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    Hey all, On note of Gelmir I decided to write up a little post depicting the advantages of PvP, what it means, what it entails et cetera. As a first, note that I really see PvP as a group activity, making it perhaps somewhat 'worthless' when soloing. This is not necessarily so, there are repeatable quests around in Cyrodiil which can be soloed, crafting materials to be found which are perhaps somewhat less contested than the regular levelling zones. Also, you could go in there and help defend or attack a keep or nodes (farm, mill, mine), however this fundamentally limits the communication and strategy of your groups. Groups vary from 4 to 24 players and beyond (multiple PvP groups is very much possible and something we should do in the future). A short list of what is capable with such a group: -Run around doing public dungeons and obtaining skyshards (There are slightly more than 40 skyshards in Cyrodiil) -Attempt one of the five daily quests, granting xp and Alliance Points, these are: Kill 20 players (doable in groups of any size) Scout a random enemy Keep (doable in groups of any size) Capture an enemy resource node (needs about 10 people minimum) Capture an enemy keep (Needs a lot of people, 24 min) Capture an enemy Elder Scroll (Needs multiple groups) So the PvP currency is Alliance Points (the green things), what can one do with these? Deploy trebuchets, ballistae and rams for better keep siege or defense Buy repair kits for walls and doors Buy forward camps to spawn closer to where your action is Buy excellent gear Note that during PvP action, one will obtain a constant stream of incoming mails with random greens and blues (epics at high lvl?) which can be used for wearing or in my case mostly; levelling my crafting. Now, some guild advantages: Hop on Teamspeak and get to know your guildies better while fighting for the Dominion! Increase the group feeling we will need later for raids and learn other people's playstyle Holding a keep slightly increases our guildies stats And finally: Become emperor of Tamriel with own armor style and skill line, making you a true monster on the battlefield! It really is lots of fun in a guild group! Hope this informs and inspires you to join us on our PvP events, I realise it takes a bit from your levelling curve as levelling in Cyrodiil isn't as effective. Hence why I don't organise these events every day, but come join us weekly for 3 hours to have fun and take names! Cheers, Perry
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    Mer over Man & Beast. Sal Van’is enjoyed a soft easy life as the sixth son of the third nephew to House Van’is’* Leader Suryan Van’is. His older Brothers were great wizards high in their towers perusing musty tombs to quench their thirst for knowledge. Sal on the other hand had neither direction nor discipline in his life for many years, drinking, gambling and playing the slave market to pay for his vices were his time pasts. He became a cruel, hard, almost sadistic Mer with little love for anyone or anything other than himself and his dark pleasures. He dabbled in the magical arts but spent more time learning the Shadowdance. Due to his family being somewhat well to do he was able to go to the better assassin schools. Unfortunately he had neither the willpower nor the motivation to apply himself, and so stayed middling at best in his attempts at martial prowess. After the war broke out and the signing of the Ebonheart Pact, Sal was unable to imagine an alignment with the irresponsible drunkard Nords or former Argonian slaves, Sal of House Van’is left Ebonheart Pact lands to join the one true Faction that furthered his beliefs: The Aldmeri Dominion. In his eyes only one of the long lived Races is capable of leading this World out of the darkness that Molag Bal has set before Tamriel. Sal was not long a part of the Aldmeri Dominion before being sacrificed to Molag Bal by Mannimarco’s hand. Sal’s stay in Cold Harbour was short thanks to the Prophet and Lyris. Once back in Tamriel Sal realized he finally has a purpose, to beat back the Daedric hordes of Molag Bal so that the one true Queen can ascend her throne. Fanatical in his approach he trains hard to better himself so that he may better serve the Queen and the Dominion. Deep down inside he may still be cruel, hard and humorless but now he has direction. Due to his heritage Sal is mistrusted by most in the Dominion thus he has to try twice as hard as Bosmer or Altmer would. He has many times experienced open resentment almost hate from Khajiiti members of the Dominion. Has this rejection finally rubbed the dark soot off of his soul to reveal the precious metal hidden underneath? One thing is certain he is no longer the arrogant son of nobility of whom nothing is expected. *House Van’is is a banner house aligned with House Telvanni (similar to Kar-Starks and the Starks in Game of Thrones) It is a lower level subservient house that has long been even more iconoclastic and conservative than House Telvanni.
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    So you are level 50 a.k.a. V1, now what. Here are a couple of pointers (in no particular order) from my experience so far: 1. Move to your second faction zone and get rid of the old gear, you should aim at V1 gear ASAP, quest rewards, craft, public dungeons and world bosses drops are a good source of it. The Veteran content / mob difficulty jumps by about 30% compared to the normal, you will need good gear to cope with that. If you like me neglected item sets thus far, because of constantly changing gear with levels – now is a good time to look for some set that suits your play style and try to collect it. 2. Find a decent V1 weapon and upgrade it to purple (or even orange) ASAP. Veteran levels are slow to level and you will be spending a lot of time at V1-2 so having a good weapon sooner rather than later is a good investment 3. Avoid Veteran group dungeons before V3 – The content for the first 3 Veteran dungeons is tuned for V3+, you can enter at V1 but the trash is V3 and the bosses are V5 they will wipe the floor with you, so spare yourself the frustration. If you don’t believe me you are welcome to try. 4. Did I mention that the veteran dungeons are hard? Start to prepare yourself for the end game and erase the mentality of face rolling, chain pulling, AoEing everything. And start investing in those CC skills you probably neglected thus far – you are going to need them BAD. For those of you who played WoW the difficulty curve is similar to normal to heroic 5-man dungeons. Just like in WoW where you simply can’t do heroics in green quest gear. 5. I hope you saved the CE treasure maps for the other factions instead of wasting them on your alts – good news they give V1 gear now (I’m going to test if the one from the V2 area will give V2 gear tonight and update). 6. No skill points nor attribute points from leveling, so don’t count on them in your plans. If you have any questions, please ask them here i will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge / abilities.
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    The video from Elden Hollow. 3/4 guild run. feedback is very welcome. brightness = -1 (which means brighter) and master volume is -2 dB. The music-game sound ratio is also shifted towards game-sound.
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    Nuin and neaNicu playing Trials harvesting flowers together? http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/192/3/c/eso_time__trials_by_slayersyrena-d7qbbtq.jpg
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    Hello! I didn’t see a thread like this, and I hope I am not stepping one anyone’s toes by creating one, but basically, I felt we could use something like this in case we have beginners or intermediates out there that are interested in getting involved with ESO roleplay, and who would like to come “prepared†with a bit of an idea of what to expect before they get started ingame. There are a lot of RP guides online – and I mean A LOT – but they tend to be needlessly long, and sometimes downright misleading because the people writing them are trying to drive their own agenda somehow. My aim with this thread is to provide a more “to-the-point†guide that covers the essentials, without cluttering it up with any lengthy rants (okay, there may still be some of those) or personal agendas (definitely none of that though)! I’ll be covering the following points, so feel free to scroll to whatever section you feel is relevant to you: 1. What is the “point†of RP? 2. Common RP terminology. 3. Basic “RP Etiquette†4. Your Character Persona. 5. For the prospective event planner: Things to keep in mind. I will be talking about these topics from the point of view of a former leader/officer of several successful RP guilds. I’m retired from all of that nowadays as I prefer to take a more casual approach to my game time, but I obviously care enough to post this up, so if you feel I missed anything, or was unclear somehow, or if you just have general questions, you are most welcome to post them below and I will either edit my original post accordingly or reply back with answers – you know, whatever makes most sense! …but I said I wanted to keep this guide to the point, and we are already a handful paragraphs in with no useful information added yet… so without further ado, let’s get started: 1. What is the “point†of RP? Indeed. One might ask, what the hell are we doing roleplaying in an online game, anyway? This depends very much on the individual, however, and there really is no good answer that fits everyone. Some see RP as an escape from reality; others as an extension of it. Yet others see it as just another way to kill time in the game, and some people actually roleplay because they want to explore different settings, thoughts and ideas that they would not encounter in real life – a little bit like reading an interactive book, or even like playing the main campaign of the game, but with the difference that you generate your own content instead of waiting for the latest expansion pack or the next book in the series. In other words, the reasons for roleplaying can be anything from wish fulfilment to a thought experiment meant to expand your mind. The reason is your own, and can be anything you want, but the point of RP is more universal. The point is, simply put, to have fun. 2. Common RP Terminology There is quite a bit of RP-specific “lingo†out there, but some terminology you are bound to encounter more frequently. Here are the absolute essentials that you will have a hard time roleplaying without at least being familiar with: IC = “In Character†The abbreviation “IC†is often used to specify that you are speaking as (or about) your character persona, rather than as yourself. For instance you might see someone say that “I’m a Dragon Knight, but IC my character is a ranger.†This is also very common in thread titles on forums, if the subject matter is an interactive RP-post where the thread starter expects In Character responses. For an example of what such a post can look like, I see Nuin created a thread like that not long ago. OOC = “Out Of Character†This obviously goes together with the IC abbreviation. OOC is used to specify that you are NOT making an In Character statement, but you have officially stepped out of the RP to address something. An example of when this abbreviation is used might for instance be if you are sending a whisper to the person you are roleplaying with, or if you are making a personal comment at the end of an In Character post you’ve made on a forum. Emotes An Emote is when your character performs an action. Just as you would speak through /s, you can describe what your character is doing through /e. Obviously this is very useful if you plan to do more than just stand in the same location and talk for two hours – but even then it can be nice to throw in the occasional emote to “spice things upâ€. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a description of your character’s expression for instance. Perhaps his/her eyes widen because of some surprising piece of news – you get the idea! NOTE: Generally when you emote, it’s always nice to be detailed and clear in your descriptions, but my advice is that you AVOID emoting what your character is thinking/feeling. Just describe what your character is DOING instead, because, your RP-partner will be able to respond to a surprised expression for instance, but presumably their RP persona can’t read minds, so you aren’t really giving them anything to work with even if you write three long sentences about how your character is FEELING surprised. Poweremoting/Godemoting This term is, sadly, a common occurrence when emotes are used to interact with other people’s RP Characters. What it means in essence is that you are using emotes to force the outcomes that you personally want. An example of such a poweremote may be: “Tyronus punches Morier in the face, knocking out three teeth that fall out and scatter on the ground.†The problem here is that I am not giving Morier an opportunity to respond to my attack. RP is a two-way street; I am not writing a story on a forum where I get to dictate everything myself, and therefore Morier should reasonably be allowed to try and duck away from my punch, and get to decide for himself what sort of damage I cause if I actually hit. For this reason, whenever you interact with another character, it is important that you emote that you TRY to do something. To exemplify what I mean by using the poweremote above, this is what it SHOULD have looked like: “Tyronus swings his plated fist in an uppercut, trying to strike Morier in the face.†Notice how this new example allows for actual roleplaying to take place. Morier can now respond to my attempt as he wishes, and the scene suddenly gets far more exciting as we use the creativity of TWO people to help it unfold further! Metagaming I will be a little shorter with this explanation. Metagaming is basically when you act on information that you know Out Of Character, but that you DON’T know In Character. This can be anything from calling another RP character by their name, even though you haven’t introduced yourselves yet, to picking the right suspect in a criminal investigation without actually having any evidence or valid reason to do it. Obviously, metagaming is something that you shouldn’t do. It kills the act of actually roleplaying something out, in favour of taking a shortcut to the end destination. But RP shouldn’t be about the destination; it should be about the journey. Clowning This term is actually NOT very common, but I will mention it anyway since, if you are new to RP, it is possible that you get it thrown at you by some elitist prick (presumably a non-guildie, of course! ), and it may be good to be prepared for that. What the term means is that your character isn’t geared with a full “RP setâ€, but rather a mismatching mix of gear in different colours. (Hence “clowningâ€.) Really though, this is a dumbass concept, and I know I said this guide wasn’t going to get political, but this is my one exception since to me the term doesn’t even make sense; if your character is an adventurer for instance, then it would actually be logical for him/her to wear scavenged pieces of armour from different sets found across Tamriel, and at the end of the day, I think it’s more important to participate and RP than to “look pretty†while doing it, and a lack of gear shouldn’t be enough to exclude anyone. 3. Basic “RP Etiquette†There really isn’t much to this, and it may well be enough for me to say that you should be polite and use common sense, but I’ll add a few additional pointers: -Don’t poweremote or metagame (we covered what this was above) -Leave RP open so everyone can be part of telling the story. -Accept that things may not always go the way you “want it toâ€, and that’s part of the fun! -Know well enough to keep IC and OOC separate. (Fighting IC doesn’t mean you hate each other OOC, having an IC romance doesn’t mean you are a real life couple, etc.) -Don’t force “darker†RP on people without knowing that they are okay with it first. For example, don’t try to kill/disfigure/torture another character without asking OOC permission first. -Don’t break game lore by claiming something crazy, like that your character is the husband of Queen Ayrenn, or that you actually ARE Queen Ayrenn. -Likewise, we can’t all be the Vestige, so it is best to leave the main plot of the game aside and not use it for your own character story. Finally, it is considered polite to read up on the lore for the race/class you choose to roleplay as. Obviously you can’t know everything, and we’ve all been noobs at some point so it’s okay to ask questions or make mistakes, but at the end of the day you should at least try to make the effort to know the universe you are in, and what possibilities and limitations you have to work with. This not only leads to better immersion, but more fun and exciting storytelling! Not to mention, the Elder Scrolls Lore is freaking weird and hysterical at times. Give it a chance! 4. Your Character Persona Before you go ingame, it is a good idea to have thought out something of an RP persona. This character can have a completely different personality than your own (which means you’ll be “actingâ€, essentially), or it can pretty much be you if you lived in the Elder Scrolls Universe. Try to have some sort of backstory written up though. In RP, people will undoubtedly ask your character some personal questions, and it can not only be difficult to make all of it up “on the goâ€, but even harder yet to then remember it. My suggestion is that you go look at my template for character biographies in this thread, and use that for inspiration. Finally, as you create your persona, there are two main things you should keep in mind, and they have nothing to do with a creative background or anything like this. Simply put: -DON’T make your character too overpowered. -DO give your character some flaws! The reasons for this are of course that a too powerful character will simply solve all plots and problems too easily, and you’ll end up with nothing to do. Likewise, no one is perfect, and having a couple of character flaws can actually CREATE problems, which means you’ll actually have something to do. Try to find a good balance, because obviously you still want a character with distinct skills, and likewise you don’t want him/her to be so flawed that you can’t get along with other characters. BONUS POINTS: Give your character a clear goal or ambition. This means you will always have something to go do, once you are done telling your character’s life story to anyone who will listen. 5. For the prospective event planner: Things to keep in mind! We’ve just covered how to create a character that generates RP by having flaws and/or clear personal goals, but then there are those people out there who like to take things one step further, either through creating one-time events, or even organizing large, long-spanning storylines for people to participate in. I have personally experienced amazing storylines created by others, but also endured absolutely horrible trainwrecks where the event organizer just ended up pissing everyone off. Likewise, I’ve hosted both good and bad events myself, and as far as I’ve been able to discern, here are the main points that will make or break your events: Flexibility in Storytelling I mentioned before that RP should be open, so everyone can shape what’s happening. This is ten fucking gazillion times more important when you are hosting storylines. The best thing to do is to have a basic premise you provide everyone with, and then you let them solve it on their own. DO NOT plan exactly how things will end on beforehand, because people WILL notice, and get the feeling that you are funnelling all of their creativity into the one predetermined outcome you’ve devised. To use a completely random analogy: Don’t be the dog that is so focused on catching the ball that it doesn’t realize it just dove into a pool to get it. Balls are fun, but so is water; you can swim in it, splash in it, play in it, but you were so set on the ball that you’ve just ended up plain ignoring everything else around you. Bigger is not always better This is something I’ve seen plenty of times. The event organizer is afraid of not having an interesting enough story, so tries to compensate and “fake epicness†by constantly escalating things to a larger and larger scale. Instead of a skirmish you have a massive “Lord of the Ringsâ€-scaled battle, and instead of a regular villain you get the evil genius that threatens to destroy the entire world if you don’t stop him. Sure, that can be fun sometimes. Practically everyone who roleplays likes to feel that their character is the hero of the day, but after you’ve beaten five different antagonists that were all supposedly moments away from ruining the world as you know it, before your timely intervention, the novelty kinda wears off. And where do you go from there? You can’t go up anymore, or device a climax in a story, because nothing is exceptional anymore. So don’t be afraid to make your plots and stories about something smaller. Not every event needs an evil villain either; you can just lead a relaxed event where the participants go out and set up an outpost, scavenge resources, or even go on a pilgrimage. Let things happen naturally, because so long as you remain flexible you will always have the OPTION to throw in something sudden and dangerous. But does this mean that you SHOULDN’T “go for epicness†sometimes. No, absolutely not. In fact, as any Doctor Who fan will attest, absolutely ridiculous and major clashes can lead to some of the best storytelling moments in existence. Lore can be tweaked, but not broken. As we all know, the lore is there to serve the story, and not the other way around. But with that said, the lore does put up some basic parameters about what is and isn’t possible in your universe. Adhering to these limitations is usually a good idea, but if you have a storyline that would be awesome if you could just get away with some minor lore oversights, feel free to invoke the Rule of Cool. In other words, don’t produce an inferior storyline because you decide to obsess about lore. People will forgive you so long as they have fun! Just be wary so you don’t overuse the Rule of Cool, because then you end up with the problem addressed under “Bigger is not always betterâ€. Use your common sense to balance it out and you should be fine! Last But Not Least... Remember that you are supposed to have FUN hosting your events! To this end, create events and stories that YOU enjoy, and not what you "think" others will like. This is pretty much the biggest mistake you can make, because if you don't do it for your own enjoyment, then there's not going to be any real passion behind the storytelling. To my experience, storylines like this don't even end up getting finnished. They get started, and halfway through, everyone kinda just gives up, leaving the story in the limbo of loose threads that never got tied up. That is all for now. I hope this post turns out to be useful for someone, and if you feel I didn't address what you were really here to find out about, feel free to post below and let me know.
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    RP. If you want to join please look here. No end time, I've no idea how long, but we just end it when we feel like it
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    Only 4th time? Pfff... With that amount of mods you can play 10 more times, especially if you like RP. Entropy Rising is a hardcore guild. It's not easy to assemble and coordinate 12 ppl groups, for most of the guilds such trials will be hard. I don't rush to the end-game, there are a lot of things to do. Even without any trials it's fun.
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    Dear friends and guildies, let me first apologize for taking the initiative and changing the topic's title a bit as i found my curiosity at what first seemed like a fun plot discussion led me to stumble upon and read on subjects and ideas that i wouldn't have read if i was prepared to what opinions i would encounter. I'm not gonna comment on anything directly, i will only honestly admit that what i read at several points watered my eyes as i felt people touched ideas and notions that i have encountered in my life, and still do, that have made my quality of life as well as other people's hard. All this i say without wanting to offend anyone and of course i know that everyone is entitled to his own opinion and views as well as that no one is forced to read anything, you can always stop reading something you dont like but on a final point i would like to ask if you think a game's forum is a proper place for such discussions. I strongly believe that we have young members reading our forums and such touchy subjects may be against parental advisory content so we should warn them beforehand (at least try to). In that regard i took as i said the initiative and changed the title with a warning. Again im sorry if offend anyone and by all means feel free to correct me if i'm wrong and continue your discussion if you so wish as it seems "the touchy" subjects have ended. To change the mood and direct our attention to something that is a common issue like our home planet's environmental destruction. Have you seen "Project Home" ? Its informative, visually and narratively stunning with excellent soundtrack too, enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU
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    Tbh, I'm not too worried. People complain about SWTOR. I played it for a good while and enjoyed many things in it. My main issue with it is the Main Story, which was TOR's main appeal to me, has not progressed 1 inch since release. They made expansions, added zones, dungeons, its all nice and well. But I'm not a huge fan of raiding 3 nights a week the same dungeons for months. My characters are sitting there, waiting for the next chapter of their stories, and that is just not coming... I like ESO so far. PVE feels good, not so easy (a troll lvl 23 just whooped my NB 20's a$$ :s ok, Im a n00b) and entertaining. Crafting is quite ok. PVP is really fun (its one of the strong points, imo... a real battlefield, not just cramped 8vs8 arenas, yay!). It's far from perfect. There are tons of bugs, but rarely "game breaking". Usually, worst case, a log off/logon solves the mess. We're still far from TSW and it's "Oh its a MMO but the chat function is broken for a month" It does feel a bit like a single player game, like many of today's MMOs. But as already mentionned, it's cool that you can mostly just hop in a fight without grouping and still solve your quest, get exp and loot, unlike in many other MMOs. I fear ESO will however have the same problem as TOR. Since it's fully voiced, changes will be very difficult to apply. Because that means having all the actors replay parts, recording, editing, etc.. Thats much more difficult than editing a text. So making an expansion like WoW's Cataclysm for example would be a huge undertaking in games like TOR and ESO. As for "what to do after 1 month"... Well, I'm a slow leveller. Really slow. I like to play different characters at the same time, and I dont have the time to play as much as others :'( And I'm not really a fan of raiding day in day out as I already said, so I dont mind. I do not agree with the statement that "its at V10 that the real game begins". Thats why I like games like TOR and ESO, and ended up disliking games like WoW and Wildstar. Leveling and the story unfolding are important to me, they should not simply be the "mandatory but excruciating way to reach top level to finally start playing". But thats just my opinion, and I get it that others level as fast as they can because to them thats where the fun is, in raids where groups have to use skill and tactics to finish (whih is only true for a while, as after a while, the raid is so well equipped the dungeons become easy as pie). But even if your character reaches V10, you have opportunities. You still have two factions to explore with other characters. Classes to try out. PVP if you like that. And events will pop up I guess, like RP events, RvR events, etc.. So things to do, you will have
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    posted 2 hours ago The European megaserver is now offline for an ongoing maintenance. All updates and the patch notes are available on the official forums. Patch notes: OVERVIEW The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.3 features a number of fixes to existing content, mainly focusing on systems and quests that were blocking progression. We’re working hard to resolve other issues we know you’re eager to see fixed, and we’ll let you know when they’re addressed. We’re also continuing to work on the more global issue of botting and gold spamming. These changes are happening behind the scenes and although we aren’t mentioning specifics in the patch notes, we are continually working on protecting you from bots and gold farmers. We continue to receive all your reports, and taking care of them is one of our top priorities. Thanks for sending them in and for your patience. FIXES & IMPROVEMENTS Alliance War General Attempting /stuck in Cyrodiil no longer instructs you to use /bug instead of /help if you’re actually stuck. Resolved an issue if you take all the resources around the same time, and the icons do not update in real time on the map. You will now generate Ultimate against battle-leveled players. Combat & Gameplay General Silver Bolts rank 2 can now be re-added to your skill bar if it gets removed. Fixed an issue with the Ranger's gait set bonus. It no longer gives you excessive stamina recovery. Crafting & Economy General You will no longer accidentally deconstruct your equipped helmet. The sell value of food that you create has been reduced to be more in line with other crafting skill lines. Dungeons & Group Content Dark Anchors You will no longer get stuck if all the cultists are killed as soon as they spawn.Dungeons Banished Cells: After killing Cell Haunter and the other monsters, Keeper Areldur will no longer remain trapped. Banished Cells: Fixed an issue in the final boss room where the boss would not spawn if you were on the quest, but not on the right step. Miscellaneous General You will now be forced to restart the game client following a patch to ensure you do not get stuck on the login screen. Fixed an issue where you would get shot up into the air when walking over certain objects. Quests Auridon Through the Ashes: Monsters in the Abandoned Mine will now respawn as intended. A Hostile Situation: It will no longer be possible to get trapped in the jail cell when grouped with another player. An Act of Kindness: Resolved an issue where you could not use the crystal on monsters when you should have been able to. Betnikh Unearthing the Past: Fixed an issue where motes could not be interacted with on occasion. They are now be interactable when on the appropriate quest step. Carzog's Demise: Caleen and Lambur will now always speak to you. Bleakrock Island Frozen Man: You will now be able to find the third clue. Coldharbour The Army of Meridia: The Groundskeeper will no longer occasionally spawn in an uninteractable state. Crossing the Chasm: You will now always be able to start and advance through the portal events. Crossing the Chasm: The fight against Molag Grunda will now reset properly if you revive after being killed. Deshaan Trade Negotiations: Markers have been added to the compass and world map for each step in the quest. Trade Negotiations: Bodani and Raston should now always appear when turning in the quest. Challenge the Tide: The signal horn should now always be able to be used to summon Gruznak. Glenumbra Lineage of Tooth and Claw: The bound werewolf will now speak as intended when taken into the cave. Grahtwood Forgotten Soul: The central welkynd stone will now always be interactable. Scars Never Fade: Slim-Jah will now always speak with you, and her hunters will now always be willing to duel. Unsafe Haven: The ritual event will now spawn in as intended, and will no longer break with many players in the area. Guilds Anchors from the Harbour: Doshia has had her powers reduced. Main Quest Castle of the Worm: Fixed an issue where the quest could become blocked if you logged out or disconnected during the "Observe the Scene" step. Castle of the Worm: Cadwell will no longer decide to stop following you. Daughter of Giants: The exit portal will now always appear after defeating the final boss. Malabal Tor Arithiel: The sorcerer event will now always spawn as intended when you’re on the correct quest step. Reaper’s March Hadran's Fall: Returning Tand to the boss area will no longer break the quest. Rivenspire Fell's Justice: Leonce will now always respawn as intended. The Liberation of Northpoint: Darien will no longer get stuck and prevent you from completing the quest. Stonefalls Proving Trust: It should now be much easier to find and heal peasants. Divine Favor: Resolved an issue where you could not summon the Guard-Captain. Stormhaven Fixed an issue where the achievements Dreamslayer, Spirit Warden Champion and Azura’s Ally were not being awarded correctly. The Perfect Burial: It will now be much easier to find mudcrabs. The Rift Trial of the Body: All of the bosses will be able to be attacked as intended. Tomb Beneath the Mountain: You will now always be able to reanimate a corpse and have it follow you. UI General The error message “Account Expired†will now display properly when the client is set to any language. The error message "An unknown error has occurred" has been edited to be more helpful.
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    And yet another video! Enjoy!
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    I wanted to wait for a guild pvp event before venturing into Cyrodiil, and I'm glad I did. It was a true experience, hectic, mad, fast paced action, I was dying for a pee but couldn't leave (note to the commander...bio break's)... didn't have time to roll a fag, until we scaled the walls of the keep...and it was the worst fag you ever saw...note to self (roll a few before hand)...or stop! Now... I have no idea if I hit anything with my staff from the top of those walls, but it seemed to pissed them off enough for them to come into cast range and the "you have killed" message was met with a grim reaper smirk from yours truly. Funniest episode was when running back from one of my many death's, an enemy and myself ran past each other, he jumped off a rock ledge and I followed... right into his mates. As was said in chat don't try and get back on your own wait for a group,,,lesson learned. My high elf was burnt to a crisp but all in all .. I loved it..and signing up for the next one.
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    It was expected that forums would die a little right around launch right? Atleast I expected it -everyone would be caught up in the game. But turns out the forums are still active, atleast some ppl are. I think (I'm sorry to say) that we grow too fast. Humans are made in a way so we can manage to know a certain amount of ppl, and at some point with too many ppl it becomes a blur. Before launch we where not so many here and I had an idea about who ppl where, I felt I had a chance of getting to know ppl. And I know it's bad to say this, because a lot joined, so please, this is in no way meant to aim at anyone, it's just a fact. And I will ofc try to get to know all of you Second problem is the game itself: 1. Storylines why lvling is very indulging. I atleast have to concentrate at the stories told to me, so I don't talk much in g-chat while questing, and more while emptying bags and crafting. 2. Same problem with TS. I find TS disrupts my gameplay -because I like the stories and don't want to miss them, and ppl talking on TS while some npc explains her lifestory of sadness, is a disruption. 3. We can't really group: A. Faction isssue? We can't group with those not of our own faction *cry* and here I had hoped Serana had some evil twisted plan to make Malva her slave or omg a vampire. B. Zooning issue? We can't group and quest together if we are not doing all quests in the same way, because of the game zooning or instancing areas. I think when raidcore is created atleast those participating there will become a tightknit group, so that is good. But it is also very bad if we get divided like that -because we will be if we are not carefull. I know as I've tried sitting outside and not having much talk with raidcore ppl due to them being really bussy with raids. So that might become different factions within guild: raidcore, pvpcore, rpcore and the rest. Sad What can we do to prevent it? -mixup raidcores and have a group big enough to circulate -participate in more then just one aspect (like do both raidcore and regular pvp) But it is up to the ppl doing those things, as you can never force anyone to be social. Also just talk a lot Talk really do catch I think. And it does not matter what we talk about. And don't be shy. We don't bite (unless you want to become a vampire, then someone might be ready to bite you). Also did you guys know we can form a band? Be the first to make a band weeeee and give performances in towns. Because you know it is cool if you ever did play WoW L70ETC Rogues do it form behind ;P
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    Hey guys, My latest video is live. It's a guild run. Check it out below:
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    By fire and moons and birds and bone. â€â€¦ far north?†a female voice shrieked. “But we have never been so far before†she continued, her voice growing stronger. Malva woke up by the sound of her mother’s anxious words. It was late night, but the council still sat around the smoldering fire. Everyone else was sound asleep in the wagons or on guard duty at the perimeter. “Jo’Tian had a vision and the signs all tell the same story†Ri’Kara’s voice sounded agitated and tired at the same time Malva thought. “Lower your voices, or the whole camp will be awake soon!†It was R’Chia-dar barely audible through the wind rustling the autumn leaves, his voice an angry hiss. The voices became a mumbling sound, with just a few audible words. Malva was wide awake and curious. Far north? She pushed the bedcovers aside, moved across the floor to the edge of the wagon and slid out under the wagons covers at the back end and landed soundlessly on the cold wet grass. She pushed herself underneath the wagon ignoring the cold and the grass stains on her nightshirt. Jo’Tian was talking with a quiet calming voice. She was a master of calming people with her voice alone. Somehow she managed to make her voice sound like a soft purr. “This one is certain. All signs has shown her, north is the direction for us.†Malva curled up behind a wheel and could just make out the hunched silhouettes of the council sitting by the campfire in the circle of wagons. “We have decided to find her and both moons and bone, birds and cards is telling this one the same: North.†“And then we go north, we decided to find her remember. We all know what is at stake.†Even whispering Ri’Kara sounded a bit scary. You could hear his huge teeth and big paw in that voice Malva thought and shivered. “But to bring everyone… we have children among us, most of them are much too young for a journey so uncertain.†It was her mother again. Shiam’dar backing her up: “Some could find a safe haven and stay with the children?†her voice trailing off full of doubt. Malva knew why. It would never happen. Ri’Kara would never split up the Wild Wind companions. It was a principle and everybody knew it would be the end of his reign as chief if he split the group. R’Chia-dar had had his eye on the chieftains position for some time now, all he needed was a reason. As predicted Ri’Kara’s voice boomed and caused hisses from the others “We are not splitting up the group!†He rose up and stood there for a moment, huge and hovering above the rest. One of the guards leaped into light of the fire to see what the shouting was about. Ri’Kara send him away with a wink of his paw and continued. “Ri’Kara is declaring we tell everybody of our destination tomorrow and begin preparing. It is a long way to Skyrim and it is even longer to the north of the north. The signs in the moons show us we have no time to waste before the nightmares are upon us. This one will not overlook the signs and think himself above the wisdom of shamans. We leave for the north in three days. All of us.†He looked around at them, his tail drawing annoyed patterns and shadows in front of the dying fire. “Now we will sleep, the meeting is closed, say the words Jo.†And Jo’Tian began the traditional moon prayer to end meetings where decisions are made. Malva crawled back up into the wagon excited about the news. She had never been further north than Bangkorai even though she had lived most of her life with the travelling Wild Wind companions, a gypsy band of Khajiit, all exiled for various reasons or just not satisfied with a settled life. Back in her bed she was too excited to fall asleep and she thought of soft snow and pointy mountains while she listened to her mother undressing and turning in. Skyrim, the name alone was magical. And there lived the dragons. ...to be continued
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    ESO will launch today for those who have 5-day early access pass. Please accept RSVP if you have 5-day early access pass with your purchase, so that we knew who will be online that day.
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    I would like to ask people that runned DLC dungeons to do some sort of training runs with guild mates explaining mechanics and all that. Those dungeons are extremely difficult to do with random people and without knowledge on mechanics, run will fail. Even knowing about all of it those dungeons are unforgiving. I may start with introducing Imperial City Prison and White Gold Tower, as I have experience , to people that never done them. Doing so will help people get gear, achievements, motifs they want. Cheers!
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    Welcome to the Newcomer's Guide part 3! In this guide I will focus on all the major ways to rake in cash ingame, from Trading Guilds to stealing from NPCs. Having a lot of gold can solve many issues in the game, like upgrading gear or buying your Best-in-Slot items for your build. There are a many ways to make gold in ESO, like selling your junk to a vendor, posting your items in Guild Stores of Trading guilds or stealing from NPCs and selling those items to a fence. Vendoring junk items isn't as profitable as trading with other players, but if you have been farming a certain area and your bag gets filled up with junk, you can vendor it for a tidy sum. There have been times when I sold those unusable junk items totaling 7-8k gold, so you shouldn't underestimate it. The easiest way to do this is download a junk marker addon like Dustman. The next, a bit more profitable way to make gold is stealing from NPCs. Most NPCs in the world can be pickpocketed and most containers can be stolen from. These items in turn can only be sold to a Fence, or can be laundered, also at the Fence, so you can sell it to other players, if the item is especially valuable. There are special areas in the biggest cities in zones called Outlaw Refuges, where Fences can be found. There are several passives in Legerdemain and Thieves Guild skill lines that make pickpocketing easier and more profitable. The new motifs in Vvardenfell can only be gained through stealing or trading with player characters. Be aware though, if you are caught stealing you gain a bounty and if a guard catches you, you have to either pay your bounty to them, use Clemency from the Thieves Guild passives or run away. If you pay your bounty to a guard or if it kills you while you try to escape all your stolen items are confiscated and in the case of dying your bounty will be automatically taken from your inventory. Be cautious if you take this path. Now the most profitable way to gain gold, as always in an MMO, is by trading with other players. There are multitudes of items that are valuable to people like raw materials, motifs, gear etc. Where is the Auction House? A lot of veteran MMO players new to ESO ask this question. The answer is there is no server wide AH in ESO. Instead there are Trading guilds - player-made guilds specialized for trading, with built in guild stores who can hire Guild Traders. These Guild Traders can be found in every zone in the game and trading guilds vie for these traders as you "rent" them for a week then when that week is done they compete with other guilds for the spot. The easiest and most relaxed way to gain gold is by joining a trading guild (or 3 :P) and posting your items in their guild store. You can join up to 5 player-made guilds in ESO and its up to you how many of those slots you want to dedicate to traders. Although most of these trading guilds either require a membership fee or a weekly quota of sales so they can sustain their guild and keep hiring guild traders at the best spots. While managing the quota of 1 guild can be relatively easy, depending on the guild, doing the same with more guilds can take up a lot of time, joining 3-4 trading guilds can lead to you using all of your play time to meet the quotas of the guilds, so choose wisely. Prices constantly change so to make pricing a breeze download one of these addons: Master Merchant - this addon scans the sale history of your guilds and makes an average price based on those sales. It tends to become more accurate the more guilds you are in. Tamriel Trade Centre - this addon on the other hand is fed information from a website of the same name. It scans all items at all traders on the megaserver and makes an average price for the items based on for how much they are listed instead of based on sales. It's an accurate addon, however it also counts listings that are ridiculously overpriced. Whichever addons you use is up to taste really, both are accurate and both have their pros and cons. Popular items that will definitely sell quick Raw materials - The unrefined versions of materials sell for higher than their refined counterparts, simply because in the process of refining you might get legendary materials and those can sell for a nice sum. Legendary materials - These are needed to get your gear to its top potential or craft the XP Boost Drinks and will always be in demand, these usually sell in the first hour, unless you overprice them. Motifs - There are a lot of aspiring crafters and they all want motifs to add to their collections, the prices on these vary depending on how rare they are, from the common racial style books which go for about 100 gold/book, to the Buoyant Armiger of which each chapter easily sell between 100k-150k gold. Crafted items - Sets like Hunding's Rage and Law of Julianos can sell between 10k-15k gold/piece. Also glyphs, food and potions can sell relatively high if you mass produce them. Recipes - Certain rare food and furnishing recipes can sell for really high amounts, especially epic and legendary ones. Dwemer epic furnishing recipes in particular are quite high priced because of their relative rarity, each selling between 30k-60k gold. BoE sets - Some of these sets are quite popular, making them an easy cash source if you decide to farm them. If you get an infused weapon from one of the popular sets consider that you hit the jackpot, for example an Infused Necropotence Lightning Staff can sell between 200k-300k gold. These sets include: Necropotence, Plague Doctor, Spriggan, Spinner, Akaviri Dragonguard, Queen's Elegance. Cosmetic items - These are relatively few and always are contained in runeboxes. They can be mementos from past events, costumes, pets or polymorphs. The especially pricy Xivkyn polymorphs from the Imperial City bought with TelVar Stones can sell for well above 300k. That's all the advice I can give for now, use these well and you'll get rich (eventually ). Happy trading folks!
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    The annual #QuakeCon Sale is here! Save on Crown Packs and #ESO for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac, now through August 28.
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    The Massacre at Rorikstead. Frenzy is a highly useful spell for starting fights. Reanimated and disintegrated, we wouldn't want corpses lying around. Paralyzed while being attacked by a frenzied goat and a wild sabre cat. The only one left standing – Síle de Tansarville.
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    Update 15 (2 new group dungeons) on PTS next week
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    Happy Birthday @AlphaDitto !
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    So, last weekend (and the coming one too! *me excited*) I could lay my little pristine hands (okay... my big hairy hands ) on ArcheAge. I did not have time to test ArcheAge's two most compelling features: craft and pvp. I wasnt high level enough for pvp and crafting is somewhat restricted for "free" users like me. So... AA comes from korea and well... it's visible... The characters look a bit like...well... "Asian looking characters that got europeanised". The whole game has an Asian feel to it. Its not bad or ugly, but it will not suit everyone's taste. the music playing in loop got a bit on my nerves tbh... AA runs on the CryEngine which makes it quite good looking. However, I find the visual quality uneven. Characters, and some environments are looking quite good. Grass fields on the other hand feel a bit like green floor with patches of grasses pasted on :s Something just doesnt look right with it. Might explain why I prefer the harani's desertic zones The 4 races are quite distinct and their starting zones are varied which is quite nice. I also liked the usual traits are not used here. Humans are the "mages", Elves are the brute warriors, Firrans (the cat-like people) are the archers and the harani (the Asians) are the sneaky ones. Lore wise at least. Because the race perks do not influence combat. Story arcs are twofold. You have the territory arcs, which can be taken by everyone. And you have the race arcs, which, as the name implies, can only be taken by characters from the said race. No class arcs unlike TOR. To be honest, the stories, which are usually something I'm looking forward to, bored me quite quickly. I nearly pressed "esc" to skip the cutscenes, something I never do... There's something dull and generic about the story telling which is a pity for a game thats otherwise quite well made. Gameplay is rather generic too. Its classic MMO style. Select your target, hit your skills. Its nice you can move while casting, but thats about as dynamic as it gets. Combos (additionnal effects triggered by using skills in the right order) are quite important it seems. And that leads to an aspect Rift player will be quite familiar with. AA uses "skillsets". You choose the 1st at creation, the 2nd at level 5 and the 3rd at level 10. The combination of your 3 skillsets becomes your class. Certain skillsets work better together, which is indicated by an icon when you choose the sets. But you're free. Want to make a warrior that wields fireballs and plays the lute? Go ahead. A mage that vanishes in the shadows? As you wish. But, as said, combos are important, and choosing skillsets that dont really work well together will limit your available combos. The nice thing is they foresaw a name for every possible combination (http://archeage.gamepedia.com/Classes). PVP seems to be a big and nice feature. Apparently, when you reach certain zones (around lvl 15), its basically fre for all. A guy from the opposing faction made it to there? Well, he can toast you But bad mean evil people from your own faction also can... Except for them, there is a consequence. Guilt points and infamy points. get too many guilt points, and you will face trial, with players as jurors! Infamy points allow you to join the 3rd faction of the game: the Pirates. Craft is also a big piece of the game. And that will hurt... Basically, you have a pool of labor points. And all actions (mining, identifying an object, planting, melting, etc etc) has a cost. Labor points are account bound. You have a reroll on the RP server? Well, doesnt help, labor points are interserver wide... They regenerate. 5 pts per 5 minutes ONLINE. Mining an iron node costs 10 points... Of course, you can speed things up. But you have to pay... /break gotta go...
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    Yes, I think Zeni did a bad thing listening to beta testers if that is really the case! Lots of MMO's with factions is that way, you see part of the game, want to se more, make alts. Rather that than destroying the lore. Especially with a game like ESO, which already was taking shit for even becoming an MMO! Also I think people will whine nomatter what you do. Can't satisfy everyone. They have such a good game lorewise, actingwise, storywise. It has great potential really. But in MMO you need the choice to either solo quest OR group quest. To make group almost impossible until 50 and then force people to group is the WORST mistake ever done First you teach players to depend on themselves, then you flip and tell them to work in groups O.o oh dear, it's not the right way to do it. Phasing is great and it works really well if this was not MMO, I'd rather sacrifice that and ignore that the town I saved still needs saving, as I've done in every other MMO I've played. WoW tried phasing also and got bashed for it, Blizz was smart though and only did it in a single zone or so. I think the grouping dificulties was a major dealbreaker for people. Along with the play-the-other-factions vet lvls.
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    Now I finally understand why Nuin gathers all flowers...for her secret mead plant of course!!! Well, veteran zones may be desserted but the 1-50 zones are full of people. Rift bank -> people formed a long queue to make deposits So if they change the veteran zones soon, during summer, maybe there is hope for ESO. Serana worked for countless hours and days, to unify Ebonheart, to save the world, to solve over 1.000 quests (yeap, 1 thousand), to clear all dungeons, to defeat Molag, to earn "Tamriel hero" and "Explorer" titles and many others. And sadly no reward for all her work. Until today, when she received a present, a new toy
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    Annnnnd she picked up her new computer WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So tomorrow is set aside for making it work. I'm thinking it'll take most of the day and hopefully I'll be on good graphics tomorrow evening for RP (else I swap back to old computer, it still works). And Flavia, I carried it home all by myself on my bike, with my strong manly arms, all the way through this hole damn town In a dress -wuuut And a gentleman man held the door for me when I was trying to hold the bike, the computer and grab keys, but finding out I had no third arm O.o He looked quite nice, but I think also he was a carpenter, and we know carpenter men are handsome, right
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    Sometimes my wife gets angry on me for gaming too much. I thought she's right until I received this pic from a friend who plays on his mobile phone. Since then, I stopped considering myself a gamer
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    I just read this topic so sorry for the late reply. First of all, stop smiling so much, it's creepy. Seriously though, I know you try to show that you say what you say in good will but it gives me really strong vibes of sarcasm as your "face" doesn't match your sayings. By the way I meant the plural you. Now on the topic, I think feminism is, depending on what you mean by it, either a misleading, unnecessary and dangerous for real equality term or a hate group against men, often triggered by cases of abuse on females. From what i read you belong on the first case so I will answer accordingly. Firstly I say it is misleading because if you really seek equality for all why are you calling it feminism, don't you see how the term addresses only females? Unless I am wrong about the fem part of the word. That is why I think it's unnecessary too, You shouldn't seek for women to have equal rights with men but rather everyone to have equal rights, putting females first defeats the purpose, for example if I said I fight for men to have equal rights with women it would sound like I am with team men, for a lack of a better term. Now I say it is dangerous for real equality because I see a lot of cases of men speaking differently towards women or about women in fear of being rude, or treating women differently for that matter, like being careful not to touch them wrong when they are really close to them, for example during sports or on a crowded place. and when I say men I mean males, and I include myself although I try to change that. What I mean is that feminism can create a lot of similar situations to what happens often with black people, being careful not to insult them by saying the wrong things. Nuin, on a previous post you wrote something along the lines of men can't understand my point of view, which is true but only a part of the truth, as females can't really see things from you point of view too, unless you meant that females have some sort of biological thing( I couldn't come up with a better word) that allows them to see things like you. Also the picture that said something like 3+3=4+2 is completely wrong, because how do you compare humans and even if you could I don't think you would find anyone equal with another. What I mean by equality, and if it is wrong I don't want equality, is everyone having the same rights but those rights should include a lot special of cases like in case someone is pregnant( note that i say someone, not a woman, and I think everyone should do that even though I don't think science has gone so far yet as to allowing men to get pregnant), and it should be considered as when someone is ill or has mental problems, not that I mean pregnancy is an illness, but it has some similarities. Now for Flavia, I don't agree with you as I think that people with power should help those without, and power can come in many forms(physical power, mental power, leading ability etc.). I think that if everyone works at what they do best and is required of them they can use their power for the betterment of everyone's life instead of personal gain, even though I don't think there are a lot of people that enjoy gaining things by ruining others in the long run. But I could be wrong about that as i don't have a very strong opinion in this argument as I have in the feminism argument. Edit: Also I forgot to mention, what is the problem of being sexually attracted to women and why does that make me look at women as objects? So when you see a man with a nice body that makes you looking at him as an object if you like him? ( I should have said perfectly shaped reproductive organ but that might go too far and be considered rude)
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    Was very fun tonight I'm happy you joined. I can continue this most evenings (except wednesdays) but ofcourse some days I have appointments. I'll suggest we continue some evening next week, let me know when you can.
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    List of emotes, for who needs it Here
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    Elder Scrolls Lore: Daedric Prince Azura A Skyrim Lore Series (New episodes every other Friday) Donate to the series @ http://www.shoddycast.com/ Facebook | http://Facebook.com/ShoddyCast Twitter | http://twitter.com/ShoddyCast Season... From:ShoddyCast Views:301 944ratings Time:10:09 More inGaming
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    You are not leaving them alone or quiting. You have much higher level then they do and you don't need to spend so much time with your main character. Nothing wrong if you create new character. You can try another class, catch up Nuin and do some dungeons gather flowers together. BTW, I have small templar too.
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    To address the "First come First serve" nature of Regere Sanguince concerning members that want to eventually be offered the dark gift of lycanthropy or Vampirism we will be keeping a join order list as the game's guild history tab does not keep record for more than 2 days as it seems. Join Order 1) @Takissougias - Harbinger - Vampire 11) @MortvAgam - Acolyte 2) @Britzolas - Harbinger - Vampire 12) @Anheron - Acolyte 3) @Glevissig - Blood Matriarch 4) @Saphia - Acolyte 5) @Gorgorion1 - Harbinger - Vampire 6) @Thegoog28 - Harbinger - Vampire 7) @Moonclash - Acolyte 8) @Needfullad - Acolyte 9) @RandomHarun - Harbinger - Vampire 10) @BlueLithium - Acolyte
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    I didn't watch the video but omg everybody on FB is complaining...too easy, too short, is this the end-game, we are going back to GW2 blabla. On the other hand, they could be right because I remember "pve end-game strategy/guidelines", which was discussed here on this forum and it was something like "first 2 weeks in a dungeon are just to know boss' mechanics and starting 3rd week we'll farm on him". OK but those guys (Entropy Rising) reached the final boss (in their first try) in 36 minutes and defeated him in a later try, same day. Anyway, I suppose Zenimax could easily adjust difficulty since Craglorn is still closed beta.
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    I see how some of the topics discussed here are not pleasant and I earlier said that this is maybe not the right place for it but some of the thoughts shared here are important for everyone. Sometimes it seems to me that people in western society, especially teachers, rather avoid touchy subjects than teach children how to deal with them in an intelligent and responsible way. Just because it's hard doesn't mean it's a bad thing. As a soon to be chemist/scientist I kinda disagree with some of the wording of that HOME documentation. Also I hear a simple falsehood around every 2 minutes so far, being 15 minutes in(okay it gets better later). The style of the documentation is also a little strange to me. The main point though that mankind is depleting the resources it needs, water (ironically) most of all, is still not in the minds of people enough. There is a grim future ahead and sometimes I think that it can hardly be avoided. What do you think are the chances of an effective change in our behaviour towards nature before it is too late?
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    Few weeks ago, I upgraded my PC (of 2006, with Core2Duo generation CPU) to: i7 CPU with 10 MB L2-cache and 3.7 GHz clock-speed. If you can, make that L2-cache 12 or 16 MB, but that will cost you a lot more (like 200-300 bucks more). There are other cheaper i7 CPUs out there and let me give you this example: you will not be able to play game and stream it in HD if you have those cheap i7's, or any CPU of lower caliber: i5 and below (we tested this with PduJ's comp and witnessed first hand). If you want something really strong, something you would enjoy completely, buy what I did, or better. And that will last for another 5 years (I've used my Core2Duo for 8+ years and it did quite well until ESO - MMOs require quite a good CPU power). For motherboard, whatever you do, don't buy any stock product which vary around $50. I strongly recommend some high performance Motherboard with high speed transfer bridges. I got ASUS Sabertooth X73 which is awesome motherboard. Costs more than $400. The importance of good motherboard is high as it gives you great upgrade capabilities and rids you of fundamental speed/performance bottlenecks. For graphic cards - I strongly recommend against ATI cards. Reason is simple: their stupid legacy program. It won't take more than 6 months before they declare your card old ("legacy") and stop supporting it with new drivers. Happened to me twice. NVidia is the only viable way for high performance and high customer support/compatibility gaming/professional graphic cards. I got NVidia Geforce 760 XT which has higher performance values than x670 XT counterpart of it, but for some reason the latter was much expensive with my vendor. For memory - latest DDR5 RAMs are what you need. And high end mother boards are compatible with those RAMs anyway. 1600 MHz clockspeed, 8 GB RAM modules (DDR5 tech) is what you need. E.g.: Sabertooth mobo I mentioned above, has 8 slots for such RAMs, enabling you to have up to 64 GM RAM in total. This technically eradicates SSD harddisk need as well, as almost all data your applications use will reside in L3-cache of RAM with much higher speed. It is relatively more expensive (i.e. buying 64 GB RAM vs SSD harddisks), but in long-term you will gain from it. For hard-drives - SSD disks are a must-have if you want fast OS response. 128 GB SSD will do if you use Windows only. 256 GB is needed if you also install some Linux flavor (mostly for professional reasons - if ESO had Ubuntu support, I'd stop using Windows altogether. And for several reasons, I dislike Mac so not using it either). For cases - expensive stuff aside, there are relatively cheap Full-tower cases which come with liquid-cooling for CPU. I strongly recommend getting at least such cases. Trust me, you don't want i7 CPU with stock fans! As I already had 21'' monitor, HDDs, power supply (to run this rig, you need to have safety-enabled good PSU with 680 Watt power, any less will make your life miserable and endanger PC components in long-term) and other small accessories, I didn't purchase any of them. My expense for the above was around $2000, considering Turkey has awful customs tax ratios. Normally these components could be gathered for less than $1000 in EU or US. For much less, in far East. I assembled my components myself, which took around 3 hours to do. CPU assembly with new liquid cooling is tricky, so I spent more than an hour for that to make sure everything worked just fine. Hope this helps!
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    quote from Tyronus "I just find it an odd notion that two people who are in love can't be together, because you are reluctant about having a two-minute conversation with your child." I am not saying that. They can be together, nobody cares. Homosexuality was deleted from the Penal Code 10 years ago. You can even sign a contract to put goods and liabilities in common, I think it;s called partnership in other countries (ok, this is not legal in Romania but I would agree with that). My only problem is the word "marriage". I'm not sure how traditions are in other countries but here marriage means (besides signing some papers) a religious ceremony to celebrate the "sacred union between a husband and his wife". Eastern (Ortodox) Church would never accept such things so in my opinion the word "marriage" should not be used in other context than between a male and a female. It's just a matter of wording, really. I will not comment on "neutral gender" subject because I don't even understand what it is. Regarding "vocal", I was not referring to common people but to a small minority (few hundreds people maybe) which organize an yearly "Liberty Parade". I don't know, maybe I'm too old but they look strange. I'll not link here but you can google Bucharest Liberty Parade and see for yourself However, even if they are so few, the press allocated a lot of space to the subject...probably because they know people will come and comment -> web traffic -> advertising money. By the contrary...common people like you and me are...reluctant? (again my English is not good enough for such texts) to speak about this subject. I don't remember even 5 public figures admitting they are gay. We don't have an Elton John or a Freddie Mercury. Common people never speak about it. It's still quite a taboo here. Regarding children...if all of us would choose to become gay, there would be no more children, would they? Or no more people on planet So I think we should find a common ground between granting some rights to a group of people (to sleep with whoever they like to) and to exagerate this to the point that the normality because anormality and viceversa.
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    ok, ive never really tried RP. and im not really a writer either... but here it goes. probably terrible but what the hell. So long ago, she could not remember when, but it was a night that she would never forget. sephirothine was a young girl, a simple tavern maid who spent her life fullfilling her daily chores, and honing her magicka. she was not a gifted mage but hoped to one day join the mages guild and hone her somewhat lackluster abilities. That night was almost like any other, sepirothine continued to work the tavern, untill a group of travellers entered they looked exhausted, like they had been travelling for months at a time, with no sight of their journey ending soon, choosing a spot in the corner of the tavern they took their rest. sepirothine walked over to the group to serve, noticing they looked agitated, nervous even. in an attempt to strike up a friendly conversation as she did with all who would come here, she enquired to the travellers about themselves. only to be met with short hostile responces from some, and nervous avoidance by the rest. 'we're just passing through, our group is hungry bring us food' one barked. As the night deepened something started to not feel right, outside it seemed too quiet, the travellers nervous agitation created an akward atmosphere that saturated the tavern sephirothine caught parts of whispered argument between them 'they shouldnt be able...' from one 'hunted for months..' from another. whilst trying to overhear their conversation more closely from across the room, a figure caught her eye... sat alone, in a shadow shrouded corner, barely light by the hearthfire... she had not noticed him come in which she never did she was always alert to peoples coming and goings if she had not seen him, nobody would have. now that she was looking at this figure despite not being able to see him clearly for some reason she could feel his gaze upon her, and felt a fearfull chill up her spine, the tavern fire licked at the shadows he was shrouded in catching a strange sparkle in his eyes. it felt like an age that she stared at him, transfixed by his gaze, curiousness slowly turned in to fear, untill that fear made her want to shout out to anyone, something was wrong. but in the time it took her to process the need to scream and her inhaling in order to so, this figure had travelled across the room and was now holding her by the throat and she could now see the person that was sat moments before, eyes full of evil and a lust, a lust for death, she knew what this was, but thought they were just a myth. in pure shock in this moment she tried a hit her attacker with a fire spell, but not being well versed in magicka it was hardly powerfull, it only seemed to fuel his rage. he tossed her across the room into the wall knocking her near unconcious... with blurred vision she watched at he turned his attention to the group of travellers... taunting them as he slowly walked towards them, one tried to fight and thats when the walked turned into a bloody fury, screams turned to bloody gargles as he ripped the group apart with his bare hand and teeth. Sepirothine summoned her strength and stood, disorientated she tried a flame spell once more, perhaps it was the fear perhaps the adrenaline or maybe both but without thinking she let forth a searing ball of flame knocking the man off his balance. after regaining his balance he turned to face her, a sick smile upon his face blood dripping from his mouth and hands, he made his way towards her. Sephirothine tried to run she knew she would not be able to fight him off, in a dazed stumble she barerly made it to the door when she felt a hand on her shoulder, her life flashed before her eyes as the man sunk his teeth into her neck... she desperatly tried to fight him off as her vision turned to darkness as she felt death take hold of her. only to then be wakened by a womans voice.
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    ok here she is.. sepirothine.. the deadliest smexiest vamp there ever once was.
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    Checked my Provisioning recipes today, making list of what mats are important for which recipes. Following is the drafted list: FOOD Glace Viande + Mudcrab Meat [Magicka, 50] Honey Comb + Imperial Stock [Magicka, r-5] Beef + Jus + Onion [stamina + Magicka, 40] Baker Flour + Mudcrab Meat [HP, 50] Honeycomb + Imperial Flour [HP, r-5] Baker's Flour + Mudcrab Meat + Red Wheat [HP + Magicka, 50] Beef + Cake Flour + Barley + Red Wheat + Oats [HP + Magicka + Stamina, r-5] Fatback + Mudcrab Meat [stamina, 47] Honeycomb + Pinguis [stamina, r-5] Honeycomb + Pinguis + Salt [HP + Stamina, r-5] POTIONS Mountain Berries + White Malt [HP-12, 50] Bervez Fruit + Imperial Mash [HP-13, r-5] Jazbay Grapes/Bervez Fruit + Golden Malt [stamina-13, r-5] "50" in square parentheses means level-50 consumable, "r-5" means rank-5. Italics means possibly raid-important.
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    @Serana: No, it is creating Pay-2-Win ecosystem within Sub-based game - a reason for which we left Rift at first place, because it went Free-2-Play and changed policies in favor of Pay-2-Win. That's why sub-defending players like myself are strictly against the idea. And last time I checked, it is against Terms of Use of ESO's - selling with real money that is. That's why Gold-sellers are banned from game. It's not different: selling gold or gear with real money is "illegal" and game-destroyer.
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    If many years from now, you venture to Elden Root and is hungry for food and a story, go to the Outside Inn and you will most likely find an old khajiit lady, her whiskers grey and her face covered in scars from her many adventures. She will tell you a story if you buy her a meal, remember to order her some Moonsugar bisquits for dessert. If she is in a good mood, ask her if the rumours you have heard is true; that when she was young she stole the heart of Brackenleaf. They are, but it flatters her if you have heard rumours, and she will think you sought her out for just this tale. "Oh that old story" The old khajiit lady sniggers and her eyes sparkle. "This one will tell you how it happened, it was back in my younger days, I was a mere kitten out on my own for the first time. I didn't know much of the world, but I was curious about how it all looked. It began when I first arrived in Grahtwood and I met this peculiar little woodelf, I've forgotten his name. He told me about the heart of Brackenleaf, a sacred tree to the Bosmer people, and then gave me a look and said "But you could never steal his heart, that would take a real master thief" I offcourse went for the bait, young as I was, and I told him that I would return with the treeheart within a day. It took me longer mind you, because I ate this red frog, I remember clearly what a pain it was to catch it. It must have been poisonous because the world changed and I talked to all kinds o f forest spirits, and when I finally came back to myself it was with a terrible headache and singed whiskers, and with a piece of the heart. But I'm getting ahead of myself now." "The woodelf told me to look for some treehuts southwards between Elden Root and Haven, and I went right there and then, without questions. He must have had much fun on my expense telling his friends how he had sent a kitten out to steal the heart of Brackenleaf. I got lost many times, the Grahtwood forest is no place for unexperienced tree climbers. Crocodiles nearly got me numerous times, this scar right here on my ankle is from a tailswing, it happened right before I met Glaras and perhaps if I was not wounded she would have just wandered on. So it might just be that crocodile was sent by the moons. Glaras helped take down the crocodile, telling me while she tended to my wounds, that she was just out to get some meat for dinner, and asking if I would join her. As it turned out she belonged to a tribe of guardians called Brackenleafs Briars and I could not believe my luck." "That night while eating crocodile with the Briars I was told the story about Brackenleaf and Y'ffre, and I understood I had been sent out on a fools errand. Why should a tribe of woodelfs let a khajiit join their secred order of treeguardians? I stayed the night with the woodelfs, sleeping in their magnicifent treehut, dreaming dreams coated with moonsugar and then I woke. The night was a dark green, light of the moons bouncing on all those leafs around me. I sat up, someone had called my name, I was certain of it. I pushed the blankets aside grabbed my staff and climbed down the hut. The grass was wet and cold on my paws and I regretted having left the warm bed, when I saw it: A spriggan spirit, those odd tree spirits guarding woodelf sacred forests. She called my name again and I could not resist following." "The spriggan lead me to a hidden cave, where the red frogs live. I knew about the frogs, having just been told the story of how you have to eat one to talk to your spirit animal or if you where chosen; Brackenleaf. I took it as a sign. I will not tell you how difficult it was catching the cursed frog, but in the end I got one and I forced myself to eat it alive, how it struggled to get free, almost choking me. The woodelfs have some odd ideas about what is food and what isn't. Did you ever try rothmeth? Horrible isn't it. Who makes any kind of food from rotten meat? Oh I better keep my voice down, but atleast the jagga is drinkable, though I prefer just plain water here." "Now where was I? Ah the red frog. It must have contained poison of a sort, because what happened next is a very odd tale. I was still in this world, and at the same time I was in a spirit world, where I could see and interact with all the guardians of the forest. It felt as if the air was made of water and all the colours had changed just a tiny bit, too little to be of any real concern to me and too much for me to ignore it. I could not wait to explore this new forest and as I wandered through the forest, a huge snake lunged at me. It was as fas as a treetrunk and as silvery see-through as all the other spirits. And yet I felt its body push me and its hisses in my face, as it snaked its way passed me in the forest. I could not help myself, I had to catch it. It was a great struggle. See how my left ear is torn? That is from the spirit snakes fang. I got it in the end and I think I ate the whole animal raw. I was in a sort of trance and I curled up and slept after the meal. I felt my body growing strong from the snake meat. I heard growling and realised it came from me. My paws grew bigger and I could extend these huge claws." http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y299/DoxyDorthea/0d2712cc-f8c1-41ec-9d80-9c174ee21c8e_zps8f1ffcfe.png "I don't know how long I slept. I was woken by a continously howling. My fur was standing and I tried to grab for my staff to defend myself. But I couldn't grab it, my paws had grown huge and unflexible. I tried to get up, but could no longer balance my weight on my hindlegs and I realised I had changed from eating the snake. I had turned into a Senche-tiger. I had no time to ponder about my shapeshift, as five wolves where attacking me. Even though they where five, I was far bigger and stronger and I was not going to give my life to be their dinner. One got his throat ripped by my sharp teeth, two wolfs got their skulls bashed in, one lay limb with a broken back and the last slipped away with just an injured leg." http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y299/DoxyDorthea/38e5fd0f-aa6c-4b7b-a7a7-6db611ad3d49_zps5ca96589.png "I roamed the forest for some time, enjoying my new body. By now you are probably wondering where this story is going? You asked to hear how I stole Brackenleafs heart, and here I am telling about how I met my spirit animal. You probably wonder if I'm so old I've mixed up the stories, but I tell you, the two stories are linked. Just be patient and listen and you will hear about the heart." http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y299/DoxyDorthea/9320ff5f-24e3-4934-bde1-6264694b2995_zpsa78ac85d.png "It was Glaras who found me. The woodelf had noticed someone was in the spirit world and Glaras went in herself to retrieve my spirit. You see noone can be their spirit animal forever, they forget their real body if they are not linked to this world, and I had no link since noone knew I had eaten the frog. If you live only in the spirit world and eat only spirits your real body will starve and die, and mine was near death when Glaras found me. She brought me back to the real world, and the woodelfs nurtured me back to life. It took days. I had roamed as the tiger for far too long and the woodelfs thought I would die. But I lived, and I think it was the strong will to live inside me, that convinced them I should become a Briar." http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y299/DoxyDorthea/d818804e-ac8c-4cbf-8921-19c7fbd07880_zps65eb29ee.png "When I had regained my strenght, Glaras called on me. I was to do a quest she said. I was to go back to the spirit world to talk with the tree god Brackenleaf, and if he allowed it take a piece of his heart. Remembering what had happened last time I had ventured into the spirit world I was reluctant to do as she told, but she pushed me and said it was the will of the gods and who was I to argue with trees and gods? I think it was when she told me I would become one of the tribe I finally agreed. I had lost my own family and I longed for a place to call home. Perhaps these peculiar treehugging woodelfs could become my new family and this wild forest my home." http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y299/DoxyDorthea/053d19da-6a82-40c8-9210-93c399a0c755_zpsf323fb61.png "So once more I went to find a red frog. It was easier to catch it this time, but the swallowing just as troublesome as the first time. I knew what to expect this time, and I knew what to do. Glaras had instructed me on how I could use my breathing to keep my spirit inside my body. She had also told me to get the aid of my spirit animal and had instructed me to go to the tigers shrine, light it and ask the big cat to aid me on my quest. Senche-tigers are huge and fierce beasts, and I was very happy to have a very fine specimen at my side. Together we walked through the spirit forest to find Brackenleaf the tree god." http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y299/DoxyDorthea/6936972b-437d-4210-b056-3977ceb429c9_zps364e6cd0.png "Tomorrow when it's light out, if you dare, you should travel southwards and see the tree god for yourself. It is a magnificent tree with a magnificent nose, definetly worth a detour. I found him in the spirit world and he agreed to let me and the tiger through his roots to his heart, if we could face the guardians inside and win the battle for his heart. I tell you we fought bravely and we won each battle. The Battle of the Snake. The Battle of the Bear. The Battle of the Fire Beatle. The Battle of the Wolfs. The Battle of the Crocodile and finally the Battle of the Spriggan. And then I took his heart. I could never have done it without the help of my spirit animal. When I came back to Glaras with a piece of Brackenleafs heart I was initiated into the tribe of the Brackenleafs Briars. She took the piece of his heart and had one of her woodshapers transform it into a great talisman. I have it rigt here" the old khajiit lady fumbles with something beneath her robes, in her paws she carefully shows you a pendant. It is an old piece of wood on a string, if you look careful you think perhaps it has the form of a tiger, but it could as easy be a striped horse. As if she can see the doubt in your eyes, she tugs the wooden tiger away and begins to get up, her legs shaking a bit. "It is a true story I tell you, but it is up to you to believe, this khajiit is no liar. And now it is late and this old one needs her sleep". http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y299/DoxyDorthea/2da9d048-e36d-4971-b98f-9529ab6d3956_zpsdf0e8410.png
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    Great summary! I think you hit the nail on the head by explaining that pvp really brings out some very satisfying co-operative team play. That's very rewarding to experience. Also from a personal pov I'd say that prior to the beta tests I'd been slightly ambivalent regarding pvp - but that this changed very quickly once I'd experienced it for myself. I was awed by how I felt spilling over the broken down walls of an outer wall that a huge group of Dominion allies had been systematically and persistently pumelling over a period of time. And words can't adequately explain the exhilaration of finally breaking through the inner keep doors to be one of the group capturing an enemy keep. In short - pvp turned out to be a really exciting part of the game - and working together as part of a group is what makes it rock. If you're not sure whether pvp's for you, I'd encourage you to give it a go - and prepare to be wow-ed!
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    So many things has happened, this one does not know where to begin her story. She shakes as she writes this down, but she feels it is necessary for her to have a written record. To remember or to Silvaar, if he is also looking. The last thing this one remembers clearly before the nightmares began, was the attack. She is worried about the companions. Did they get captured with her? Dark moons. Silvaar was in a tree. She hopes he escaped. Has to believe he did. This one does not know the Wild Winds whereabouts, but she will find them! In Vulkhel Guard, this town down south where altmers live, this one found herself a journal, and so she tore a page and cleverly wrote a notice for a tree. Already someone has answered her, calls themselves S and has knowledge of the companions. Malva is ready to go and search, even if the mages warn her. Silly mages sends her down in ruins full of ghosts and cut-throats and then tell her not to go to Blodlet Throne. Then Malva made smart deal with silly mages, so mages can sleep well at night, knowing this one is still alive for them to send down to more haunted ruins to fight deadones. So they will make portal for her to go search the Blodlet Throne for clues of the Wild Winds. By the moons this one is scared of what she will find, but she tries to grab hope and hold on to it. ............................... Mages told this one to take warm clothes and go in shiny daylight, when she would go through their portal to Blodlet Throne. So this one was ready to use all her sneaky tricks so to look for her Wild Wind companions. What horrible place she found. Cold wind trying to rip off fur, ice and snow stuck on her paws and in whiskers. And the sun shining from all sky and trees and bushes and ground, even buildings, blinding her. Mages was right, such a bad place one should not travel to. Ruins and grey rocks, broken down in places, looking as if ready to eat Malva whole. Covered in snow and locked up good, ruins telling this one “go awayâ€: not welcoming place, but this one can open doors still. Mages gave a gift of sunlight for Malva to use in case of troubles, but this one has tricks of her own. She looked around outside, where only snow was to find. Wild Wind friends would go inside by fires to sleep. Nothing was to be seen inside either. And this one knows what signs to look for. So Malva was quiet while looking and quiet while leaving again, and this one thinks no one saw her. But she left a sign, in case Wild Winds was hiding nearby. Mages was glad to have Malva back, and they did some tricks to warm her up again. Now she just wants to sit in warm room with no shining sun in eyes. ............................... A new letter has arrived, from this same S-person who claimed Blodlet Throne was the right place to look. S. now says go to Whiterun and mages shakes their heads and leave her alone to think. This one suspects there will be no smart portal this time –unless this one makes one herself.
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    It's never good to start with anything with an apology, but I should have posted a "Hello" thread a couple of days ago. So here it is...Hello and thanks for inviting me. For those that I've already chatted with in GC (I'm @rugbyfans btw, but usually answer to Misty online) thanks for the info and advice you've given me. A bit of information about myself: I've been playing MMOs since Dark Age of Camelot back in 2003. I loved that game and it was only the declining server population that drove me away. Since then I've been searching for my new virtual home - WoW, Warhammer Online, LotR, Guild Wars (1 and 2) and SWTOR are just some of the ones I've played, looking for that sense of belonging that I had with my old guild in DAoC. I've been watching ESO develop from nearly the beginning and it looks like it could be the one. And now, thanks to you guys, I may have found a home with like minded individuals. I love PvP/RvR, but that doesn't mean I hate PvE...if I'm honest, I'm a bit OCD about finishing stuff...So you'll often find me heading back into lower level areas to make sure I haven't missed anything. I enjoy crafting too and love the looks of what ESO is trying to do. I know you can join many guilds in ESO, but that doesn't seem right to me. Without going too RP, I've given my allegiance to one banner and that should be it! But maybe I just don't "get it" yet. OK, that's enough. Again thanks for inviting me and I hope I become an asset to the guild.
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    Top Gear Top Tips: - Create a mule character (or two or three). Maybe it’s just me being a pack rat but there us to much stuff in this game to fit in the limited inventory of a single char and the bank is shared for better or worse - When you gallop with the horse keep the shift pressed even when the stamina runs out you will keep galloping, most definitely a bug but works for me… - Gathering – even if you don’t intend to craft it’s worth it to gather whatever mats you find throughout the world and store them (in a mule char). You can sell them, donate them to a guildie or throw them away. But if there is something that I learned from my MMO experience is that the low level mats process skyrocket at some point when people are done levelling chars and start levelling professions. Personally I don’t waste skill points for the spotting skills, once I figure out how the nodes look I can spot them easily enough. - Crafting – contrary to the popular believe you can level crafting without spending too much points in it. In fact you don’t have to spend any points until you reach level 15+ zone (the second one), at which point you will have to invest 1 skill point per skill to be able to process the 2nd tier mats. You can still deconstruct everything and keep levelling the skill - DON’T sell to vendors green or higher grade items. Deconstructing it yields mats that can be used to upgrade even level 50 gear. And at least so far I think they are the only way to get crafted gear better than white quality, this is twice as important for crafted sets. - Do all of the public dungeons, even if you can’t find a group simply tagging along someone else is enough to go through them. A Skyshard + Nice drops from the end “boss†- Stock up on soul gems, “camping†a public dungeon end “boss†is a good way to do it as it drops and appropriate level soul gem every kill. - Kill world bosses, you can find them by the skull icon on the map, they re-spawn fairly quickly and even if you can’t find a group if the boss is up, just wait a couple of minutes someone will show eventually 2 people are enough to kill most of them. Drops are good, quite often a blue item. - Learn to pick locks, the chests are indispensable source of green/blue items. Master level is not that hard and gives blue item a third of the time.
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    I am interested but since its my first time with a serious guild I think I want to wait until I have learned the way of the guild
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    Hello everyone, my name is Stefan, originally from Bulgaria but currently living in UK. My occupation is an IT consultant. PC games is what got me into IT and I have been playing them since 6 years old which is give or take 29 years by now The first TES game i ever played was Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim followed. My MMO experience started with about 2 years of Lineage 2 which was brutal in all aspects, followed by WoW since Vanila, with a couple of breaks, only to be drawn back for each new expansion up to and including Cataclysm. This commercial explains it perfectly: Cleared 95% of the endgame content 10/25/40 man heroic etc. acting in all 3 roles tank, healer and dps, so i feel comfortable in any of them. Played Warhammer, Rift and SWTOR for the initial couple of months until hitting the blank page of missing end game content that let to the downfall of them all. Played GW2 for a while but by abandoned it due to RL factors. Tried a couple of F2P MMOs but didn't like the Pay to win attitude of most of them. Played 3 weekends of ESO Beta which convinced me to pre-order the Imperial edition. My plans for ESO are to have fun and in order to have fun in any MMO you need a proper company, hopefully you guys are going to provide it Initially i plan 2 characters - High Elf Sorc and Dark elf DK, both of them offer a good opportunity of support role healer and tank respectively in addition to good dps for leveling. Once i have better grasp of the game i will invest in a dedicated tank or healer character depending on the needs of the Guild (DPSers are never an issue) in order to allow us a better shot at the end game. Not much of a competitive PvPer, but my years of Lineage 2 taught me much about mass open world PvP so hopefully we will be able to have some fun with that in ESO. TLDR: See you in about 21 hours :

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