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Lodge is looking for few additional flexible and skilled DDs to join our PvE Raid Core! Please register here on forums to join us!


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Status Updates posted by Gelmir

  1. Normal mode Trials scheduled. Raid Core members, please signup!

  2. Raid Core Application Requirements and Attendance Guidelines posted. Raid Core club activated.

  3. Almost there with Raid Core guidelines and requirements drafts! Stay tuned!

  4. Weekly report has been dispatched! Please check your mailboxes!

  5. Happy Birthday, @Anzz!

  6. Starting today, we will have events listed in our calendar. Please RSVP as much as you can so that we knew who is attending or not. Thanks!

  7. Happy Birthday, @zastaph:birthday:

  8. Happy Birthday, @x_mco:birthday:

  9. For some reason I like the game a lot nowadays :) Already bought every single DLC and xpac - so much content. Recruiting in full throttle.

  10. LOL, I got Morrowind xpac yesterday - I don't even have a net yet, but I hear people all over the ESO are getting bored to death! :D 

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    2. AlphaDitto


      Nah, they will just keep milking the consumers with DLC and expansion :) 

    3. neaNicu


      for me it's mostly about replay-ability. You can do those quests only 1 or 2 times then you forget about them. Group content can be replayed many times if it's fun and difficulty is set right. I did each group dungeons hundreds times for example even if i had the achievement or I didn't need the gear. Same for pvp for guys who like it - assuming no lag, no exploits, no huge queues etc.

    4. Smepic


      Yes, and replay value needs to be common in the entire game – which does not mean more RNG.

  11. Waiting for DSL arrive to my apartment. Appointment date for tech guy is July 14th :( 

  12. Registration still taking some time folks... More updates soon.

  13. Guess I finally found an apartment :) Ok, time to get done with registration, and furniture and what not...

  14. Started inspecting apartments in Koln... Hopefully will get one quite soon.

  15. In Koln, trying to find a permanent flat for the family. Might take some time. Otherwise, things are OK. Just need to settle.

  16. Moving to Germany on Monday! May be away for a week or two starting Monday, from the game. Will check forums very regularly :) Also will have access to Discord on my mobile.

  17. On evenings: let's do Pledges together guys. On weekends: PvP.

  18. Torn between movement to Germany and reviving the guild and kicking it to motion. Coming months will be challenging, both in-game and IRL!

  19. Recruitment towards Raid Core formation are slowly starting this weekend... More news to follow soon! :)

  20. Preparing the forum for Ashes of Creation launch...

    1. Smepic


      It looks very cool!

  21. Apparently noone :)

  22. "Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them!" - Albert Einstein

  23. Gelmir: Play the Rift trial! (http://bit.ly/sqZae4)

  24. Working on TombRaider.WebSite [tombraider.ws]...

  25. Updated our Guild forum design! Enjoy!!!


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