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  2. Jackal Rune Greaves and Jackal Rune Gauntlets Impress the runeforgers with these stylish skins for your gloves and boots! They won’t even leave sand on your furniture, unlike some jackals we know. Zhaitan Dye Kit Despite their terrifying origins, these dyes will bring your most detailed ensembles to life. Each kit contains a random dye from a pool of 25 colors, including six new, exclusive colors. Returning Items and Sales The Black Lion Hunters Contract is back in the Gem Store, and the Phoenix Weapon Collection is available from Black Lion Weapons Specialists. The Home Portal Stone is on sale at 40% off. Unique weapon skins inspired by famous heroes and villains are returning for a limited time. Be sure to catch your favorites! January 24—Lord Caudecus’s Sword Skin and Lord Caudecus’s Pistol Skin January 25—Braham’s Mace Skin and Braham’s Shield Skin January 26—Belinda’s Greatsword Skin January 27—God-Slayer Bow Pack January 28—Kasmeer’s Staff Skin January 29—Marjory’s Dagger Skin and Marjory’s Axe Skin There’s just one week left to make a pact with the Bone Pick, Tireless Logging Minion, and Tireless Harvesting Minion before we seal them in their crypt for the season. View the full article
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  4. Hey all! Guild report at the end of Week #3 Guild Wars 2: Where We Stand & What We Plan As you know we are planning to kickstart PvE raiding in future. It was planned to be soon, but we decided to do this in an organic fashion, instead of rushing it. We will be recruiting more to fill our ranks and once we reach 75-member marker, we will be checking the pulse of the guild towards these Projects. If necessary, we will be recruiting specifically towards them and get things rolling. But we won't be forcing ourselves towards the Raid Cores, as it might be dangerous for such a young guild as ours to do so, at this moment. It might end with implosion of the community, a collapse, before we even start things. So instead, we will be focusing on growing for now, and knowing each other better, in order to become a community in real sense of it. Our dear officers @Blackheart and @Slavic Varg are and will be organizing some nice events for us in coming weeks and months just to achieve this goal. I will be more involved in the guild from now on: I will be honest - after ESO fiasco, I was kind of burned with MMOs, feeling let down and frustrated. That's why I couldn't play any MMO for few weeks. But thanks to some nice members we have, I started to feel at home in GW2 again and hopefully, we will be seeing one another a lot from here on, in-game. So, please try to join our events in a regular basis and let's get this nice community into motion, into growth! Some Concerns Of course, as with every guild, we happen to have some problems as well. And I couldn't do otherwise but notice few of them: Chat Norms: I noticed some "below the belt" language on our Discord channels. Although we are 18+ guild, it doesn't mean we have to lower our norms to that level. I received some concerns regarding this - initially I was planning to let this first incident slide, but because many people objected to it, I have to ask everyone: please let's watch the level of civility on our chat rooms - voice or otherwise. We have certain level of quality we strive for and let's work together to achieve that. Black temporarily leaving the guild: We had small misunderstanding about the goals of the guild among the members of our higher echelon. Our esteemed friend @Blackheart thought I want to create hardcore PvE Raiding guild, completely disregarding our social side. He had to leave as he couldn't find me available to discuss things. This incident was totally on me, as I had to take small break from all MMOs and kind of had bad communication with my staff. After a small discussion, we solved our communication problems. I personally apologize for the situation and thankfully we averted big problems those might have caused. That's all good folk! See you in-game! -- Gelmir
  5. AJ Plays Monster Hunter: World! [BETA Impressions]
  6. ESO Dragon Bones - Fang Lair Dungeon Armor Set Overview - The Elder Scrolls Online
  7. AJ Plays Metal Gear Survive! [Beta Impressions]
  8. Last week
  9. Ashes of Creation - News Update 01/20/2018 - "One Year of Ashes!"
  10. Fashion WAR


    Name: Varro Sharpmane Class: Mesmer (Chronomancer Spec) Category: Class Appropriate, and pretty much every other besides out of place.
  11. We’ve partnered up with some our fans to showcase their creative and exciting Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Check out next week’s schedule below! Streams for the Week of January 22 Monday, January 22 Guild Missions with GuildNews (by Sputti) (German) Watch live at GuildNews. 10:30 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8) Join the GuildNews crew for some guild mission fun. Tuesday, January 23 Peachy Party! (by AuroraPeachy) (English) Watch live at Aurora_Peachy. 9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8) Join Peachy and her community as she works toward Ad Infinitum. All players are welcome, new and old! Wednesday, January 24 GuildNews Podcast (by Sputti) (German) Watch live at GuildNews. 10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8) The week in review with the GuildNews crew. The Guild Wars 2 Art Show (by Casondra Logan)(English) Noon Pacific Time (UTC-8) It’s Casondra’s first time on the show, but you might already know her art from the Design-a-Weapon Contest! You can also find all the previously created artworks on the Guild Wars 2 Art Show Flickr Album. Sunday, January 28 The Sunday Class Stream: Heavy Metals Join some of the community’s most talented artists for a another edition of our monthly creative workshop. Our guests will share tips and answer your questions while demonstrating specific art techniques. Don’t be afraid to get technical! 8:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8): Idaida – Mecha Mount Design 12:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-8): Grace Zhu – Heavy Armor and Metal Textures 4:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-8): Casondra Logan – Armor and Texture If you need help converting times into your own time zone, you can use this tool. Thank you for watching! View the full article
  12. Before listing our Raid rules, please be advised that Lodge of Sorceresses is not casual raiding guild, but semi-hardcore one, with progression and discipline in mind, aiming towards the endgame success. Thus, our rules will be rather serious than relaxed when it comes to raiding. Following are our Raid Attendance Guidelines, and by joining our Raid Core - either as main core, or reserve -, a member is accepting these rules: Prior To Raids Sign-Ups: Raid Core members are bound to join minimum 3 (three) scheduled raids: they must use guild Calendar to signup for events (you can do so by using a mobile device as well). Sign-ups will be enabled 2 days before the event time. If member's real-life schedules change, they must notify guild leadership about that, so that we could try to adjust. In cases of absence due to a non-emergency real-life issues, the raider in question will get 1 (one) Warning point. We understand, REAL-LIFE IS ABOVE ALL! Sign-ups are not accepted past 7pm CET/CEST - such RSVPs will be considered invalid and the Raider will be considered as not signed up. At that point, its totally up to Raid Leader to whether take that RSVP into consideration or not (i.e. Raid Leader may decide sit that raider out and even count such signups as being too late OR he/she can consider it as valid and just move on). Days & Times: Guild will be doing 3 (three) days/week and 2 (two) hours/day raiding, which is mandatory for Raid Core team. This can extended by 30 minutes on discretion of Raid Leader. As we aim to recruit as many as required to accommodate 2 raid groups, there might be a rotation of the players who attend the raid (or a rotation of groups, will be decided when we are there). Raider is bound to remain for those 2-2.5 hours, which is our minimum daily raiding norm. Raids shouldn't last past 11pm CET/CEST, and if they do, raider is allowed to leave at his/her own discretion. Otherwise, raider cannot leave raid before time. Raids always start at 8:30pm CET/CEST. Boss pull commences at 8:45pm CET/CEST. As REAL-LIFE IS ABOVE ALL, a raider maybe excused if some emergency happens. If you think you can't attend certain event - regardless if it is due to emergency or otherwise - please try to post in comments of that raid event on Calendar, in advance, stating the situation. Overall, its allowed to miss up to 4 (four) raids in a monthly basis (with or without notification) and 1 (one) raid in a weekly basis (you can only miss 1 of 3 raids that happens during the week). Missing an additional raids that happens during a week, will result in 1 (one) Warning point for each of those raids missed. Example, missing a raid for the 2nd time in a week, will result in 1 Warning point. Don't Be Late! Raiders should be online, equipped and out of groups 15 minutes prior the raid time. Failing to be ready at this time may result in 1 (one) Warning point, at Raid Leader's discretion. In case of emergencies, raiders need to be online not later than 15 mins from raid time, which is 8:30pm CET/CEST - and the raider needs to notify the leadership about this situation prior the raid. Requirements: Raiders need to have all requirements met, including Discord installation and acceptance criteria (gear, stats etc). Raiders can take proper potions and food for their builds from Guild Bank for free (guild raids only) prior the raid. If none exists there, they should get them crafted (e.g. by asking in guild for crafting). Additionally, reading guides for progression bosses, prior to the raid hour is a strong recommendation (but not required!). Lacking the MUST-HAVE criteria, a player might be replaced immediately and 1 (one) Warning point *will* be issued to his account in this case. Be In Shape! Raiders can't join raids in heavily intoxicated (drunken, high or similar) state, as it damages team progression. If this becomes the case, raid leader reserves the right to remove such raider from raid. When this happens, 1 (one) Warning point will be issued to the person in question. Raid-Eligible Characters Only! Raid Core members can only bring their raid-eligible characters, which have been checked and accepted to the Raid Core! No other alts are allowed to progression raids. For them, separate farming raids might be organized. Additionally, you can join countless PUGs. In Raid Leaders: Raiders must listen to directives of Raid Leader (there always will be only one Raid Leader only, whereas guild overall may have more than one) and be constructive with their comments. Being overly offensive and intolerant will not be tolerated. Removal from raid due to this reason, by raid leader, will result in 1 (one) Warning point. Rage Quitting Strictly Forbidden! Raiders rage-quitting the raid, will be removed from our Raid Core immediately without further notification. Be Vigil! Raiders need to be attentive and alert during raid time: newbie behavior such as continuous ninja pulling (at all times), dying on mechanics by their own fault (farming raids), failing in special duties and/or causing raid wipes (again, during farming) are not the features we seek in potential raiders. In such cases, Raid Leader reserves the right either to re-assign the duty to someone else and/or in worst case scenario, to replace failing raiders. On Raid Leader's discretion 1 (one) Warning point might be issued as well. However if this situation continues for everyday in the same week, that Raider's Core membership will be monitored by guild leadership. Failing for second week, might result in removal from Raid Core - which at this point, only proves that the player in question is unable to perform in raids and thus, is ineligible to be a Raid Core member. During progression runs, this rule does not apply, since its all about wiping there, until we figure out how to down the boss. However, on 3rd (third) week of progression on the same boss, we will consider that boss as farm-effective, since by then, whole raid would know all tactics and mechanics for that boss. At that point, every rule above listed for farming, will be applicable on that certain "progression" boss. Voice-over-IP Etiquette: Raiders are not to dominate the voice server (Discord), especially giving orders around, and/or trying to change the flow of raid tactics. Raid Leader has sole and unquestionable privilege to do that - if need be, he/she can mute certain raiders to do his/her job. If raiders have some new insight regarding tactics, they are welcome to share this information with Raid Leader in private chat. But doing so openly in raid channel is strictly forbidden, and raider doing so will be issued 1 (one) Warning Point immediately. Whether to remove that raider from raid, or not, it'll be in sole discretion of Raid Leader. Additionally, bashing raiders for failures is strictly forbidden: that right relies with Raid Leader only. A Raider complaining about some other Raider's failures during raid, in VoIP, is subject to 1 (one) Warning point immediately, and possibly can be replaced with other Raider. Warning Points Warning points are issued via forums, for certain penalty-requiring Raider behaviour. They reset every week. Once a Raider reaches 3 (three) Warning Points for a given week, he will be put into Review-by-Raid-Leader status, as Raid Core member. If he gets 3 (three) Warning Points the next week, he will be removed from Raid Core and can't rejoin for 1 (one) full month. Review-by-Raid-Leader status is reset after 2 (two) weeks, if Raider manages to remain in Raid Core. The situations mentioned above will cause your account to be issued a Warning point(s). Important Note: Raiders who have joined the guild specifically for PvE Initiative/Project, once removed from Raid Core, will also be kicked from the guild. Except the members who join us for multiple projects or who are "social"-enough to be considered a part of our Social roster, of course. This decision will be in discretion of the Guild Leader.
  13. Breaks announced

    yo guys Dynocaps here! Not dead, just bit busy with all kinda crazy stuff! gonna bacK ONLINE with some pvp asap.
  14. Del Plays Fade to Silence!
  15. Want to hear more about the new systems and combat updates coming in Update 17? We'll be discussing it this Friday on ESO Live with the development team! View the full article
  16. Tamriel's lost ruins and temples tempt more than just brave adventurers and treasure hunters. Enterprising scholars and academics also have a keen interest in lost sites and buried secrets. Read about one such scholar in our latest Meet the Character! View the full article
  17. 20-Slot Bag crafting FREE

    I can craft all your bags for free, all I need is for you to give me the required mats 30 Hardened Leather Sections and Superior Rune of Holding Contact me ingame and send me these, and I'll make 20-slot inventory bags for you no charge
  18. RIFT 4.3: Hotfix #12 1/17/2018 SOULS MAGE NECROMANCER * Fixed a bug where the Legendary Neddra’s Grasp for Warlocks was not doing appropriate damage when applied with the ability granted from Healing Expertise. ZONES & EVENTS * Various spelling and grammar fixes. IRON PINE PEAK * Zone Event: Bloodfire Behemoth: Removed Lord Warfyre’s ability to hover. This should fix the edge case where he can out-range melee characters near the lift in Loggerman’s Lift. VOSTIGAR PEAKS * Fixed several plant nodes in Ankhet’s Tail that were floating away. They should now be ‘rooted’. * Fixed a bug where players were able to reflect abilities back at zone event footholds. DUNGEONS & RAIDS BASTION OF STEEL * Fixed the issue where players were asked to spend Individual Reward Charges on the first boss kill for Commander Isiel. View the full article
  19. Atop the windswept ruins of Scalecaller Peak, a mysterious cult led by a resurrected Dragon Priest threatens to cleanse Tamriel with a devastating plague. Delve into the second dungeon in The Elder Scrolls Online's next DLC game pack, Dragon Bones, and discover the foul plans of Zaan the Scalecaller and her new Daedric master. View the full article
  20. Path of Fire Story

    PATH OF FIRE STORY In preparation for acquiring a griffon (mount), I am inviting everyone to join me on completing Path of fire story, which is required in order to get a griffon. Furthermore, you need to complete the story with the character, with which you wish to complete the collection for griffon. We will "rush" the story in order to finish it quickly, since it takes quite some time and I believe most people already finished it at least once. Those that haven't finished it yet, should probably do so alone, for their first time. We will also try to grab achievements along the way, but we won't stop or restart, if we fail to get any of them. For those we can organize separate event. goal of this event is to finish PoF story from start to finish and prepare your character for acquiring a griffon. Even, if you already have story finished on character you want, you can join and complete it on your alt if you wish. If we don't finish the story on Sunday this week, we will continue next Sunday.
  21. Top 10 Worst Games of 2017!
  22. [ESO] Guild Housing Project

    I playing Dye Station (future Outfit Station), Thieves' Guild Fence Merchant and The Precursor to our Guild Housing. Enjoy!
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  24. City of Hope Achievements

    Dammnit I ain't home then :/
  25. Fractal Achievements

    I'd run it but I'm not home on the 20th, ask Ves maybe he knows, cause he does a lot of fractals
  26. Fractal Achievements

    FRACTAL ACHIEVEMENTS Let's get those achievements! We will do low tier fractals, with no agony resist requirement, so everyone can join and try to hunt for as many achievements as possible. As you know, I'm not experienced in fractals, so If anyone with more experience knows how to do this more efficiently, you are free to lead this event. I want all on discord, even if you just listen! This event might take a while, so let's try to make it smooth and fun.
  27. City of Hope Achievements

    CITY OF HOPE ACHIEVEMENTS City of hope is a story instance in Heart of Thorns, which includes few trials you have to pass. The last part in particular is a funny one and there are two achievements that are a bit harder to get, so we can try it together and have some fun and laughs. Achievements are "Leave it to me" and "Predatory Prey". We will transform into little bunnies and we will have to kill all Mordrem wolves in the room without the help from NPCs.
  28. Guild Missions

    GUILD MISSIONS This week guild missions, we have... wait for it... Easy bounty and two times Trek. K, bye.
  29. ESO Dragon Bones - Outfit System Guide - Overview of the Outfit System for the Elder Scrolls Online
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