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  14. Doctor's Order Achievement Scalecaller Peak - Dragon Bones DLC
  15. Ready your weapons, champions! Two new arenas are ready for the Battlegrounds' uniquely fast-paced combat: Mor Khazgur and Deeping Drome. Learn everything you need to know about these new 4v4v4 arenas included in Update 17! View the full article
  16. ESO Tsaesci Style - Preview of the Tsaesci Style in The Elder Scrolls Online
  17. Nonplussed Fang Lair Achievement - Dragon Bones DLC ESO
  18. RIFT 4.3: Hotfix #13 1/24/2018 ETERNAL WEAPONS * Leveling the minion Wicket is no longer a step in the upgrade paths for Eternal Weapons. * Players that do not have the minion Wicket but have completed the quest “Skullduggery” can now collect the minion by speaking with Wicket in Saint Taranis. DUNGEONS & RAIDS * Fixed some dungeons and raids which had no minimum level requirement to enter. * Fixed the tooltip for the Hit stat to include Tier 2 Prophecy of Ahnket raid Hit requirements. GREENSCALE'S BLIGHT * Fixed an issue where Toxic Blossoms, Noxious Bracken, and Sentient Pollen continue to respawn after Greenscale’s death. ZONES & EVENTS MATHOSIA * Quest: Gathering Strength: Fixed an incorrect map locator for the final objective. RIFTS * Removed loot from Plutonus. * The drop rate of Lesser Essences from Raid Rifts has been doubled. VOSTIGAR PEAKS * Fixed some mining nodes in Vostigar Peaks. DIMENSIONS Fixed a couple of misnamed trees in the Vostigar Curiosities box. ITEMS * The First Strike item proc no longer bypasses boss immunities. View the full article
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    Welcome Silver! Thanks for joining! I personally haven't even listened to that particular piece, but definitely will do.
  20. Scalecaller Savior Achievement Scalecaller Peak - Dragon Bones DLC
  21. New Recruit

    Heya! I'm Silver (AKA @FunkyMuffin), I'm 22 and played eso since beta. I saw you post in Tamriel Foundry and though to try my luck Playing as a healer or tank mostly, (also close to being a master crafter). I enjoy socializing, dungeoning and trailing together. Have you tried going through vCoS while playing William Tell Overture?
  22. Daedric Deflector Scalecaller Peak Achievement - Dragon Bones DLC ESO
  23. Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy This adorable canine companion carries a traditional Lunar New Year lantern to brighten your travels. Sales and Returning Items Starting today, the Phoenix Kite Glider, Lion Mask Skin, and Dragon Mask Skin are on sale for 30% off. The Ancestral Outfit will be on sale for 30% off from February 23 through February 26. The Unbound Magic Mining Beam, Unbound Magic Logging Pulse, and Unbound Magic Harvesting Blast are back in the Gem Store for a limited time. The Red Lantern is available for purchase as well. Next week we’ll be swapping out some gliders and outfits for a different seasonal selection. It’s also the last week to pick up the Zodiac Weapon Collection and Devoted Weapon Collection from your local Black Lion Weapons Specialist. View the full article
  24. ESO: Tamriel's next Topmodel! Welcome to your ESO Fashion Show for the Elder Scrolls Online
  25. We’ve partnered up with players to showcase their creative Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Read on for this week’s scheduled programming! Streams for the Week of February 19 Wednesday, February 21 GuildNews Podcast (by Sputti) (German) Watch live at GuildNews. 10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8) The week in review with the GuildNews crew. The Guild Wars 2 Art Show (by Idaida)(English) Noon Pacific Time (UTC-8) Idaida’s back for another installment of the Guild Wars 2 Art Show. You can also find all the previously created artworks on the Guild Wars 2 Art Show Flickr Album. Raid Lessons for Beginners (by AyinMaiden) (English) Watch live at AyinMaiden. 9:30 PM Pacific Time (UTC-8) Join AyinMaiden and learn how to raid. It’s ok to be a beginner! Thursday, February 22 ArenaNet Livestream: Let’s Play Guild Wars 2 World vs World (English) 2:30 PM Pacific Time (UTC-8) Join the World vs. World development team in the Mists! Friday, February 23 Choxie’s Bag Opening & Mystic Forging Marathon (by Choxie808) (English) Watch live at Choxie808. 10:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-7) Choxie has over 3,000 bags to open with over 900% magic find. There will also be pizza and giveaways, as usual. If you need help converting times into your own time zone, you can use this tool. Thank you for watching! View the full article
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  27. On the 16th of Sun's Dawn, all of Tamriel comes together for Heart's Day, a cross-cultural celebration of love and camaraderie. Celebrate this joyous event with us and enjoy these tales of real-world relationships that blossomed out of in-game ones. View the full article
  28. RIFT 4.3: Hotfix #16 2/14/2018 ETERNAL WEAPONS * The upgrade path for Eternal Weapons has been heavily revised to all for quicker upgrades! * The active upgrade steps and the quest chain are now separate. While the quest chain is still mandatory at points, it is now focused primarily on gameplay. * Upgrade activities are now tracked only on the weapon. A Track Progress checkbox has been added to the Upgrade Item window to ensure that you can easily keep track of, well. Your progress! * Finally, the upgrade requirements for each step have been greatly decreased. * Read the full write up in the blog here! GENERAL * Chased away the lizard that was tormenting the titles sported by some players*. * Removed the salvaging references to the descriptions of Armorsmith, Weaponsmiths, Outfitters, and Artificers. RIFT STORE & SERVICES * A new dimensional Mystery Box has been added to the Rift store – Vostigar Curiosities! This new box features a selection of plants, rocks, and structures from the wartorn Vostigar Peaks. It also features a selection of mechanical dimensional NPCs and a chance for The Magician’s Tower personal dimension key! For more information, check out this amazing guide by Sparklynn Wolfsbane! SOULS ROGUE SABOTEUR * Chemical Imbalance: Fixed a typo in the tooltip. ZONES & EVENTS * Quests: Added a Primalist reward option for Soldiers of Misfortune and Bled Reckoning. ITEMS * Unstable Cache Anomalies should no longer drop in the game. MINIONS * Rare missions have been disabled in the Minion system. * [Brasse edit: one title had what appeared to be a stray comma... upon closer inspection, it was a comma chameleon. This pun brought to you by Morgana and Tacitus.] View the full article
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