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  6. [Week 48] Weekly Guild Newsletter

    We will talk tomorrow, in-game Please join Discord as well!
  7. Hello folks, This is Weekly Guild Newsletter for week #48. Sorry for the delay in this week's newsletter though! So here we go... Re-Introducing Lodge in Guild Wars 2 As you already know via Discord and in-game announcements I made, we revived our guild in Guild Wars 2 last week. This was decided mostly due to the fact that our time-consuming ESO PvE Raid Core recruitment efforts which lasted for several months didn't yield any results, and as a result of this, our ESO guild switched to our PvP project. @HawksHeart hopefully will be able to organize PvP recruitment events from this week on, and with that we will kick-start our PvP-related plans. Because of this, I personally got more time at hand, and since I plan to build successful community in 2 years' period - in order to prepare to Ashes of Creation (AOC) launch - I decided it's good time to revive GW2 side of things. Thankfully, we managed to get @Blackheart, our brand new GW2 guild officer, who is as enthusiastic and motivated as I am about building a thriving community. In a few days we managed to recruit about 15 new players and our numbers are swelling by the day. @Blackheart is doing tremendous job with GW2 recruitment, and he also is trying to organize some small-scale events as we grow. Please be advised that we are on Piken Square server of EU megaserver! Plans for ESO Guild So, before moving to our plans about our GW2 guild, please let me reformulate what I intend to do with our ESO guild. First of all, in no way my intention is to let the guild die out. As I mentioned above, under @HawksHeart 's leadership, our team will be working on PvP project we are running now. Additionally, I will be focusing on recruiting new members for Social slots and RP project this week, since GW2 side is gaining traction quite well. I will be switching my personal recruitment efforts back and forth depending on how things are going in these two games. Also, please be advised that our Guild Housing Project is still active and I am very much looking forward to getting it for our guild. So please let's keep working at it. Again, it is important to remember that the goal at hand is to build a successful gaming community in two games, and prepare to AOC launch. Even if AOC doesn't deliver, we still will have upper ground, having two successful guilds in two leading MMOs of time. Plans for GW2 Guild As our numbers grow in Guild Wars 2, primarily we aim to get our Guild Hall (a guild housing) by doing the mission required for it. And we want to do that with as many members as possible (technically it can be done with 3 guys, but that's not what we want), so that many people in the guild had this unique experience. That's why we will keep recruiting about 30-40 members altogether before we start Guild Hall acquisition mission. That "raid" will consist of 30 people (as 30+ is counter-effective, making the mission extremely challenging to finish). Once Guild Hall is acquired, we will be recruiting towards our PvP project and also will be filling our Social slots to upgrade our Guild Hall. Upgrading a Guild Hall is an arduous process in GW2, requiring a lot of resources - the reality which in general makes Social slots in a guild quite valuable. Guild Hall will need upgrading in various sections of it. As to PvP, we will recruit towards various PvP activities in the game, be it WvW, GvG, arenas etc. Of course, a dedicated PvP officer will be needed at that stage. Officer Vacancies So overall, we have following Officer positions available in our guilds: ESO Social recruitment officers - 2x of them, whose responsibility will be day-to-day management of the guild and continuous in-game recruitment of new socials. RP officer - for our upcoming RP project, which still is headless and disorganized. GW2 Social recruitment officers - 2x of them, whose responsibility will be continuous in-game recruitment of new socials, PvP officers - at least 2x of them for starters, to recruit good PvP candidates to the guild for our upcoming PvP project. These officers need to be players who regularly do PvP themselves. Ranking System Rename I also updated our ranking system by renaming some of the ranks. We have similar ranking system across both games now. Read more on ranking system here. Guild Wars 2 descriptions are vastly similar - I will be updating details regarding permissions on that topic soon. New Members of our Community Last, but not least, I'd like to welcome the following new members of our community who joined us this past week: @RicardasTheSwager, @Emirikol, @Derrythebomb, @Rheann, @Nyx, @Slavic Varg, @Upscion, @allkline, @Emhyr, @Liamr058, @Cadia and @Lauraoh! Thanks for joining us guys! That's all I guess. See you folks in-game! -- Gelmir
  8. Fellow guildies! Starting this week, we are also recruiting for our Guild Wars 2 guild, which originally was established on launch day, but later on was disbanded. We are reviving our guild in Guild Wars 2 to strengthen our ranks and grow our community. As with our ESO guild, we will also be having various projects in Guild Wars 2, primarily starting with PvP and RP, later on moving to PvE Raid Core. Those of you who want to join our ranks there, please feel free to contact me or our officer - @Blackheart - on Discord or forums. We will arrange the guild invitation. Meanwhile, please be advised that our guild is located on Piken Square world. Thanks and see you in-game! -- Gelmir
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    3 years later, this topic still remains the TOP #1!!!
  10. Hello folks! This is the weekly newsletter #47. PvE Raid Core Disbanded After recruiting for our PvE Core since June of this year, inspecting and training dozens of raiders, recruiting numerous PvE officers, I regret to inform you guys that we decided to disband our PvE Core and shelf the project for another 6 months. It's just not viable to raid in this game in a serious manner, where you seek disciplined progression in Veteran Trial content. Vast majority of the community is comprised of casual players who don't even understand what regular raiding is, what it requires and why progression is so important. Mostly it's due to the illusion of freedom people think they have - the possibility to join multiple guilds - which actually doesn't yield to anything substantial (except maybe trading, which in itself is just another reflection of failure from ZOS' part, not being able to create central Auction House). Another reason - this one is my personal opinion - is: it is relatively harder to master your roles in action-combat MMOs than in those with tab-targeting, and as a result of this, actually very few percentage of raiders do manage to learn their rotations well enough in order to do hard content. And as a result people just give up, especially when they don't have prior raiding experience. Anyway, I digress... So, those who have joined our Core for PvE! As our PvE project is cancelled, it's expected some of you will leave. Those of you wishing to be notified about our future revitalization of PvE project, please drop a farewell line on forums or Discord, before leaving. That way, we won't be deleting your forum accounts and removing your Discord privileges - I generally consider guild leaving without a word as an abandonment and generally never invite those people back again. Anyway, the existing "pve-raiders [eso]" user group will remain as it is, and the Club will be locked. Hopefully during summer time next year, when we revive this project, we will be notifying all Core members and invite them back. But if you are not interested in this at all, please feel free to leave and we will be deleting your accounts asap. Additionally, there are still some players joining us for training purposes: those who need time to get there until summer, are welcome to train with our officers in the meantime. As PvE Core is disbanded, we decided to work on our next project: ... PvP Project So right now, our Officer team is working to lay the groundwork necessary for this project. What our goals will be, what activities we will be focusing on and how to get there. Once these are sorted out, we will start actively recruiting via various means: by direct recruitment, by recruitment through events we might organize etc. We will keep you updated in this regard. One of many potential benefits of this project will be us having a large pool of players who will work on their roles, specs and gear continuously, which in long run might prove useful when we start pooling our resources towards PvE project. Guild Housing Project Since PvE Core is kaputt , Guild Housing will be a guild-effort. We will be purchasing the Housing together: so those of you who want to chip in with real money (remember, it costs give or take 100 EUR), please contact me in private. I will arrange some ways of transferring the funds (preferably good old Paypal). Those who wish to assist with in-game resources, please donate them to Guild Bank. Thank you guys for all the donations in advance! RP Project And it's never been better time for this project to get started. I will be looking for an RP officer to start this thing up and recruit for RPers afterwards. That's it folks. Thanks for reading and see you in the next issue! -- Gelmir
  11. Guild Housing Project

    Ok, since PvE project is shelved for the time being, this Guild Housing project will be a guild effort: Let gold donations deposited to the Guild Bank folks. Those who want to donate towards the real money, contact me in-game. I will be purchasing the house by mid December. Paypal would be the best way to donate.

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