind, as we all have very limited time to play) failed after 5-6 months of continuous recruitment, inspection, training and farming. PvE raiding has always been the cornerstone of our guilds in past, and for that reason, unless that activity gets sorted out, I won't be spending any resources, time or otherwise, on any other aspect of the game. If we can't raid because community isn't suitable for that, that also means the guild won't reach it's desired potential in such a game - because I always strive towards quality game-play with fun and committed people, rather than logging in everyday, alone, doing dailies, grinding motifs and leaving. Instead of that, playing 2 hours of Divinity-2 would be more fun for any RPG lover, in my honest opinion. Anyway, I digress. So, right now, we are still looking for players with positive attitude, who can commit themselves to a group play, who are willing to sharpen their skills and do whatever is necessary to achieve some cool results, even though their overall play-time might be limited. People who can be disciplined, who understand why we are doing all this for the sake of PvE raiding. If you are such person, and meet our minimum requirements, please register here, on our forums and drop us a line on this topic stating your interest. Right now we are looking for: Tanks: couple of them Healers: at least couple of them The rest, DDs. Preferably ranged ones, but we will accept melee as well. If you are a melee role, make sure your DPS is slightly higher than what is required, to compensate the DPS loss experienced during mechanics related movement in raids. An additional Raid Leader/PvE Officer (we have 2 currently, still need 1 more) to help to put all these together and do the orchestration Our plan regarding raiding is: initially clearing all Craglorn vTrial content and then moving to the rest of the vTrials. Clearing everything, putting them onto farming and moving to Hard Modes, and eventually towards the Leaderboard. Thanks and hopefully see you in our Core soon!
  9. Hello 😊💚

    Welcome @Meena, thanks for joining!
  10. New Application

    Welcome @futerko! Once we get enough raiders, we will be contacting all you guys and start raiding! See you soon!
  11. Guild Missions

    Hey folks, Depending on the interest, we will be doing a guild mission - easiest requiring 5 participants all the way up to 15 people on the hard difficulty. Feel free to RSVP as "Going" on left panel, if you think you can attend. See you there folks!
  12. Hey all! Guild report at the end of Week #3 Guild Wars 2: Where We Stand & What We Plan As you know we are planning to kickstart PvE raiding in future. It was planned to be soon, but we decided to do this in an organic fashion, instead of rushing it. We will be recruiting more to fill our ranks and once we reach 75-member marker, we will be checking the pulse of the guild towards these Projects. If necessary, we will be recruiting specifically towards them and get things rolling. But we won't be forcing ourselves towards the Raid Cores, as it might be dangerous for such a young guild as ours to do so, at this moment. It might end with implosion of the community, a collapse, before we even start things. So instead, we will be focusing on growing for now, and knowing each other better, in order to become a community in real sense of it. Our dear officers @Blackheart and @Slavic Varg are and will be organizing some nice events for us in coming weeks and months just to achieve this goal. I will be more involved in the guild from now on: I will be honest - after ESO fiasco, I was kind of burned with MMOs, feeling let down and frustrated. That's why I couldn't play any MMO for few weeks. But thanks to some nice members we have, I started to feel at home in GW2 again and hopefully, we will be seeing one another a lot from here on, in-game. So, please try to join our events in a regular basis and let's get this nice community into motion, into growth! Some Concerns Of course, as with every guild, we happen to have some problems as well. And I couldn't do otherwise but notice few of them: Chat Norms: I noticed some "below the belt" language on our Discord channels. Although we are 18+ guild, it doesn't mean we have to lower our norms to that level. I received some concerns regarding this - initially I was planning to let this first incident slide, but because many people objected to it, I have to ask everyone: please let's watch the level of civility on our chat rooms - voice or otherwise. We have certain level of quality we strive for and let's work together to achieve that. Black temporarily leaving the guild: We had small misunderstanding about the goals of the guild among the members of our higher echelon. Our esteemed friend @Blackheart thought I want to create hardcore PvE Raiding guild, completely disregarding our social side. He had to leave as he couldn't find me available to discuss things. This incident was totally on me, as I had to take small break from all MMOs and kind of had bad communication with my staff. After a small discussion, we solved our communication problems. I personally apologize for the situation and thankfully we averted big problems those might have caused. That's all good folk! See you in-game! -- Gelmir
  13. [ESO] Guild Housing Project

    I placed Dye Station (future Outfit Station), Thieves' Guild Fence Merchant and The Precursor to our Guild Housing. Enjoy!
  14. Hello all, Yet another issue of our Weekly Newsletter is here. Let's start... ESO: Hiatus & PvE Raid Core As you know, last week we put our ESO guild to hiatus mode, not recruiting any new members to it anymore. After doing so, we also created a topic on official forums in order to check the pulse of ESO community to see if there are anyone interested in vTrials, anyone at all. The goal is to see whether there are enough people who would be interested in vTrial raiding - if yes, we will consider reviving our ESO guild and resume our community there with PvE Raid Core project. So far we've received about 3 responses from the community at large: once we have minimum 15 interested voices echoing in our direction, we will start assembling the group. Meanwhile, our previous Core members who were of rank Dominus Liminis (purple raid core group on Discord): @Zeira, @MadeliriumDementia, @Cracklead, @JoshMercer, @mosh, @Cortair - if you guys are still interested in this PvE Core endeavor of ours, please let me know either via Discord, forums or by just replying to this email. I will consider your name in future Core as well and contact you when we reach the minimal viable number of raiders. GW2: Current Status & Future Plans We're doing much better in GW2. Guild got its Hall and leveled up to level-7 already. I would like to encourage our members to participate in our weekly Guild Activities (which will be listed on our forum Calendar). Additionally, if time allows, we will try to create some more guides for you folks explaining certain topics such as "How to upgrade Guild Hall?" or "Guide about raiding in GW2" etc. As we keep recruiting more Social members, we also have started planning towards our PvE Raid Core project. This week we are starting to recruit towards that and hopefully in coming weeks we will have more progress in that regard. Please stay tuned for more on this one... That's it for now! See you ingame folks! -- Gelmir
  15. Thanks to this guide we have The Precursor in our Guild House now (navigate to my Primary Residence) Enjoy!

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