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Drop Dead, Mate!

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This is an event few of my old friends here might remember :apple-grin: It's a fun and chill event and I thought it's a good time to do something fun and unique as a guild.

You will entertain me by jumping down from a high ledge and die in funny ways!... No, not fun?

Fine. You will jump down and try to mimic the position of a dead body on the ground. The closer you are to match your corpse with the test corpse, the more points you get!
You will make teams of two or three, depending on how many people participate and then we will go through five rounds! The team that collects the most points in the end wins and gets rewarded for job well done in dying!

If anyone has two gw2 accounts and can run them at the same time, I'd appreciate the help with being a test corpse on one of the characters! Please contact me, if you're willing to do so.

The event will take place in our guild hall, which we will acquire by then!

Only human, sylvari and norn FEMALE characters may participate. This is to make judging as fair as possible and not a nightmare. Also female and male character have different positioning upon death. So therefore, we have to make this monogender and I believe everyone has female human, norn or sylvari character, so that's the safest option.


Don't miss out! You can be one of these people below! :apple-wink:

Rezultat iskanja slik za gw2 dead player

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I'll be there on one of my female alt characters then :D

but every race has its own position when it dies how is an asura gonna come close to a dead female human? I think its impossible 

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