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    To be honest I think my core yearning is more toward a divine or scientific node. Whilst I am not adverse to mercantile ( I got my beta pack specifically for the homestead package) I don't plan on crafting but animal husbandry and perhaps an Inn with fresh mounts so I could help with caravan animals etc. I really don't want to go military but I see the point in a strong neighbour, as long as the neighbour doesn't end up seeing us as a target. I guess our starting node is going to be difficult to find. I assume we will all want different races and therefore different starting zones. It will be a bit of an exodus for some of us to find the guild focussed node.
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    Wow. i feel...strange. they mentioned my name, and asked my question on the live chat right now Truly an odd feeling. We will be able to store items on our houses.

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