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Claiming the Guild Hall

GW2 - General
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Event details

                           File:Gilded hollow view.jpg

                                                                                                                       GILDED HOLLOW

"In the depths of the Maguuma jungle, beneath a city of gold, there lies a hidden cavern. It is a place of ancient and powerful magic. Build unknowable years ago by the Exalted, it has been long abandoned. Yet power still hums within the walls. We don’t know what magic enchants the cavern. Nor do we know its purpose. All we know is that the chamber holds valuable clues to the city’s mysterious past. Choose the Gilded Hollow, seek power in the depths, and forge your future within its walls. Delve into the depths…and find a home." 


It is here! Highly anticipated guild hall claim event! :apple-sunglasses:

We are going to Maguuma Jungle to claim Gilded Hollow! Bring your water canteens and anti-mosquito sprays. Also, in Maguuma jungle you don't eat mushrooms, mushrooms eat you! Enough jokes, this is serious business, that requires your attention.

Hopefully many people will join for this possibly one time opportunity! I expect everyone on Discord when event starts, as this take some coordination. Especially with a lot of people, this event scales and becomes bigger challenge and more fun. Oh, have ranged weapon ready just in case. Last boss is quite an asshole!

Estimated time of completion would be about 20-30 minutes, but of course things can get nasty. 


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