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Lodge is looking for skilled players to fill following projects slots in our guild:

PvE Raid Core - we successfully filled existing gaps within our Core and are recruiting to complement it with additional "reserves". We looking forward to 2x DDs, 1x Healer, 1x Tank. Read more here for requirements and follow the instructions to join!

PvP Core - Please welcome @HawksHeart as our new PvP General. From this point on, we are looking forward to 1 more PvP General and skilled players to fill our PvP Core.

Roleplaying - Although we managed to recruit half a dozen RP enthusiasts to our RP Initiative, we still have RP Officer position open. If you are an avid RP player with extensive experience in RPing, please join us now! Additional slots for RP players are also available!

Social Players - currently recruiting towards our Social recruitment slots - invitation only by interview. Please contact me in-game (@Glevissig) for it.


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    Happy Birthday !
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    Guild Housing Project Here will be our main discussion point for our upcoming Guild Housing. So as you know, once we are close towards clearing Craglorn vTrials, I plan to purchase Earthtear Cavern as our guild house. It costs around 100 EUR in real cash, that's why I want to buy it only if our guild proves successful in the hardest of our projects: the PvE Endgame. Some of our members already contacted me and offered donations towards it. But I am very hesitant in this regard. Primarily because this house will be bound to my personal account, instead of our guild. I believe people shouldn't be buying a player some housing costing this much. Secondly, it's not just about buying this place: we will also need to fill it with premium items to show-off some prestige as a guild. Thing is, some of you, as I was told in private, might not have enough time to play the game and thus might not be able to donate items we will need and the in-game gold to purchase them. I will think about this and will try to figure out some way for those guys to contribute. After all, I want this purchase to be a gift to the guild from me primarily, so I can't accept substantial contributions which would undermine that goal! So, following will be the stuff we will need after the housing is purchased. Feel free to horde these stuff until it is purchased, and when time is right, you can contribute them to the guild, either by depositing them to Guild Bank, or by sending them via mail to me personally, in-game. Here we go: Master Crafting Writs - by doing these, we will be able to purchase Luxury recipes from Master Writ Crafting NPC. Premium Housing Items (from Master Writ vendor): Instead of donating Master Crafting Writs, you can do them yourself and donate the items purchased from Vendor. Premium Housing Items (created from epic housing item recipes): As you know there are epic recipes in-game for housing items. You are welcome to donate such crafted items ... Premium Housing Item Recipes: ... or just donate recipes themselves. But I believe these recipes can be expensive, so crafted item donations might make more sense in some cases. Gold: This we will need to purchase Achievement Furniture and Luxury Furniture from Vendor in Coldharbour. Items range from 15k up to 100k in gold. So either donating these items (make sure they are not Bound on purchase tho!!!) or the gold to purchase them will do. To this end, I also updated Guild Bank Rules, prohibiting the withdrawal of these items from there. Thanks everyone in advance! -- Gelmir
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    RP is indeed happening slowly but it is happening. Today we played together in an "RP" fashion and to some degree of success! As you can see in the below picture, my Lute playing and Alberath's dancing did attract some passerbies. (laughs) We even got coins for our playing! (laughs) Of course, we've also adventured and it was a nice experience with "acting out" our characters. :-) Below, Cortair and me.
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    Me and ma mad horse. Has anyone noticed this guy's lunatic grin? Can i suggest that these horses are lackeys of Sheogorath? How would that mad god manage to appear wherever we go?
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    Hello, I'm Inauvi. I'm looking to do some vet trials as soon as I get my CP up to snuff (currently a little over cp 200). I'm from the NA server (very roughly cp 500) and came along to play with Rak'ashi. I main a warden healer, but I'm working on a templar healer for flexibility and learning how to tank on another warden. I'm willing to learn how to actually DPS as well (currently, I have 3 lowbie DPS, a stam and mag sorc and a magblade). On the NA, I've cleared all of the Craglorn Trials on both Vet and Normal. I've done the DLC trials (MoL, HoF, AS) on normal. On the EU, I've managed to clear vSO HM and the last two bosses of vAA. (Besides ESO Trials, I've cleared heroic raid in WoW including Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold, with a few mythic bosses in EN.) Besides trials in general, I''ll try to help out with pledges, if you need a healer. (Also, if you need someone for vet Cradle of Shadows, I'm in. ) Hopefully I'll be able to join you guys! (Besides just lurking in your discord haha.)
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    "...Enough talk!" (throws and arrow at the orc) So, join us now and fulfill your destiny! (laughs)
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    Happy Birthday, my friend!
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    Its my birthday , so we are going to eat outside
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    I'll be sending first batch 15k as soon as i get it Let the money roll in
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    i most likely won't be coming to today's raid, i messed up my char while trying to do maelstrom and now i can't respec back to tank, will need around a day to fix it
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    Welcome @Taskyn! It was me who talked to you, and I already sent you guild invitation ingame! Please make sure you have read our Core Requirements topic and have done everything it asks of you at the bottom of it. Once done, seek out @Nefaras and @Knight30ingame for inspection of your gear and DPS parse. We have a raid on Tue, so better hurry up - let's get you cleared for it as soon as possible. And join Discord please (link above). Welcome and see you ingame soon!
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    This is issue #46 of our weekly newsletter. Recruitment This Week This week, @JoshMercer, @Caphalor, @Ardhenn, @Thylacinus, @coolgeo, @Cracklead, @Bionicjew, @Lag, @MadeliriumDementia and @noctaris have joined our ranks. Recruitment primarily was towards our PvE Initiative. Welcome guys, to the Lodge! Additionally, let's welcome @Knight30 as a new addition to our PvE Officer group, for the role of Trainer Raid Officer. Thanks mate for considering to help us! PvE Raid Core - Plans for the Upcoming Week This week's problems were a bit unique: we had extensive recruitment towards our Core, but due to the lack of a training officer, we couldn't clear these new additions for our actual Core. As a result, we had to have somewhat hectic raiding week, with relatively unproven group. We cleared vHRC the first day with few problems. But the next day didn't work out so well (only could come as close as 20% HP on The Mage), so instead of continuing like that, I decided not to waste our raiders' time. Raids for Thursday were cancelled. Thankfully, we are back on the track with Core inspection: @Knight30 joined our team to help with these inspections. He and @Nefaras will be inspecting 7-8 raiders we have in our backlog, one by one and make sure they have what it takes to get into our Raid Core. Hopefully by Tuesday, we will have all of them inspected properly for DPS, gear and classes/roles. So if you are one of those new, pending approval raiders, make sure you get cleared by our officers til Tuesday please! vTrials will be scheduled as usual for the coming week: we will start with vAA which we couldn't clear this week, possibly coupled with vHRC farming/half-progression. The rest of the week will be vSO progression. By the end of this month, we should be doing vMOL already. During these vTrials we will be ironing out our Core, to make sure we have performing, skilled raiders in it. So please be more serious and attentive during the raids. Being cleared for the Core doesn't guarantee long-term membership there: we need serious raiders who will commit themselves for long-term, non slacking raiding. So no running around like headless chicken please, no ignoring Raid Leader's directives, no ninja pulling during raids etc etc. Please sign up properly, be there in time, out of groups, out of PvP. We have 20+ (together with current candidates) members in our Core, and our goal is to have 16 reliable raiders with us, by mid December. So it's time to get a bit serious guys! Guild Housing I already mentioned my plans about Guild Housing, in my last newsletter. I am still serious about it and provided our Core starts functioning properly, I will get it when we finish Craglorn vTrials (vMOL included). It's Earthtear Cavern housing: large, spacious location with no doors, no tunnels, with good ambient sound and lighting. One of the most expensive Houses in the game. Additionally, towards our Guild Housing project, I am announcing a donation program, one of not in-game gold, but actual resources. We will need following valuable stuff for it: Master Crafting Writs - you can donate them to Guild Bank. We will do them and with the currency, get premium Housing items (such as Centurion training dummies, Transmute Station, Attunable Crafting stations etc etc). Premium Housing Items (from Master Writ vendor). So, instead of donating Master Writs, you can do them yourself and donate these items acquired from the Vendor. Premium Housing Item Recipes or Items created with such recipes etc To this end, I am also updating Guild Bank Rules, prohibiting the withdrawal of these items from there. That's it for now. If you have any suggestions, ideas regarding the Housing project, feel free to share them down below. Until then, stay safe, and have fun! Gelmir over and out!
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    I call dibs on NMG someone else has to use sunderflame so we can strip mobs from all of their physical Resistance
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    This November marks the Orsinium DLC game pack's two-year anniversary, and to celebrate, we're making the DLC available at a big discount in the Crown Store and doubling the rewards you can earn in Wrothgar. Read on to learn more! View the full article
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    This is issue #45 of our weekly newsletter. Let's start... Recruitment This Week This past week, we focused on recruitment towards our PvE Raid Core, as our efforts to launch successful trial runs weren't that successful, mostly due to many of our Raiders not signing up at all ("Thank you guys!"). So we recruited about 7 new potential raiders to our Core, who hopefully will be more active and cooperative. @dragoriffique, @gollum, @MrKary, @ah_zimo, @Allie, @Petrosky, @Rihud, @Lyros and @FR_Knave have joined our ranks. Welcome guys! May your swords never rust, staves never rot! Additionally we have a new PvE Officer - @Varleni - joining our officer team. She will be helping us with Raid Core inspection/training and what not. Thanks for agreeing to help us with this very important task. PvE Raid Core - Plans for the Upcoming Week So, as I already mentioned above, last week, although we had 15 raiders in Core, it didn't really work out. Mostly because people didn't show up. So I decided to push further and recruit more, in order to get this Core sorted out. After all, we need reliable people who will be there when we need them. So this week, we will be scheduling vTrials on our usual days (Tue, Wed, Thu) and slowly get to our goal of having 15-16-person stable Raid Core. It is paramount for our raiders to show up in time (15 minutes before raid time - tough I don't know why I feel the need of reminding you guys of our Guidelines) and signup to all events. Signups will have higher preference for raids, and eventually I will tend to stick with those guys who regularly come to raids. Also please remember this important note: raids will be added to Calendar two days before the raid time. So don't expect all of them to pop up in Calendar for whole week at once. Check Calendar regularly for new event schedules. PvP, RP & Other Projects I didn't recruit to that end this week. I see no point in working on other projects when I haven't finished one of them, or am close to finishing it. Once this PvE Core topic is settled (hopefully this week), I will resume my recruitment efforts on other projects as well. Sorry guys, but one can't focus on multiple tasks and be successful. Gotta prioritize and do things one step at a time. Guild Housing So I bet you've been wondering what these images are. These are from Earthtear Cavern housing and I plan to get it for our guild. It's gorgeous locale. I spent good few hours last night checking out every single house we have in-game to select our guild house. Many factors played role in my decision-making, but primarily I focused on these: Ease of Access - House shouldn't have many doors and passways to get from one place to another. Noone does like that really. You need to be able to reach crafting stations, training dummies very quickly. Lore Perspective - our guild originates from Witcher game series, and in Witcher, Lodge of Sorceresses is a secret organization. What can be the place of operations for such an organize than a hidden cave? Design & Layout - We need large space for things to happen. Large and open space with stunning design. My other choice for a dimension was Observatory Priory, which comes with Clockwork City DLC, but I had to let go of it, because of the continuous loud ambient sound that exists there. You can't stay in such environment for long. Actually in Rift, we already made this mistake of getting a guild housing with gorgeous design where gigantic things are in motion, all the triumph etc etc, with an ambient noise never going away. Yes, I am talking about Tuldio Sun Orb. Got that noise I hated!!! So no, that ain't happening again! So question arises: When are we getting this House? And how? This house costs 16500 crowns (around 100 EUR value) and comes Furnished. And I am going to get it Furnished. I will get it when our PvE Raid Core is stable and have cleared all Craglorn vTrials and moved to tier-2 vTrials. So folks, stop messing around and get to work! Nuff said!!! Gelmir over and out!
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    Saturday : no , Sunday: Yes
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    @Heimdall, @Snapzz, @Nefaras please don't forget to signup.
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    Veteran Aetherian Archive test run, make sure you bring potions, food and have at least 17k HP as DDs and Healers! Full guide here. All Raid Core members (i.e. PvE Club members) please sign up!
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    Hey folks, Following is the Issue #44 of our weekly newsletter. New Recruits This Week @Totò, @Hikattaaka, @Alecsunder, @Inauvi, @Syndra Serpentes, @Snapzz, @carry me, @Kosomari, @juzzz, @MIRLO_V, @irrbloss and @Heimdall have joined our guild this week. Let's welcome them! PvE Raid Core - Finally Assembled Finally our long wait is over: we managed to recruit for our Raid Core and starting next week, we will be scheduling vTrials on our Calendar once again. Approved Core members, please re-acquaint yourselves with our Raid Core Guidelines one more time, and make sure you sign-up for all raid events scheduled next week. Please be advised that signups won't be enabled until 2 days to the event time, to avoid last minute dropouts. So check our forum Calendar regularly, in order not to miss them. As a reminder to all new members who joined us for PvE endgame purposes and haven't yet been inspected by our Raid Leaders: please get inspected by @Rak'ashi (tanks), @Cortair and @Nefaras (all classes) as soon as possible. They will clear your for the Core. Once cleared, make sure you check our Raid Core Requirements topic and follow the instructions at the end of that topic. Once in Core, please signup for all raid events on the Calendar in a timely manner. Also don't forget to join our Discord server as well. There is no raiding without it PvE Raid Core - Long-term Goals Our aim is to finish all vTrials ESO presents, in all difficulties, all the way to the Leaderboards. To that end, we aim to create stable Raid Core consisting of around 16 raiders. This way we want to make sure no raids will be cancelled due to the lack of raiders and constantly progress with the same set of tightly knit group of people. We managed to recruit veteran raiders mostly and we have 3+ expert raiders leading this project. For that reason, I will have to ask from all our Core members to make sure they don't have any plans to leave us and/or stop playing the game in near future, as it is essential for us to create stable, long-lasting Core. If any of you plan to leave us soon (like in a month or two), please let us know, so that we could get steady replacement for you. As I always mentioned in our guild recruitment ad, we need committed members for long-term projects. PvP Core - Current Situation Project is slowly getting on track, as we invited our fellow member @HawksHeart to join our Officer team as a PvP Project Leader. Unfortunately, it didn't work out with previously invited officer - Dill. He left the guild shortly after joining us. Anyway: in coming weeks, if not months, we will be laying ground work for this project and inviting skilled PvPers to the guild. @HawksHeart will be helping us to train interested members for PvP Core. If you are interested in being part of our PvP Core, please apply to the PvP Club on forums. Applications won't be accepted right away, but we will have some idea how many of you guys are interested in this project. More info will follow soon. RP - Current Situation Although we have half a dozen RPers in the guild, we still need a dedicated RP Officer to lead this project. Due to PvE Core, I had to pause recruiting for RP, but I will be resuming that in coming week. Meanwhile, I'd like to invite our RP enthusiasts to join our RP Club on the forums - that way you guys will be able to find each other and possibly have fun together, until we get this project rolling. Miscellaneous Events During weekends I will try organize groups for Skyreach, Dragonstar Arena and similar relatively high difficulty content. Generally for the purpose of farming some set pieces, and getting some achievements as well. If interested, please try to be online during weekends. No specific time for these organizations - they will happen on-fly, per demand and they can happen anytime depending on availability. That's it for this week! Thanks for your time and see you in-game! -- Gelmir
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    Hi @Saerwen, I have recruited few RPers as of late - ingame they are Rector rank. If you wish, you can invite them to this club, discuss stuff here and organize RP events ingame if you want. Let me know what else you guys would need, I will try to assist.
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    Consider this topic an album or, a diary Post your character pictures here, daily adventure screenshots etc. I will close these topics every month and open a new one to continue on. Enjoy! Here goes my Francesca Findabair in her Primal style Heavy-armor (first two pics) and Medium-armor (last pic).
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    That's pretty nice! A relic from Auriel himself!
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    The most epic for me so far, the final battle against Molag Bal :
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    For the past month, ESO players have been sharing amazing stories of their adventures in the world of The Elder Scrolls Online via the #10MillionStories hashtag on social channels. We're thrilled to announce that starting right now, we'll be continuing to celebrate ESO's 10 million player milestone with a massive sweepstakes promotion. View the full article
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    Greetings, here you can check our Raid Core Setup so far: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16Lc8Ev9R2gncpllhlHwCfkXdT7O6DhBV2lm2_l7BYQo/edit?usp=sharing I will add the missing informations asap (when i have them). As you can see in the title , only our approved members are listed in the sheet. The other 2 will be added after the checkup asap.
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    "The Throne Room" "...Between the years when the oceans drank Tamriel and the Rise of the sons of Talos, there was an age, undreamed of, when shining Kingdoms laid spread across the world. Either came Saerwen, the bitter, born to bear the crown of Alinor upon a troubled brow. But that is another story. Let me tell you about the days of High Adventure!" Armor by Cortair. Edited with Adobe Photoshop.
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    "Victory was ours" This is what is great about being in a guild : sharing the whole adventure and it's outcome. Players (from left to right) : Saerwen, Cortair My Armor was crafted by Cortair. Picture Edited with Adobe Photoshop.
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    "Riding into the unknown" Three activities I actually enjoy in IRL : Archery, Horse Riding and Photography. Armor and weapons crafted by Cortair. Edited with Adobe Photoshop and Color Effects pro.
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    The difference between RP and non-RP could be for instance speaking "colorfully". Exemple : "Did you see that foe over there? Yeah!!!" - then run into battle if that's the kind of character you feel inclined to play. It could be about actually living the "dialogues and attitude part" of what you think your character is. This could mean actually playing either who you are inside or who you'd like to be. It can go very deep according to the approche, personality of each of us but in the end of the day, it is a different experience of ESO because it definitely adds the "liveliness" and communication between beings; instead of just running around and killing everything as quick as you can because of some trial or event goal. For instance, you could even these a fellow guild member by doing like Legolas and Gimli and count each foe you kill so to say that your race is superior than theirs (for exemple Elves and Dwarves for that particular exemple). As for ESO, I ignore if there are GM tools where a Lodge GM could actually throw a plot inside the world of Tamriel and then we would follow that quest while talking to each other. I mean for me this would also be great fun but it can be done while helping with each other's quests by acting your character in the voice chat while you play together. :-) This by all means, only refers to my opinion on RP but it can be this and much more!
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    You guys should be grouping up Find members of the club ingame and organize... And yea, we still need a solid RP officer.
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    @Alberaht, please join RP Initiative club on forums, so that guys could find you easily.
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    I've just joined the family. I'm looking forward to it too (RP) :-)
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    I've been playing recently with Cortair and we've experienced some "roleplaying flavor" during these quests. It is really an added value to play and I'm looking forward to go in a larger party at some point.
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    The Massacre at Rorikstead. Frenzy is a highly useful spell for starting fights. Reanimated and disintegrated, we wouldn't want corpses lying around. Paralyzed while being attacked by a frenzied goat and a wild sabre cat. The only one left standing – Síle de Tansarville.

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