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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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    Hello all My name is Kuba and I live in Poland. I'm 35 and in past played in diffrent mmo like lotro, ddo or wow. I just started to play in eso but I enjoy questing and dungeons here as I enjoyed them in lotro - my favourite mmo by far for now. So I think I will stay in this game for while, my only minus - no dwarfs. I have two characters: 18lvl magicka healing templar (I plan leveling this char by dungeons but it sometimes made me sad that other people don't need heals at all ;) and 13lvl stamina nightblade - with this char questing. In end game I always finished as healer so I think eso won't be exception - just need a few levels more. For now I have only morrowind expansion but I plan to buy eso plus on higher levels. I'm loooking forward to join guild and meet new people.
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    I would like but somehow i can't. I have a bit of work tonight.
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    So we ordered some plain Elder Scrolls themed coasters and weathered them with wood stain and acrylic resin. Now we can ESO in style when having that sip of mulled wine If anyone's interested, you can order the plain version here: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1401442060 .
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    Hi. My names Allan. I live in Scotland. Im a bit of an old head at 48 but still play a bit. Been playing ESO for a whileon and off but never gotten into a guild I feel fits what im looking for.Saw you bit in eso forums n thought would see how it works out here. i have been doing my daily dungeons and some questing. My skill level for mechanics is probably about average as i just try my best without much input other than bit youtube etc. im currently playing about with an Orc DK tank currently rank 22. Ive also got a few others around the same lvl. Sorcerer and nightblade and a templar that i dabble with. When i play mmos i tend to favour support roles. hope hear from you soon Allan
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    AoC looking better and better. Looking forward to see how it plays out for sure!
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    Hello, my name is Ioanna and I am from Greece. My main character is a Templar healer and I want to find a guild that does 4-man content and other activities with people willing to help and teach. I have done hm up to Shadows of the Hist dungeons, it is really hard (to find a proper team) because I have used the group finder to do daily pledges which most times resulted in failure to do more and gain skins etc. As far as trials go I have completed vAA and vHRC. I know I haven't done much as far as harder content goes but I am willing to learn and always strive to do better. Thank you for your time, @Aionna
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    Hello! Im Ante, 22yo female player from Hungary. I decided to give ESO a try last september, I am currently around cp 550 and maining a templar healer. Im interested in achievement hunts mostly, which ive been doing with some of my friends till now. From the new dungeons I have FL challenger and need a hm for SP challenger. Id also like to learn vAS and vMoL as I wasnt able to finish either without a good group and I don't wanna do with randoms... Im out of words now, you can find me on disco if you wanna talk to me Im looking forward to join this guild :3 Ante
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    Hello sorceresses (and sorcerers)! While browsing the ESO forums I found a post about social members, so here I am: I am pretty new to ESO, had a blast leveling a few characters in a mmo where it isn't just about fetching daisies and gathering bear tongues or lion blood (just to discover that none of the afforementioned beasts have any..) and doing some easier group content like normal and DLC dungeons. As a long time MMO player, having raided semi-hardcore, filling all roles in WoW raids over the years and raided some in Rift, I've found that group content great and environments gorgeous and detailed. However it would be far nicer to run all that in a group with some comms banter on the highest difficulties and at some point when I'm ready - raid a few evenings a week. For now I'd like to join the guild as a social member, running dungeons and farming what I need to get ready for the most difficult content. Outside of Tamriel I eat, sleep, train, take care of computer systems in a pretty cold country called Estonia and watch fantasy/sci-fi or run some tabletop RPG. I also enjoy playing Tracer/Ana/Hog in Overwatch, cooking, brewing proper teas or coffee and a good wine with suitable food (or mulled). I hope you all are having a nice day and will consider a fellow adventurer for the guild.
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    Thank you, will hop in once I get off work.

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