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    Had to learn how to play Mesmer for the Ascension achievement chain, so that was fun
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    I'm Ishkira, a sorceress that seeks to give up her habit of being a hermit. Loving Tamriel since December `16, but wandered through many universes in the past years, most notable ones being Telara & Azeroth. They didn't feel right to me anymore, so the farewell is permanent. I plan to stay casual/social for a little longer until some things in real life get sorted & I manage to improve my gear&skills in game. I log in daily to do quests, achievements, crafting, or just enjoy the music and scenery. I love the community & website & will proudly wear your tabard!
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    The Massacre at Rorikstead. Frenzy is a highly useful spell for starting fights. Reanimated and disintegrated, we wouldn't want corpses lying around. Paralyzed while being attacked by a frenzied goat and a wild sabre cat.
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    Hey everyone! After seeing a thread on reddit, here I am, looking for a guild to learn more about GW2, meet ne people and hopefully enhance my experience of the game. So here I am, Earworthm (@Earworthm ingame), from Paris, France, playing GW2 (I love ES games, especially Morrowind, but haven't played ESO yet) and, um, ah yes, I used to play GW the first back in the days. Good memories. Sooo, thanks for your time, I'm here if you have any questions!
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    Guild Housing Project Here will be our main discussion point for our upcoming Guild Housing. So as you know, once we are close towards clearing Craglorn vTrials, I plan to purchase Earthtear Cavern as our guild house. It costs around 100 EUR in real cash, that's why I want to buy it only if our guild proves successful in the hardest of our projects: the PvE Endgame. Some of our members already contacted me and offered donations towards it. But I am very hesitant in this regard. Primarily because this house will be bound to my personal account, instead of our guild. I believe people shouldn't be buying a player some housing costing this much. Secondly, it's not just about buying this place: we will also need to fill it with premium items to show-off some prestige as a guild. Thing is, some of you, as I was told in private, might not have enough time to play the game and thus might not be able to donate items we will need and the in-game gold to purchase them. I will think about this and will try to figure out some way for those guys to contribute. After all, I want this purchase to be a gift to the guild from me primarily, so I can't accept substantial contributions which would undermine that goal! So, following will be the stuff we will need after the housing is purchased. Feel free to horde these stuff until it is purchased, and when time is right, you can contribute them to the guild, either by depositing them to Guild Bank, or by sending them via mail to me personally, in-game. Here we go: Master Crafting Writs - by doing these, we will be able to purchase Luxury recipes from Master Writ Crafting NPC. Premium Housing Items (from Master Writ vendor): Instead of donating Master Crafting Writs, you can do them yourself and donate the items purchased from Vendor. Premium Housing Items (created from epic housing item recipes): As you know there are epic recipes in-game for housing items. You are welcome to donate such crafted items ... Premium Housing Item Recipes: ... or just donate recipes themselves. But I believe these recipes can be expensive, so crafted item donations might make more sense in some cases. Gold: This we will need to purchase Achievement Furniture and Luxury Furniture from Vendor in Coldharbour. Items range from 15k up to 100k in gold. So either donating these items (make sure they are not Bound on purchase tho!!!) or the gold to purchase them will do. To this end, I also updated Guild Bank Rules, prohibiting the withdrawal of these items from there. Thanks everyone in advance! -- Gelmir
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    ESO Dragon Bones - Home Storage Guide - Get your own Home Storage for the Elder Scrolls Online
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    Hey guys On thursday I'll begin my one week holiday and I won't have my computer with me. My boyfriend probably will login to take the login rewards during that time
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    She looks great, babe. c:
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    Hi Lodge! This is the weekly guild newsletter for the week #50. Sorry that I skipped the issue for the previous week - had a lot going on and we didn't really have anything special to announce. Anyway, here we go... Community Growing As you know, we revived out Guild Wars 2 guild few weeks back, in hopes to grow our gaming community. Since then we have had a lot of newcomers joining us. Since the last newsletter, @Iggy, @| A N E L A |, @Karl Franz, @Hellias, @Wolfy, @Sunny, @Shiverous, @jamieals99, @JustMeForFun, @Xela, @AkuAngelus, @thefero, @sandelius, @Dynocaps, @Andory, @lurconis, @Grand Pickle, @DavieMcG, @Vaxer, @earworthm, @Darakin and @Puns have joined our ranks. Welcome guys and thanks for choosing Lodge! P.S.: Very few of you guys still haven't had a chance to join our guild(s), although you registered at our forums. Please try to get that sorted out asap, otherwise we will have to delete such accounts soon! And it's my privilege to announce that @Slavic Varg has joined our Guild Wars 2 Officer team as a Social Officer. Welcome mate! Thanks for considering to help us out with the guild! Elder Scrolls Online: Reviving PvE Project We decided to revive our PvE project regardless the setback we had in past several months. PvE is the main pillar of our guild in ESO and without it, it makes no sense to continue. Thus, effective today, we will start recruiting people for our Raid Core. We will continue doing so indefinitely, until the related officer team gets utterly tired of it and cancels the project. Our current, worst-case scenario goal is to have working Raid Core at least by late spring/early summer. We already had few people (Dominus Liminis group on our forums) when we cancelled it a month ago, who were still interested in returning if it was revived one day - hopefully those people will also be able to come back and re-join our Core. We will contact those guys in-game to see what their status is in this regard. And of course, this project also means we need solid PvE Raid Leader. So we will also be searching for a candidate to join our Officer team. I will update you guys regarding this, and the other projects as we have more news. P.S.: Guild Housing project is still in full effect! Guild Wars 2: What's New & What's To-Come? We've grown considerably since we re-launched the guild. We are now around 30 in our Roster, and we decided it's time we did what we all have been waiting for, for weeks now: our Guild Hall Claiming Mission. Please follow the link to the Calendar Event and get details from there. We hope to see all of you during the event, since it'll be a unique event in our guild's history. In addition to Guild Hall Claiming Mission, we also have planned for various activities on our Calendar. Feel free to check them out and join us when they happen. That's it folks! See you in our next issue!
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    Iron gathering All rich nodes of any kind can be only gathered once per day per character! Winterberry farm in Bitterfrost Frontier Winterberries are the best source of acquiring ascended trinkets. With berries + unbound magic, you can buy ascended rings, ascended accessory and ascended backpiece. Be advised that you cannot equip two ascended pieces with the same name! However, it is possible to attune or infuse a ring (LINK) in order to change its name, and therefore be able to equip it. So, if you buy two of the same rings (in this case LINK), you can attune or infused one ring and then you end up with "Black Ice band" and "Attuned Black Ice band", which allows you to equip them both. This does not work with accessories, since they cannot be infused or attuned! Unbound magic is obtainable by exploring LivingWorld3 maps, opening chests in them, gathering resources (like winterberries) and consimg said resources. All ascended trinkets that you buy with berries have selectable stats (all stats in game)! You can gather winterberries only once per day per character! Orrian oysters farm Orrian oysters are very easy to farm and are excellent way for obtaining ascended amulet! You will need 125 oysters + 3000 unbound magic for one amulet. On average you'll get about 16-18 oysters per run. So, if you have multiple characters you can have your ascended amulet in two or three days! Ascended amulet has selectable stats! Flax seed farm Flax seeds are quite valuable resources, since they are used in many upgrades in guild hall. They are easy and quick to gather. They can be gathered only once per day per character!
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    You make great potatoes, Tokki! However, this thread needs more CHARR and BUNNIES!
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    Got this potato over here
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    Hello folks, This is Weekly Guild Newsletter for week #48. Sorry for the delay in this week's newsletter though! So here we go... Re-Introducing Lodge in Guild Wars 2 As you already know via Discord and in-game announcements I made, we revived our guild in Guild Wars 2 last week. This was decided mostly due to the fact that our time-consuming ESO PvE Raid Core recruitment efforts which lasted for several months didn't yield any results, and as a result of this, our ESO guild switched to our PvP project. @HawksHeart hopefully will be able to organize PvP recruitment events from this week on, and with that we will kick-start our PvP-related plans. Because of this, I personally got more time at hand, and since I plan to build successful community in 2 years' period - in order to prepare to Ashes of Creation (AOC) launch - I decided it's good time to revive GW2 side of things. Thankfully, we managed to get @Blackheart, our brand new GW2 guild officer, who is as enthusiastic and motivated as I am about building a thriving community. In a few days we managed to recruit about 15 new players and our numbers are swelling by the day. @Blackheart is doing tremendous job with GW2 recruitment, and he also is trying to organize some small-scale events as we grow. Please be advised that we are on Piken Square server of EU megaserver! Plans for ESO Guild So, before moving to our plans about our GW2 guild, please let me reformulate what I intend to do with our ESO guild. First of all, in no way my intention is to let the guild die out. As I mentioned above, under @HawksHeart 's leadership, our team will be working on PvP project we are running now. Additionally, I will be focusing on recruiting new members for Social slots and RP project this week, since GW2 side is gaining traction quite well. I will be switching my personal recruitment efforts back and forth depending on how things are going in these two games. Also, please be advised that our Guild Housing Project is still active and I am very much looking forward to getting it for our guild. So please let's keep working at it. Again, it is important to remember that the goal at hand is to build a successful gaming community in two games, and prepare to AOC launch. Even if AOC doesn't deliver, we still will have upper ground, having two successful guilds in two leading MMOs of time. Plans for GW2 Guild As our numbers grow in Guild Wars 2, primarily we aim to get our Guild Hall (a guild housing) by doing the mission required for it. And we want to do that with as many members as possible (technically it can be done with 3 guys, but that's not what we want), so that many people in the guild had this unique experience. That's why we will keep recruiting about 30-40 members altogether before we start Guild Hall acquisition mission. That "raid" will consist of 30 people (as 30+ is counter-effective, making the mission extremely challenging to finish). Once Guild Hall is acquired, we will be recruiting towards our PvP project and also will be filling our Social slots to upgrade our Guild Hall. Upgrading a Guild Hall is an arduous process in GW2, requiring a lot of resources - the reality which in general makes Social slots in a guild quite valuable. Guild Hall will need upgrading in various sections of it. As to PvP, we will recruit towards various PvP activities in the game, be it WvW, GvG, arenas etc. Of course, a dedicated PvP officer will be needed at that stage. Officer Vacancies So overall, we have following Officer positions available in our guilds: ESO Social recruitment officers - 2x of them, whose responsibility will be day-to-day management of the guild and continuous in-game recruitment of new socials. RP officer - for our upcoming RP project, which still is headless and disorganized. GW2 Social recruitment officers - 2x of them, whose responsibility will be continuous in-game recruitment of new socials, PvP officers - at least 2x of them for starters, to recruit good PvP candidates to the guild for our upcoming PvP project. These officers need to be players who regularly do PvP themselves. Ranking System Rename I also updated our ranking system by renaming some of the ranks. We have similar ranking system across both games now. Read more on ranking system here. Guild Wars 2 descriptions are vastly similar - I will be updating details regarding permissions on that topic soon. New Members of our Community Last, but not least, I'd like to welcome the following new members of our community who joined us this past week: @RicardasTheSwager, @Emirikol, @Derrythebomb, @Rheann, @Nyx, @Slavic Varg, @Upscion, @allkline, @Emhyr, @Liamr058, @Cadia and @Lauraoh! Thanks for joining us guys! That's all I guess. See you folks in-game! -- Gelmir
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    RP is indeed happening slowly but it is happening. Today we played together in an "RP" fashion and to some degree of success! As you can see in the below picture, my Lute playing and Alberath's dancing did attract some passerbies. (laughs) We even got coins for our playing! (laughs) Of course, we've also adventured and it was a nice experience with "acting out" our characters. :-) Below, Cortair and me.
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    Me and ma mad horse. Has anyone noticed this guy's lunatic grin? Can i suggest that these horses are lackeys of Sheogorath? How would that mad god manage to appear wherever we go?
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    Hello, I'm Inauvi. I'm looking to do some vet trials as soon as I get my CP up to snuff (currently a little over cp 200). I'm from the NA server (very roughly cp 500) and came along to play with Rak'ashi. I main a warden healer, but I'm working on a templar healer for flexibility and learning how to tank on another warden. I'm willing to learn how to actually DPS as well (currently, I have 3 lowbie DPS, a stam and mag sorc and a magblade). On the NA, I've cleared all of the Craglorn Trials on both Vet and Normal. I've done the DLC trials (MoL, HoF, AS) on normal. On the EU, I've managed to clear vSO HM and the last two bosses of vAA. (Besides ESO Trials, I've cleared heroic raid in WoW including Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold, with a few mythic bosses in EN.) Besides trials in general, I''ll try to help out with pledges, if you need a healer. (Also, if you need someone for vet Cradle of Shadows, I'm in. ) Hopefully I'll be able to join you guys! (Besides just lurking in your discord haha.)
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    This is the Issue #41 of our Weekly Guild Newsletter. New Recruits This Week Due to my real-life family issues, this week we had relatively less number of recruits: @Jakantha (for our future Ashes of Creation guild), @Saerwen, @Reid1029 joined our ranks. Welcome guys! Additionally, I revamped our guild recruitment policy last weekend, in our Guild Introduction message: this week on, we are recruiting new members by carefully selecting them - this policy also goes for our Social member slots. Since we are aiming for medium-size guild (around 100 members including our raiders and PvPers), I aim to increase the quality of our Roster. No more random recruitment any more! As you know, our Ranking system was also overhauled in past week to support this goal. Projects in General As PvE goes, we are still short of few good DDs in order to start our vTrials. So we are ceaselessly trying to recruit people to that end. @Cortair also will be posting our raiders in-game regularly to keep you guys updated. As to PvP and RP projects, I started to recruit new members for them as well. Our official forums ad topic already has this mentioned in there. For PvP, we will be fighting from AD front. Please feel free to spread a word around regarding our recruitment efforts. Currently it's very hard to recruit quality players to the guild, but this is nothing new to our guild: we will be working hard to get projects rolling at full speed. That's it for now! Stay safe, and thanks for being with us on this bumpy journey!
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    Well met and welcome! On a personal note, I grew the addition of another female player. If this goes on like this, we'll make an Amazon's company !
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    Well met! I'm Saerwen (pronounced -sire-wen, aka "the bitter, in Sindarin) Thilivern Sidh, High Elve Templar from Alinor. For long I have stayed secluded in my island until one day, I decided to return and see what the rest of the world had become. Unfortunately, my ship sunk near the coasts of Vvanderfell, where I stand, for the moment. I haven't decided yet if I'm returning to my beloved autumn islands or if I will stay a little longer to see what man has become. However, I have realized that it's more fun to fight together than to fight alone. :-) So this is a short bio. Now for the more orthodox stuff : I'm looking for a guild in the European server - preferably Elvish but not exclusively. In fact, finding nice people to play with is just what i'm looking for. My character is a level 13 High Elve Templar, currently in Vvanderfl but can move if we can have some fun. I play from a MacBook Pro on the basic version of TESO. I don't have discord but I use TS in other games that I platy online. If Discord is really necessary I'll "do with it", although TS seems a lot less demanding than discord on internet connections and so on. Internet here where I live is very capricious... As for time fuse, I live in France, so GMT+1 (paris time). This notwithstanding, I work in shifts. This means that I can either have lots of time to play with you guys or none at all. This includes some hours at night when I'm on night shift (I have a "quiet" period between 1 to 3 am, sometimes from midnight to 4 am). As for myself, I'm 44 years old, mother of 2 young adults. This means that when I'm not solicited by them, doing some archery, horse-riding or sword playing, I'm gaming in my free time. :-) Although I have no interest in competition - as in my point of vue, he who wants to prove better than someone else is already proving his inferiority complex - I can do PvP if it's a group activity, although i'd rather play Pve/RPG, in my opinion coop and RPG play being a more interesting experience. What else to say... well, why your guild? I say why not. I've never been in an ESO guild before so if you guys accept me, this will be my first. I all wish to do is to find a reliable, fun and nice group of people to play with. If my profile conforms to your expectations, please let me know. Until then, Namarïé. Saerwen
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    Following is the State of the Guild for Week #39. @Nuin and @Chsei: there is message in here, addressed to you!!! New Lodge Members This week @ISummon, @Reomer, @Knight30, @Airaud, @Freyja, @iamcemal, @Loupo and @Fangedpenny have joined our Community! Welcome guys! Special Message from @neaNicu !!! @Chsei and @Nuin! I hope you are reading these lines! Nic (and of course me as well) are missing you guys! Also, Nic wants you to come back, to organize your old RP'ing sessions, once again. We hope you guys come back soon! We have an active guild now. I promised I'll include this message in this week's newsletter, so here we go... PvE Raid Core & Trials Like every week, we tried Veteran mode Aetherian Archive trial to test our Raid Core's capabilities to do veteran mode. Unfortunately, from Damage Dealer standpoint we proved to be insufficient. So we cancelled all vTrial plans for the current week and started recruiting heavily again. We tested our current player-base as well and as of now, we only need 3 DDs with minimum 30k sustained ST DPS, self-buffed, for short-term. Additional 2-3 DDs also will be recruited to have enough backup spots for our actual Raid Core. As we are recruiting towards vTrials, we decided to fill our raiding days with Normal mode trials. Next week we will setup a vTrial, to test our forming Core once again. If successful, we will continue scheduling them. As vTrials become a regular thing to fill our raiding days, we plan to organize nTrials (normal-modes) on remaining days of the week, depending on demand. Important thing is: we won't be scheduling nTrials on Calendar ever, but instead announce in-game, on-fly, form a group and do them - the same way you'd do your daily pledges. The purpose in nTrials, besides being fun, is to train our potential raiders, to give them a taste of action and to test their performance there, in order to draft those who are interested, to our actual Core. Thus, to attend nTrials these few weeks, please make sure you are online, 15 mins prior the raid time (20:15 CET, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). That will be the only window when we will announce for nTrials. One small note as well: In past (since our times in Rift) we had this situation, when people signed up for events several days before-hand and when we got nearer to the event in question, they started to drop one by one, totally messing up our plans. To that end, from this week on, we will either be scheduling trials on Calendar, starting 2-days before the event, or if scheduled earlier, do so with RSVP (signups) disabled - we will enable signups only we are 2-days away from the event. So there won't be any signups for trials from several days back. Future Projects: PvP & RP Initiatives I slowly started recruiting for our PvP Initiative as well. For starters, we need very experienced PvP Leader, who would act as an Overseer (project leader) for our PvP initiative. To that end, please spread the word. If you know someone who is very skilled in PvP, we'd like to meet them. Once PvE Raid Core is ready, I will start planning our RP initiative as well. That's all. Thanks for reading! See you folks in-game!
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    Maw of Lorkhaj (MoL) Normal run. Thieves guild dlc or eso plus required!
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    don't ask me to run, never did, never will
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    Normal Aetherian Archive (AA), Hel-ra Citadel (HRC) and Sanctum Ophidia (SO) runs. Times are in CET.
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    info based on ESO live few days ago and summarized here by a player: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/369899/clockwork-city-dlc-details 1. Coming Q4 2. The story: CWC has been discovered and something is up with Sotha Sil and you need to find out what ( NON SPOILER ) 3. New Trial/Mini Trial - The order you kill the bosses is the difficulty, ( i.e dont kill any and let them all spawn in for the super Hard mode ) 4. NEW TRIAL WEAPONS, ( Insylum Weapons ) Similar to Master/vMA weapons 5. EXCLUSIVE POLYMORPH for the HARDEST of Hard Mode ( doesn't drop all the time ) 6. CWC is a NEW ZONE, same size in scale as DB/TG 7. It will be part of ESO+ also can be bought for Crowns ( Price not stated ) 8. CWC will be around 10-15 hours, if new items/sets etc 9. New BG mode - Crazy King, similar to Dom but they flags MOVE 10. ITEM RETRAITS - ITS HAPPENING - Let you change traits as long as you have them researched, Weapons and Armour ( Extra component for this to be done, NO INFO YET ) 11. On PTS, THIS Month
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    I will be most grateful to anyone who can teach me to get achievements in Mazzatun & Craddle of Shadows (not completion, the other more harder ones) or Falkreath / Bloodroot (anything).
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    State of Recruitment Recruitment is ongoing. This week we had some fresh blood joining the club: @Holybladee, @SkyGubbins, @YourBeast and @Sifres are our new members. Welcome guys! Additionally, I re-invited all our original members back to the guild, although I knew almost all of them would have left the game long time ago. After inviting dozens back, two of them - @Gorgori and @Aeriea rejoined us. Greeting to them again! We also have two Raid Leaders now: @Nefaras and @Cortair. Both of them have been hard in work, creating guides for our players, making polls, helping people out, organizing stuff for future Raid Core etc. Thanks guys for all the hard work! Future of Raids/Raid Core Firstly, we created a poll, asking people their regular playing hours in order to determine the best raiding times. 11 of you guys have responded, which is quite a good number - I encourage those of you who haven't done so yet, to do that, if you are interested in raiding with us in the future. @Cortair will be creating few more polls this week, asking what roles/classes will you be bringing to our raids. We will announce the links to these polls, so please keep an eye out for them and participate. Secondly, as you already might have noticed, we created few dungeon-farming events on calendar, for those who need their set pieces from dungeons. If interested, please sign-up. We generally will do those during evenings. Last but not least, we still are recruiting for our Raid Core and are in the search for good and/or aspiring Warden/DK Tanks and Templar/Warden Healers. If you have such friends who would like to join us, please redirect them to us. Miscellaneous Recently I discovered one of Alcast's online tools: ESO-Database.com. It's something like Magelo.com, syncs your character and guild data, creates fancy banner signatures for you. That's all folks! Stay all and see you in-game!
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    Welcome to the Newcomer's Guide part 3! In this guide I will focus on all the major ways to rake in cash ingame, from Trading Guilds to stealing from NPCs. Having a lot of gold can solve many issues in the game, like upgrading gear or buying your Best-in-Slot items for your build. There are a many ways to make gold in ESO, like selling your junk to a vendor, posting your items in Guild Stores of Trading guilds or stealing from NPCs and selling those items to a fence. Vendoring junk items isn't as profitable as trading with other players, but if you have been farming a certain area and your bag gets filled up with junk, you can vendor it for a tidy sum. There have been times when I sold those unusable junk items totaling 7-8k gold, so you shouldn't underestimate it. The easiest way to do this is download a junk marker addon like Dustman. The next, a bit more profitable way to make gold is stealing from NPCs. Most NPCs in the world can be pickpocketed and most containers can be stolen from. These items in turn can only be sold to a Fence, or can be laundered, also at the Fence, so you can sell it to other players, if the item is especially valuable. There are special areas in the biggest cities in zones called Outlaw Refuges, where Fences can be found. There are several passives in Legerdemain and Thieves Guild skill lines that make pickpocketing easier and more profitable. The new motifs in Vvardenfell can only be gained through stealing or trading with player characters. Be aware though, if you are caught stealing you gain a bounty and if a guard catches you, you have to either pay your bounty to them, use Clemency from the Thieves Guild passives or run away. If you pay your bounty to a guard or if it kills you while you try to escape all your stolen items are confiscated and in the case of dying your bounty will be automatically taken from your inventory. Be cautious if you take this path. Now the most profitable way to gain gold, as always in an MMO, is by trading with other players. There are multitudes of items that are valuable to people like raw materials, motifs, gear etc. Where is the Auction House? A lot of veteran MMO players new to ESO ask this question. The answer is there is no server wide AH in ESO. Instead there are Trading guilds - player-made guilds specialized for trading, with built in guild stores who can hire Guild Traders. These Guild Traders can be found in every zone in the game and trading guilds vie for these traders as you "rent" them for a week then when that week is done they compete with other guilds for the spot. The easiest and most relaxed way to gain gold is by joining a trading guild (or 3 :P) and posting your items in their guild store. You can join up to 5 player-made guilds in ESO and its up to you how many of those slots you want to dedicate to traders. Although most of these trading guilds either require a membership fee or a weekly quota of sales so they can sustain their guild and keep hiring guild traders at the best spots. While managing the quota of 1 guild can be relatively easy, depending on the guild, doing the same with more guilds can take up a lot of time, joining 3-4 trading guilds can lead to you using all of your play time to meet the quotas of the guilds, so choose wisely. Prices constantly change so to make pricing a breeze download one of these addons: Master Merchant - this addon scans the sale history of your guilds and makes an average price based on those sales. It tends to become more accurate the more guilds you are in. Tamriel Trade Centre - this addon on the other hand is fed information from a website of the same name. It scans all items at all traders on the megaserver and makes an average price for the items based on for how much they are listed instead of based on sales. It's an accurate addon, however it also counts listings that are ridiculously overpriced. Whichever addons you use is up to taste really, both are accurate and both have their pros and cons. Popular items that will definitely sell quick Raw materials - The unrefined versions of materials sell for higher than their refined counterparts, simply because in the process of refining you might get legendary materials and those can sell for a nice sum. Legendary materials - These are needed to get your gear to its top potential or craft the XP Boost Drinks and will always be in demand, these usually sell in the first hour, unless you overprice them. Motifs - There are a lot of aspiring crafters and they all want motifs to add to their collections, the prices on these vary depending on how rare they are, from the common racial style books which go for about 100 gold/book, to the Buoyant Armiger of which each chapter easily sell between 100k-150k gold. Crafted items - Sets like Hunding's Rage and Law of Julianos can sell between 10k-15k gold/piece. Also glyphs, food and potions can sell relatively high if you mass produce them. Recipes - Certain rare food and furnishing recipes can sell for really high amounts, especially epic and legendary ones. Dwemer epic furnishing recipes in particular are quite high priced because of their relative rarity, each selling between 30k-60k gold. BoE sets - Some of these sets are quite popular, making them an easy cash source if you decide to farm them. If you get an infused weapon from one of the popular sets consider that you hit the jackpot, for example an Infused Necropotence Lightning Staff can sell between 200k-300k gold. These sets include: Necropotence, Plague Doctor, Spriggan, Spinner, Akaviri Dragonguard, Queen's Elegance. Cosmetic items - These are relatively few and always are contained in runeboxes. They can be mementos from past events, costumes, pets or polymorphs. The especially pricy Xivkyn polymorphs from the Imperial City bought with TelVar Stones can sell for well above 300k. That's all the advice I can give for now, use these well and you'll get rich (eventually ). Happy trading folks!
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    I agree with the 100 member limit, maybe a bit less would be optimal. I would rather say that don't go for the trading route, we have a guild store but that is currently between the members, to make it anywhere worthwhile for the guild and members we would need to hire a guild trader. And to do that we would need a lot more players in the guild to sustain any kind of trader as other guilds are bidding for them every week.
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    The annual #QuakeCon Sale is here! Save on Crown Packs and #ESO for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac, now through August 28.
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    Update 15 (2 new group dungeons) on PTS next week
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    GUILD MISSIONS This week we have: Easy Bounty (find the target and chop off his head, easy.) Medium Challenge (the same one we did few weeks back with emotes! Remember?) So, easy! HARD Bounty For challenge, make sure you have Plains of Ashford map open. Bounties are random and can be all around Tyria. I expect everyone on discord when event starts.
  37. 1 point
    Late reply, but glad to be on board.
  38. 1 point
    Welcome @Taskyn! It was me who talked to you, and I already sent you guild invitation ingame! Please make sure you have read our Core Requirements topic and have done everything it asks of you at the bottom of it. Once done, seek out @Nefaras and @Knight30ingame for inspection of your gear and DPS parse. We have a raid on Tue, so better hurry up - let's get you cleared for it as soon as possible. And join Discord please (link above). Welcome and see you ingame soon!
  39. 1 point


    @Heimdall, @Snapzz, @Nefaras please don't forget to signup.
  40. 1 point
    The most epic for me so far, the final battle against Molag Bal :
  41. 1 point
    Maw of Lorkhaj (MoL) normal run. Thieves Guild DLC or ESO Plus is required!
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    State of Recruitment We've come a long way since late May, when we barely could see 1 or 2 members online. Today we have 6-8 online in "deadest" of times (yea, I made the word up ) This week we've had several new members joining our ranks, ranging from totally-new-to-the-game people, to very experienced, seasoned raiders. @Majicauni, @Aggro-is-mine, @SPRT, @Gaehr, @Rak'ashi, @Svetozar, @Sebastian, @Kalterran, @Zyma, @antiKILLER and @todd2446 joined us as new members. Remember 10 days ago I also was re-inviting old Lodge members back to the game? Well, third person - @10darkknight10 - joined us once again. Welcome to all of you! Status on Raid Core Past week our Raid Leader @Cortair has been at work of inspecting our future potential raiders. And to our surprise, we've received quite a positive feedback from him about you guys. We like what we are seeing! He will be continuing to do that, so please be compliant with him when he asks you to come for spec and gear inspection. This is a must, and no raider will be accepted to the Core without such inspection. Our Officer team was also very occupied with other Raid Core related topics, to such levels that, personally myself couldn't game properly. To be specific, we managed to finalize our Raid Core Application Requirements and Attendance Guidelines, which are very important two pieces of reading. We gathered a lot of info through polls about your play times, specs etc to have a good idea about our future raiding parties. So, our plan to form the Core is as following: the coming week (week-37) we will start scheduling Normal mode trials on our Calendar. Those of you cleared for Raid Core by @Cortair will be joining those events. We will see how we perform as a team, our dynamics, structure etc. And in the weeks after that, we will be forming the Official Raid Core through official channels - and this team will start our Veteran mode runs. In a fun twist of fate, these initial, Normal mode trials will be a trial for all of us, as a team. So for now, please do *not* perform application to Raid Core (through Raid Core club) and wait for it until we are done with Normal mode trials. One last, but important note about these Normal mode trials: although we haven't formed our Raid Core officially, the Attendance Guidelines and everything else will be in effect. So please read them carefully and make sure you understand them. Ask me questions if there is something you don't understand. Dungeon Farming Runs We have significant number of members now. Which means we can do (and actually we do) Pledges together, farm dungeons for set pieces together. So please sign up for farming events on Calendar, join Discord, group up and farm those buggers. Guild Representation One other topic is the representation of the guild. By purchasing a Guild Tabard from our Guild Store and wearing it (don't worry, it won't spoil your costumes), your character nameplate will receive our guild name. Please do that. Let everyone see which collective you belong to, possibly also contributing to our recruitment efforts. Remember last week I mentioned a nice sync tool from Alcast's ESO-Database.com? Please try to install it. It works seamlessly in the background, syncs your character data and builds overall guild score for Lodge, placing us in Leaderboards. It's not mandatory to have that tool, but it's highly recommended. The members supporting us through these two methods will receive their ranks much sooner than normal. Yesss, I just said that! So that's it. If you are still here, it means you actually have read it all. THANK YOU! And see you in-game! Gelmir
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    1 week starting tomorrow, yearly holiday, will read forum probably but won't play.
  45. 1 point
    Thaks for the invite
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    Started inspecting apartments in Koln... Hopefully will get one quite soon.
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    no idea what you guys are talking about
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    Hi everyone, I just recently joined the Guild, so i though of adding my intro post. I am 22 years old and from Mauritius which I am pretty sure most of you have never heard of it before. I have been playing MMO for more than 10 years now. I have been playing ESO for 2-3 months and I am still learning. I am currently using a Sorcerer as my main. I have been enjoying doing random dungeon in the game but my favorite thing to do is exploration and map completion. So far, I have complete Alik'r Desert, Betnikh, Glenumbra, Riverspine, Stormhaven and Stros M'kai and my next one is Coldharbour. See you guys in-game!

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