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Lodge is looking for skilled players to fill following projects slots in our guild:

PvE Raid Core - we successfully filled existing gaps within our Core and are recruiting to complement it with additional "reserves". We looking forward to 2x DDs, 1x Healer, 1x Tank. Read more here for requirements and follow the instructions to join!

PvP Core - Please welcome @HawksHeart as our new PvP General. From this point on, we are looking forward to 1 more PvP General and skilled players to fill our PvP Core.

Roleplaying - Although we managed to recruit half a dozen RP enthusiasts to our RP Initiative, we still have RP Officer position open. If you are an avid RP player with extensive experience in RPing, please join us now! Additional slots for RP players are also available!

Social Players - currently recruiting towards our Social recruitment slots - invitation only by interview. Please contact me in-game (@Glevissig) for it.

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  2. RP happening slowly

    So today I joined and Saerwen and Cortair for some fun time. Half of time though i was just figuring out where was my Push to Talk button and other sound settings Saerwen your voice was a little bleak, i couldn't comprehend it sometimes. You need a mic For now sharing the same voice chatroom is nice but i prefer text more than speech. It would be a better communication method for -i don't know maybe 5- people group. Rp itself already includes lots of / commands in it, emotes and actions. And this is a personal one, i can express myself better in written language Oh and so i had my background, aims etc lined up in my head (i prepared it for a Aldmeri Dominion - Breton). But then RP happened so suddenly in Stros M'kai and i couldn't find a reason about why my character was there. So i just spewed some "terminological inexactitude" and i was "economical with the truth" Next time i think we should do with more planning. We can set up an event. Eg: This Questing&RP is happening this place, anyone wants to come is welcome aboard. Then we can prepare for it. Until we can find our RP officer and until we start our own RP's i think it could work like this So what are your thoughts? Edit: Also we can search for some RP addons. Back in WoW there were wonderful addons like MRP (My Role Play), you could set your backstory, physical proporties and IC-OOC situations.
  3. RP happening slowly

    The difference between RP and non-RP could be for instance speaking "colorfully". Exemple : "Did you see that foe over there? Yeah!!!" - then run into battle if that's the kind of character you feel inclined to play. It could be about actually living the "dialogues and attitude part" of what you think your character is. This could mean actually playing either who you are inside or who you'd like to be. It can go very deep according to the approche, personality of each of us but in the end of the day, it is a different experience of ESO because it definitely adds the "liveliness" and communication between beings; instead of just running around and killing everything as quick as you can because of some trial or event goal. For instance, you could even these a fellow guild member by doing like Legolas and Gimli and count each foe you kill so to say that your race is superior than theirs (for exemple Elves and Dwarves for that particular exemple). As for ESO, I ignore if there are GM tools where a Lodge GM could actually throw a plot inside the world of Tamriel and then we would follow that quest while talking to each other. I mean for me this would also be great fun but it can be done while helping with each other's quests by acting your character in the voice chat while you play together. :-) This by all means, only refers to my opinion on RP but it can be this and much more!
  4. RP happening slowly

    You guys should be grouping up Find members of the club ingame and organize... And yea, we still need a solid RP officer.
  5. RP happening slowly

    What's the difference between playing RP and non-RP? Go on, humour a noob! :-)
  6. RP happening slowly

    "...Enough talk!" (throws and arrow at the orc) So, join us now and fulfill your destiny! (laughs)
  7. RP happening slowly

    I've been playing recently with Cortair and we've experienced some "roleplaying flavor" during these quests. It is really an added value to play and I'm looking forward to go in a larger party at some point.
  8. Hi @Saerwen, I have recruited few RPers as of late - ingame they are Rector rank. If you wish, you can invite them to this club, discuss stuff here and organize RP events ingame if you want. Let me know what else you guys would need, I will try to assist.

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